I logged into my ex boyfriends email account, is there any way he can find out?

I know, I know this is absolutely terrible, and trust me I feel awful. I had absolutely no right and deserve a slap. Broke up with my boyfriend about 5 months ago, bad break up anyway, he lied to me a lot.

I usually use internet explorer, but instead I used google chrome today. When I went on it I noticed his email address was logged into gmail. I clicked on it and it sent me to the log in page. Yes I know awful but curiosity got the better of me and I remembered the password he used for everything.

I thought he might have changed it, but had a go. I was shocked to find he hadn't changed it and I had a look through his emails, I know dreadful. Strangely found out he had been cheating on me when I was with him. Still no excuse. Anyway as I was on it I was being careful not to open any unread emails, but accidentally opened one my accident.

He might notice that it has been read. I logged out straight away. Is there anyway he can find out this was me?

It was Gmail.

Please I know some of you will want to have a go at me, and say I deserve it,but could someone just answer the question?

As I need to be prepared in case he does find out.

Thanks for your answers guys, very helpful, and thank you for not having a go at me. I've been an idiot ha ha. Lesson learnt.


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  • If he's suspicious and looks into it by simply googling or if he knows what he's doing he can look at his recent activity which will show the IP address.

    If he finds out and confronts you, you're just going to have to be upfront. Hopefully if he does notice he'll just change his password. There's no point in pointing the finger at who is more wrong and bringing all that up.

    • Ok yes thank you. Yeah I would just admit to be honest anyway if he did confront me because I would be mortified if someone had done this to me. Not really sure what reason I could say other than I was curious. I have learned my lesson. Thank you for your answer, I'll just hope he doesn't get suspicious.

    • Thank you for best answer.

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  • You can mark emails as unread, so they still appear to be unopened... I mean I'd personally know since I get emails sent to my phone, so it'd affect my service and I generally know how it will operate normally. Most other people probably wouldn't... even if he did notice he won't know who has done it.

    • Yeah I would be tempted to go back on and mark it as unread, but knowing my luck I'd probably end up doing something more stupid than I have already done ha ha. Thank you for your answer. :)

  • I donĀ“t think he will find out,sice it is his account.

    We will probably wonder why the mail has been opened,but will probably blame the service.

    Besides, I doubt he will think it was you when your break up is 5 month ago.

    • Thank you, yes I will just hope he doesn't get too suspicious. Silly me. :)

  • He's the one who did yu worng' you had eery right to look at his correspondence, mao. Don't feel bad. You must have said 5 times how awful you were. but I don't see it. When people are together, they shouldn't have dirty secrets as he did.

    Unless he has super computer skills, he'll never know you looked into this e mail, and unless you spill the beans to people, why would he even suspect? He won't likely be going to the trouble of checking, anyway.

    • Yeah to be honest, I don't think he could be bothered to check it out. Thank you for your answer, it made me feel better. I can't be the first person to have done this right lol :)

    • I've been, ahem, guilty of doing this myself!

    • Ha ha I see :) I couldn't resist.

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