Feeling guilty about a bad breakup advice?


I was seeing this girl for a few months, she lives round the corner from me. Things were going well, went over to hers a lot etc. She went on holiday for 3 weeks and kept in contact.

First angry texts she sent was a fat joke! /GIF (I was not calling her fat, and even apologised) we made up.

She initially said she would see me after she got through jetlag but then on the day before wanted me to come round because her work will be chaos and won't see me for a long time but when I went round she wanted me to cook dinner and she fell asleep so I thought see needed sleep from travelling so long. I had a new job and was anguish about so left.

She sent very angry texts and I said will I come round for the talk (break up).

Then then next day text saying she doesn't want to see me anymore, so I left voice message saying I will respect her decision but can't we at least talk.

She sent me the longest text ever, not to come round about how selfish I am how she is having a break down because of work and jetlag etc. It was really angry and horrible to read. I just sent text back "please take care"

But I am still worried about her and was I deserving of all that?

Feeling guilty about a bad breakup advice?
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