My Ex boyfriend gave me money even though I am dating another guy. I am really mixed up, what should I do?

My ex and had been together for almost 3 few years and planning to marry when things went south very quickly. We tried to work thing out but after a few months of him telling me I should Move on, and ignoring the crap out of me, I started seeing someone else. I have been seeing the new gentlemen just a few months. I like him a lot and we have decided to be exclusive, but its still not that serious. we only see each other a few times a week for a few months, but it has real long-term potential.

When my ex and I split, finances became very difficult for me. I had went back to school with his blessing a year earlier. I had to move out of his place and had some money saved but started looking for work immediately and living off of my savings in the meantime. It took a while and i ran out of money right before i started my new job. I was terrified of not being able to pay my rent or car payment, and i also have school and a toddler. So, not having any family to turn to, I asked the closest person to me that I thought could help: My ex.

So, My ex gave me money, and was very rude about it. it comes out that i guess he wants me back since he found out I have a new guy. But I had tried to work things out with him before i started seeing the new guy and my ex was the worst way about it. strung me along like Taylor Swift. and I loved him and still do, I just don't want to be hurt anymore. I dont trust him anymore. I dont want to hurt him either though. The money complicates things, even regardless of the new guy. but he is the only person that I can apparently depend on in a crisis. I also feel like he wouldn't do that if he didn't care about me, its really bittersweet and confusing.

Please let me know if you have any advice on this weird kind of situation, be gentle. remember, no one ever WANTS to ask their ex for ANYTHING. I didn't cheat or leave him for another dude, it just didn't work out and i was left in a tough situation, which he felt (appropriately) guilty for.

My Ex boyfriend gave me money even though I am dating another guy. I am really mixed up, what should I do?
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