Ex boyfriend randomly texts me and doesn't reply back.

Is he just trying to make his ego big or what? He'll say hey what's up? Like we actually had a conversation 2 weeks ago through text and then after that, he would text me hey every other day. I'd say hey back but he'd never respond.

Then last week he text me and I was like what are you up to? He said he was hanging out at the house hungry and I was like I'm working getting lunch. I asked if he's not busy then maybe he'd want to get lunch together? But after that, he stopped texting me.

Well he didn't text me for a week after that. And I felt awkward so I said it's a regular lunch but don't worry about it. But he never texted me back...

I mean, I don't mind if we go back to being friends. That's the goal I'm trying to accomplish. But I talked to my guy friend the other night and he was like you blew it because you're chasing after him. He told me to just lay low. But the truth is, I still like my ex, I just don't want him to catch on to the fact. So what should I do?


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  • stay low, I agree. he may just be tsting to see if you will answer. so annoying.


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  • It means that he's not focusing on you now


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  • Don't go after him. Listen to your friend. Stay low. When your ex talks to you just reply simply like as if you were talking to a guy best friend. Short responses. Don't ask him out for lunch again that will just turn him off. That way, your ex will feel more comfortable and he will eventually be your friend again and maybe your boyfriend again if you stay that way.


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