Dumper regret stories?

I know many people don't regret break ups

But I'm sure there are certain cases that the love was strong

So dumpers,

why did you break up?

How long were you together?

When did you miss her/him? And start feeling regret



Most Helpful Girl

  • I've mostly broken up with someone because when I think about our future I don't want it. For example... #1 I married. Love was the most important thing to me then. However he couldn't hold a job down and I couldn't afford all of our bills. When he did have a job he would spend the money on games. The stress got to me and he started cheating. No I don't regret divorcing him. #2 dated for a few years after 3 years of being single. He had commitment issues. After 2 years he still couldn't imagine living with me, marriage, etc. I want those things so I had to walk away. I'm currently in my 3rd possibly serious relationship. 3 months is still too early to know.

    I always miss my exes when I'm single and alone in my home. I feel regret about the break ups but it's only because I'm lonely. The relationships couldn't change they were what they were. And if we won't both going to be happy together then it wasn't meant to be.

    Now there's other guys that I just don't consider made it to serious stage of dating before breaking up.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Man, why do you keep asking this same question over and over? lol

  • Dumped a girl because she was on pills. I still love her and missed her the day I left her. No regrets except for not spending enough time with her before it got bad.


What Girls Said 2

  • I have not regretted a single break-up yet, and I plan to keep it like that!

  • I dumped this guy I had a year long relationship with because I cheated but I never told him that I just made up a reason, he was really hurt... I wish I just told him the truth and then maybe he could forgive me. I never lost interest in him .


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