Has an ex ever come back to you after THEY dumped you? How long did it take? No "Move on" answers. That's not what I'm asking. Thanks!?

Did you have a freak out period? Like, calling them nonstop, and texting, and emailing? Were they giving you the silent treatment? Details are helpful!
  • They came back, I didn't have a freak out period.
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  • They came back during a freak out period.
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  • They came back after I stopped having a freak out period.
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  • They never came back.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I am between A & C

    For all my exs.. they have always come back.. Some, I never had a freak out period. Only two I had those.. and they came back as well. But, only one, I took back.

    I had a freak out period because he just randomly stopped talking to me. It was more out of, him being a dick and knowing he wasn't good enough for me I guess. But, he came back.. I took him back in.. but a year later it ended due to the same reasons. I am actually going through it right now! And, all I have to say.. is this time.. I am not taking him back. Clearly it didn't work the last time :/

    • Thank you! Mine also gave me the silent treatment out of no where. It is very cruel. I hope you feel better! I've been doing things for me and I'm starting to feel better! :)

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    • The silent treatment is TORTURE. I would seriously rather have him punch me in the face then go through this again.

    • I completely agree with that. It is the worst.

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What Guys Said 3

  • I've had two ex's come back. one after being dumped by her and the other after a rather mutual breakup after she cheated on me (maybe I was more of the dumper).

    neither scenario was I freaking out

  • I've come back to an ex but we didn't date. I just missed her a lot and realized that I wanted her back, but it didn't happen. It took me getting out of a four month period of being really stressed and busy

    • Meaning a 4 month period after you came back and she said no?

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    • No she never contacted me, I wish we kept in better contact but she was hurt and I was really busy and distracted

    • Yea, us girls are emotional things and we're either going to be hurt in silence, or totally freak out for a while. :/

  • First girl I dated dumped me, I was crushed and got over it. Years later, 5 or 6, she tried to get back with me and said it was a huge regret of hers, but I wouldn't bite.


What Girls Said 4

  • I usually freak out haha. But it doesn't last forever. The one that truly cared for me stood by me until I got married. (my highschool sweet heart).

    Others came back but after the freak out period, the "magic" seems to be gone.

    I'm going now through something like a break up. It's happened with this man many many times. He usually returns asking to reconnect. And I have been so silly I always fall for him again.

    Hopefully this time I'll just leave it. OMG I sound so pathetic!

    • You're not not pathetic. You loved him and got hurt for it. HE's the pathetic one. Taking someone for granted.

  • Don't freak out it'll push him away more. Believe me

    • I already did freak out for about a month and half. ( He gave me the silent treatment, which always makes us freak out more.) I've stopped for about 2 weeks now. My friend said after I stopped he started posting things on Facebook , like "checking out the girls at the gym". He'll also tell his friends and family "I'm done with her." So I don't know if those are good signs or not.

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    • Well, I'm crossing my fingers that he does and gives us a real chance to work out whatever the problem is. If not, he can take a hike.

    • Well I wish you the best. Good luck :)

  • They always do that. I don't even have a freak out and I don't stalk guys by texting them and bugging them during a break up that is so needy. Lots of exes just come back to me , The first time he like annoyed me on an off about hooking up two weeks after our break up and annoyed me about hooking up again after I kept saying no for like 2 years, One came back after a shitty break up of his, another one decided to annoy me about getting back together after one of my break ups ( but I dumped him), and the last one wanted to be friends with benefits after our break up ( I said no) then after 2 years he like says he is interested in me again -__- .

    • I can't tell if men are confusing creatures, or stupid ones. lol

    • It is probably a situation that is unique to me. People also make me the manic pixie dream girl.

  • They did come back, about two months after we split. We had an argument one night, and I asked him if I was a rebound (I was, he ended up going back to her). He didn't like that question and basically quit talking to me. We had been dating for 5 months. I apologized for freaking out the very next morning, but he did not respond. 4 days later I still hadn't heard from him so I assumed his silence was him breaking up with me. I sent him a message saying that I could see we were done dating and that I enjoyed getting to know him and wished him well. He responded with a similar sentiment and we went our separate ways. I started dating another guy (whom I'm marrying this summer!) and 2 months after we had been dating, guess who calls? The ex! He thinks he made a hasty decision and wants to try it again. Well, it was too late, as I was already seeing someone else. :) He ended up going back to the ex AGAIN, they now have a 2 year old daughter. Life is weird like that. I'm so glad he dumped me, my partner now is a way better match for me :)

    • Thank you! I'm very happy for you!

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