On a break with my fiancé. How do I keep from going back?

I have broken things off with my fiancé.

Long story short, we have been together for nearly four years but lately I have felt like I’m losing feelings. For example, I haven’t felt as attracted to him and I feel like the spark between us has gone. He can be very lovely but then he has stopped being romantic altogether and prioritises his family who have treated him badly in the past over me.

The final straw was this week when he left me alone at a family party to go off with his brother in his car to pick up his nephews. This brother owes him thousands of pounds and refuses to pay him back. A family photo was also taken and my fiancé just left me stood at the back looking like where’s Wally and even his dad stood right in front of me.

So my question really is, now I’ve gone, why is he suddenly messaging me and telling me how much he loves me and messing with my head. Why did he start treating me badly and how can I stop myself from going back?

I’ve had to move back home with my folks so now I’m utterly miserable

On a break with my fiancé. How do I keep from going back?
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