Best way to build a STRONG spaghetti bridge?

I'm in a spaghetti bridge competition at school and my team and I have been doing a lot of research to build the best bridge and I was just wondering if any of you had any tips or anything about building a spaghetti bridge that is lightweight but can hold A LOT of weight?

The only materials we can use is a single box of spaghetti and elmer's glue. We can't heat the glue, cook the spaghetti, or fill the spaghetti with glue.

The rules:


1. Bridge will span an opening of at least 5 inches. This is the distance between the center- most pillars.

2. The width of the road must be at least 4 inches and there be at least 3 inches above the road of empty space. This is where the wood block is placed.

3. The base of the roadbed must be at least 3 inches above ground level.

4. Length of the bridge: 6 to 18 inches. Width of the bridge: 4 to 8 inches.

5. Height of the bridge: 3½ inch minimum.

2. No alterations of the spaghetti in any way (cooking, filling w/glue, painting)

3. You may cut, bend or break the spaghetti

4. Entire bridge structure cannot exceed 1.0 pound (435.9 grams).

5. You may only glue two (2) strands together at a time (no thick clusters of pasta for the support pillars or flat “sheets” for the top roadbed).

6. No other materials than the provided spaghetti and glue can be used for construction. Chemical tests will be performed to check for this.

7. Any outside sources can be used to assist you in the construction (Internet sites or engineering books/manuals).

8. On the due day, no “wet” or partially dry bridges will be accepted, as they could fall apart or break during handling.


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  • I think the best thing to do is look up actual pictures of bridges and read up on bridge engineering. Nothing too advanced of course but just basic support and scale it down to your level.


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  • Start with a dehydratation reaction of the carbohydrates by adding Sulfuric acid to the spaghetti. Then make carbon nano tubes out of the resulting carbon bi product and construct them into an invisible bridge. =D

  • i don't know just eat it :P


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  • do alternating layers of spaghetti in different directions. Some lengthwise and the other widthwise.

  • I did that for physics last year, I just ended up putting hot glue over the whole thing. Don't do that,


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