Is it cheating if you go to the movies with another guy?

is it cheating if you go on a date with someone if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend because my friend wants to hook me up with her friend because apparently he likes me after just having one conversation with him and my friend wants me to go to the movies with him would that be considered a date and if so do you think I should or shouldn't he is a really sweet and nice guy but I have a boyfriend I told him I do but he still wants to go to the movies with me should I or not?

well if its just the movies with someone it wouldn't be a date so I'm just gonna scratch the date part out
yeah its just kinda like a hang out
ok just so everyone gets it I do not like this guy it is not a date its just hanging out I just wanna be friends with him nothing more I'm gonna tell my boyfriend about it too and if he's not comfortable then I'm not gonna go
for last time I didn't mean if a girl goes out with a guy on a date while she has a boyfriend cheating obviously it is I don't know why I put date he just asked to go to the movies he didn't say date and I didn't say date he likes me apparently but I only see him as a friend and I'm going to TELL MY BOYFRIEND THAT THIS GUY LIKES ME AND WANTS ME TO GO TO THE MOVIES WITH HIM so my boyfriend won't think or feel that I'm hiding things from him and as for the movie I'm gonna ask my boyfriend too come and
invite my friend so he won't feel awkward that's it
i talked to the guy today and explained to him I just wanna be friends and he said it was fine and for the movies me and my boyfriend and him and my other friend are all gonna hang out :) Saturday


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  • Does the person who might have a crush on you know you've got a boyfriend?

    In general, I would say that if you're absolutely clear about your intentions, and if you let your boyfriend know, and there's no kissing, etc, then it's not really a date, though the word "date" sometimes has different meanings.

    Assuming I had a girlfriend, and a new female friend and I wanted to go to a movie, I would try to get a few other people to go (how about the mutual friend who is "setting you up?"); I'd also say that I was seeing someone, we could hang out as friends. I'd also let my girlfriend know, or I might even invite her, depending on how jealous a person I felt she was and if she didn't act on the jealousy. She would know about it either way, though.

    If you DO have to go it alone, make sure the intentions are clear, make sure you're not too close to the guy, and if you let him walk you to your car, then make sure it's quick. If you can, go during the day, and make sure you're not going to be "alone" with him for very long.

    Good luck.


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  • You would probably like the guy if the boyfriend is gone I bet. Your probably just gonna try and be his friend cause you love attention or so you can keep him "on deck" so when you break up you have an F buddy. Guys don't normally go after friendships with girls unless they have romantic intentions, don't fool yourself.

    • wow you speak as if you know I don't treat people like I don't use people the guy just seems like a cool guy to be friends with don't like him what so ever

    • He likes you then I bet

  • If you are going out with someone who wants to be romantically involved with you, while you are already romantically involved with someone else, and that person is upfront about it and you are tempted to feel romantically about the this person who is encroaching...yes, it's cheating...

    • i only see him as a friend nothign more

    • Then, per your last update, just let you boyfriend know that you're going out, as if you can't have trust with your boyfriend that you care about, who can you trust?

  • It would be considered a date because the other guy really likes you. If you were just friends (both of you know that you are only just friends) then hey, by all means go for it. It won't bite to hangout plus everyone needs some friend love once in awhile.

  • You already knows this guy's intentions are beyond platonic friendship...and you STILL want to go out with him one-on-one? I can't see ANYTHING good coming out of this situation.

    Most guys won't want others guys to go out with their gf.

    • were just hanging out and I don't like him period and I'm gonna tell him straight I jut see you as a friend

    • I do understand where you're coming from.

      The situation is still a sticky you want this guy's friendship badly enough to cause rifts with your relationship?

      Because no matter what you tell about your intentions (which I get), HIS intentions will ALWAYS be more than friends (even if he says so, deep down he still wants more with you) least until he is in a relationship of his own.

  • Would you mind if your boyfriend went out to a movie with a girl that was really into him one on one?

    And it doesn't matter how you see him. To guys, what matters is how others look at their girlfriend.

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  • I don't quite understand why anyone would want to go out with a guy when she knows he's interested in her and she's happy with her boyfriend. If you're doing this behind your boyfriend's back you're abusing his trust, hence it can be classified as cheating. How would you feel if he went out with a girl who's into him?

    • i would feel devastated but I don't like him I'm gonna tell him I just wanna be friends and I'm gonna tell my boyfriend that this guy likes me but I'm just going because I don't like to hurt peoples feelings

  • You're right to make it a group hangout kind of thing. If it was just you and him, and you knew he liked you and your boyfriend didn't know this is just sketchy. Not cool. Even if he did know and it was just you two.

  • I wouldn't. That is opening a door to endless problems and arguments that could be provoked between you and your boyfriend, your boyfriend and your "date", and your "date" and yourself.

    Would you want your boyfriend going on a date with some other girl? I sure wouldn't, and I'm sure he wouldn't want you to either.

    • its not really a date well yeah its not its just going to the movies I shouldn't have put date

    • If you really want to go, I'd invite your boyfriend and your friend can invite some friends, so that way you still go, but it won't just be you two.

    • yeah that's what I might do :)

  • considering the updates you've posted you have clearly come to the same conclusion the rest of us have that yes it IS cheating lol but I would suggest you take a couple things into consideration the next time a situation like this comes up. 1) how would you feel if your boyfriend told you "so there's this chick that likes me and wants to go out to the movies would you like to go with us?" and 2) if you are in a situation where you don't know which one of two people that you want to date ALWAYS pick the second person because the fact that you have to think about it means you don't love or care enough about the first person otherwise the second person would never be a consideration.

  • no date no date yes

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