Why does my ex bf keep sending me random text?

Ok so me and my ex were good friends before we started dating. We were together for a month in a half before we broke up. The breakup was over something really stupid. One might he text me and said hey and I responded "I'm tired I'm going to bed" and he said "oh we'll u messed up I guess I'll just call this other girl I'm so serious" I didn't respond because I was confused on why he was saying that. All I said was I was going to bed.

The next day I asked him why he said that and he said that he didn't need to explain himself. I thought he was really stupid and childish so I asked him if he wanted to breakup and he said yes which was fine with me because I didn't want to be with him anymore.

Then 5 minutes later he text me and said "so hi friend" I was really confused so I responded and said "what" then he said "we not dating anymore so hi friend" I told him I wasn't in the mood to talk and he said something really weird. He said "oh well I guess we can't be friends so bye"

3 days later he text me and sent me a thumbs up emoji. I asked him why he sent me that but he never replied. Then just this morning he text me something random and said "oh ok" I didn't respond because I thought that was meant for someone else. He blocked me on Facebook which was really childish but for some reason I'm still a contact on his kik list because he keeps randomly txting me and I don't know why. I would ask him why but he's not the mature type to have this kind of conversation with so can someone please help me. I really think something is wrong with him but I need someone to help me figure this out.
Why does my ex bf keep sending me random text?
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