Girl sleeping at guy friend's dorm house; is this even right ?

Girlfriend told me she will visit some friends at a college for a party but she has to sleep there. Problem is they are all boys !

I told her , they are gonna get drunk and who know what can happen. Then I reversed roles and asked her how she would feel if I told her I'm sleeping over with a bunch of girls while we are all drunk. She got all mad and defensive and I go irritated so I told her never mind she can do what ever she wants , I'm not going to dictate her life.

Late that night , she sent me a message the she is going regardless because they are her friends and she made a promise to them. I replied saying " I already raised my concerns, however if you want to do it then do it , I don't care anymore".

She said " Alright" - then she got mad and didn't message me since then.

Normally I would man up as I have done "MULTIPLE" times and try and resolve the conflict but I don't see the point this time , I didn't do anything wrong, YES I know I got jealous but its natural, I trust her but not the guys around her. Prior to this visit m she told me one of her guy friends had a wet dream about her and guess what ... he is going to be there too. On top of that , her best friend who she tells EVERYTHING( I told her to limit it but no use) that happens in out relationship to took her side. And her best friend updated her status " You can't turn a dog to a husband , keep moving on" -

Honestly this hurt me a lot , I used to have sex with girls then leave them but I actually like this girl a lot. However, I can't be blinded , I personally believe her disrespect for me is out of hand now and this is the last straw. She constantly tells me about guys that want to go on dates with her and are begging her for sex , but I never ask to look through her phone - because I respect her private stuff. But this sleep over thing sealed it for me.

What would you do ?
Girl sleeping at guy friend's dorm house; is this even right ?
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