My Ex boyfriend gave me money even though I am dating another guy. I am really mixed up, what should I do?

My ex and had been together for almost 3 few years and planning to marry when things went south very quickly. We tried to work thing out but after a few months of him telling me I should Move on, and ignoring the crap out of me, I started seeing someone else. I have been seeing the new gentlemen just a few months. I like him a lot and we have decided to be exclusive, but its still not that serious. we only see each other a few times a week for a few months, but it has real long-term potential.

When my ex and I split, finances became very difficult for me. I had went back to school with his blessing a year earlier. I had to move out of his place and had some money saved but started looking for work immediately and living off of my savings in the meantime. It took a while and i ran out of money right before i started my new job. I was terrified of not being able to pay my rent or car payment, and i also have school and a toddler. So, not having any family to turn to, I asked the closest person to me that I thought could help: My ex.

So, My ex gave me money, and was very rude about it. it comes out that i guess he wants me back since he found out I have a new guy. But I had tried to work things out with him before i started seeing the new guy and my ex was the worst way about it. strung me along like Taylor Swift. and I loved him and still do, I just don't want to be hurt anymore. I dont trust him anymore. I dont want to hurt him either though. The money complicates things, even regardless of the new guy. but he is the only person that I can apparently depend on in a crisis. I also feel like he wouldn't do that if he didn't care about me, its really bittersweet and confusing.

Please let me know if you have any advice on this weird kind of situation, be gentle. remember, no one ever WANTS to ask their ex for ANYTHING. I didn't cheat or leave him for another dude, it just didn't work out and i was left in a tough situation, which he felt (appropriately) guilty for.


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  • Save up, pay him back and cut ties.
    Your ex is only temporarily jealous but the fact is he was only telling you that "you should move on" because he thought there was something else out there for him.
    It was nice of him to help you out but you definitely shouldn't be involved with him any longer.
    He's just resentful that you found someone else first and if you did go back you would lose that value and he'd just feel like he won and get bored again.
    Don't waste your time on him, he gave up on you!


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  • Pay him back and move on from him. It would suck that an ex would come back to ask you for money.

    You're not looking good in this situation and I'm sure there is more to this story. Am I right?

    • well were together for 3 years, so of course there is more to the story. but the matter of the fact is, i tried to reconcile before this and he didn't want to. i was in a desperate situation that he helped create, so i asked him for help. I plan to pay him back in about 6 months when i graduate and can work full time again.

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    • yeah. and i still feel awful for asking and even hurting him, but I don't know what to do. He ignored me and was hurtful for so long that i feel like if the new guy were out of the picture things would go back to being bad between us pretty quickly. my ex abandoned me and i just can't trust him like i used to, even though he bailed me out. Especially considering there is money involved i think i would feel cheap or resent him because of what i could have had with someone else if i gave him another shot. but maybe he deserves it? I dont know.

    • Hey, don't let your new boyfriend know about this because things may get awkward. Just try to pay your ex off as quickly as possible and move on with your life. The best thing is for him to be out of your life completely or else you'll never move on and be happy.
      Good luck 👍👍

  • It sounds like he wants to move past you, and is trying to hate you, but he can't help but care about you and how you're doing. It's honestly hard to tell without knowing the two of you.

  • It's nice your ex helped you out financially I would
    just try staying on friendly terms with him don't push
    him away but the new guy your seeing remember he's
    got feelings so you want play things cool with both but
    still show the new guy that you care your ex might be
    trying to get back with you hard to say just play things
    with a fine fiddle and see where things go.

  • At th end of th day... You ex is upset that you moved on... At th same time he's a man by being a provider for you!!! Regardless your situationship w th new guy... Signs he still has a lot of love for you!!! I'm th same way that why I can relate... Being that you with this new guy an he's not trying to help (Don't know if you told him or not)... That's signs of not caring about your security bs your ex caring about your well being!!! I'll say you an your ex need to fix because neither one of y'all seem to be over eachother why because y'all still interact good or bad! & this new guy is a rebound take your time but... Me being a male that dealt w alotta women... Women want financial security from a man... as far as romantic & emotional level of things a woman can teach a man that aspect of th relationship... Good lucc!

    • yeah the new guy and I have only been dating for a few months. not even long enough to discuss money at all, let alone ask for a loan. i wouldn't even know him well enough to have accepted money if he would have offered. so i did not ask, and he did not know. I explained to him after I did it and he was understanding and said as long as i didn't have to do anything weird to get the money he wasn't upset about it.

  • If I was the new guy and I learned about this, you would never hear from me or see me again.

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  • Your boyfriend didn't want to see you stuck but wanted to protect his own feelings as guys are emotionally brittle that way, with guys it's important to focus on what they do not what they say. He done you a solid for you so sometime if he is in need return the favour. Also pay him back when you get the chance to keep yourself respect.

    • Also he may not want you back, he may just not have wanted to see you and your kid in the gutter and was pissed at having to bail you out.

    • he said he it wasn't because of the money. he was mad because he wanted me back, and i guess felt like i must have known if i had the balls to ask for money, even though he didn't tell me sooner.

    • I don't wanna say any single word again! because I totally agree with you.

  • Ok. I'm going say this gently. Cut. Ties. Your ex is giving you money and it's not out of the goodness of his heart. It's conditional. You know unconditional love? Yeah? This is not it. You don't want to rely on your ex for anything.. he will just use it as a guilt trip to try and get you back.. ie. "Look what I've done for you.. I care.. nobody else is there for you except me. I'm all you've got". BAD. VERY bad. Do yourself a favour and close the door fully on that relationship. Continue pursuing this new guy. You only love your ex.. Cuz he's familiar. Safe. Learn to become independent so you can rely on yourself.


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