My boyfriend is sending money to his ex. How should I approach the situation?

We've been together for a year and several months. He was with his ex girlfriend for 5 years. The reason they broke up was because of the distance. Which I don't understand because we are also in a long distance relationship.

Well, about two days ago I jokingly asked him for the password to his phone. He started acting funny and kept saying it was "1234" which it was not. Why lie? Just tell me it private and don't act weird about it. Anyways, on iPhones you can still see notifications and I saw two paypal notifications of him sending $100 and $150 to his ex. (I haven't mentioned this to him). I just think it's weird. I understand it's his money. But how can you move on a relationship if there's still prior attachment.

Then yesterday he locked me out of his laptop. Which he never did before. I would always use it for work and homework whenever I would visit him.

To top things off I thought his ex lived on the west coast but I found out she lives 4 hours away! He never told me that. He asked me to stop communicating with his ex and I did. So what makes him thinks it's okay to hold on to his? Let me go or let her go.

What do you guys think I should do? And say?


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  • I agree with you, I think there's foul play afoot and you should question him about this together. There are only so many excuses he can come up with before you realize what's really going on and call it quits. Maybe some of the things he said he did it to not worry you, or that he didn't want you snooping on his computer after asking for his phone password, but I feel like even then, nobody acts secretive unless they have something to hide. If he was uncomfortable about you getting a password, he would have been direct rather than jokingly bypassing the question. I would contact her too to confirm whatever answer he gives you. You might not want to pry, but if you're going to continue to be with him, I think you have a right to confront this other girl and see why she's hitting up someone in a relationship for money.


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  • Hmm, if it stinks like shit and looks like shit, it's probably shit. If he's not transparent you should challenge him on it, who cares if he thinks you're being nosey - you have perfectly good reason to probe, he's acting sketchy.


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  • He is either still with her or is back with her


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