Having the same class with your ex...

So I had gotten out of a relationship about almost 8 months ago on a girl that I really felt in love with in college. But things just didn't work out... she couldn't get over her ex boyfriend from high school. I finally felt like I was over her after the 8month period. I didn't call or text or message her in anyway because I really wanted to have absolutely nothing to do with her at all. The memory were fading, I finally found comfort within myself. She lived in Conroe which is like 45 minutes from where my college is, there is a Lonestar - Conroe down there that she could take classes. But for no reason at all, she decide to take the same class as me at North Harris. I was really happy when I thought I was finally over her. But when I saw her at my college, Everything came rushing back. my heart probably almost jumped right out of my chest in class. I just don't get it, why would you even do this... I've never been so heartbroken in my entire life, it just doesn't make sense why she would think that it's okay to do this... I'm actually breaking down as I'm typing this message...

Please feel free to comment or say whatever you need to say or feel like saying


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  • pretend she's not there and if she says hi only say hi back.

  • i think that you should just act normal, if she says hi sya hi if she doesn't don't say hi, leave it all up to her


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