Should I return the money to my Ex Boyfriend?

I let my ex boyfriend borrow 20K for his rent, 5K for his medial check up, restaurant bills which I forgot to count many times, shipping tickets that cost 4K, hotels and etc. which I believe would cost more or less 50K in total

my ex boyfriend has asked me to loan before for a motorbike. I don’t want to but he forced me promising he’s gonna pay monthly. but my family knew about it so they stolen the motorbike and sell it for 42K. Now I am keeping the money.

I dropped everything for my boyfriend to stay with him which I believe I spent more a lot. I sacrificed a lot of things but He only cheated me with another woman. Who he boast to me who has more money and can meet his needs. And now, my best friend is gone, my stable work is gone, my health sucks of std, my body becomes thin.

what shall I do should I return the money or not?
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+1 y
And he asked me not to pay my debts to help him in rent that leaves me 30K interest.
+1 y
And only got cheated behind my back after all the sacrifices I made
Should I return the money to my Ex Boyfriend?
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