Should I send flowers to ex's job as an apology?

I did some very stupid things today (out of emotion). Basically, I showed up at her apartment because she wouldn't answer me or whatever. I've been trying to get her back but I'm really going to let go because it's like she hates me and I can't win for losing. So should I send flowers to tell her I'm sorry? She told me that she never wants to see me again and that we're nothing ever again because of showing up unexpected and knocking loudly ( I didn't realize how loud I was).
I only stormed over there tonight because she was already angry with me and I asked if there was a guy over and she was like yes and once I got over she tells me she was just talking ish. It got me worked up enough to come over after work.
She left me outside of the door and cursed me out over the phone. My friend's tell me she probably just needs some cooling down but I don't know. She was furious with me.


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  • What reason is she an ex for? If the reason she ended the relationship is still there, nothing will fix it.

    I think she has made it clear numerous times from your description that she doesn't reciprocate your advances. You should back off. Permanently.

    • She broke up with me because she said we argued too much. After wards, she told me that I was a great guy and that she could see herself with me again. She begged to be my friend, but it's not easy to be a friend to someone you love.

    • She begged friendship before I begin to lose it because it's been so hard without her.

    • How long were you together for? You don't want to turn this into a back and forth thing. It sets bad precedent and it's unhealthy.

      I know everyone can change their mind. But this didn't sound like a healthy situation.

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  • You both are split up now, no longer an item, and with everything you are doing to try and win her heart back, you are just adding fuel to the fire to blow her head off. You need to Chill out and put a cap on the shook up cocoa cola bottle as of Now. You are only infuriating her, making your situation of both angel wings And anger a losing battle and------"She hates you and you can't win for losing."
    Wait a few weeks for the storm to calm down. I realize you are desperate to get something back that you've lost, but there Are other ways to handle it, and It can be done without causing a train wreck.
    Yes, your friends are right----she needs "some cooling down," but after the hot spell may die down, don't be surprised if there is Still this Cold spell left in the air. She may even be one of these grudge bearers who holds resentment till her dying day.
    As far as the sweet thought of sending flowers goes, I am not keen on you sending your message at work, where this just Might "embarrass" her Or even ignite the flame all over again. If you want her to see you wearing your heart felt apologies on your sleeve, then Might I suggest having them delivered to her Apartment instead. Enclose a card, simple and sorrowful, and in the privacy of her own living quarters, allow her some quiet time to ponder over the scent and the-----sentiment.
    Don't contact her after this. Let her Contact You if she either wants to say she appreciates the kind gesture and will forgive you, or even-----to come over and do some "talking ish."
    If all else fails, you would then need to move on. There's no sense in fighting for something that is not meant to be, and is not meant to be Yours for the taking...anymore.
    Good luck.xx

  • No, don't send any flowers. I think that she might think that you are crazy. She is very, very mad. Right now, flowers isn't such a good idea. I agree with your friends, allow her to cool down then talk to her. See where she is and if it's still in your heart to send flowers, then do so.

    Good luck.

    • Yeah, you got a point. I'm so down at this point. I'm not going to reach out to her. I just miss her.

    • Sadly, she hates me.

  • Why do guys think they can act like absolute pricks and think that flowers will fix everything? If you really want her happiness, let her go.

    If you dont trust her then this relationship is doomed. Sorry buddy.

    Maybe grow up, get a girlfriend you are comfortable with and then you will be

    • First of all, I only stated some of what happened. I haven't been acting like an absolute prick. I was a great guy to her. She has been acting like an absolute prick to me, but like I said I messed up by coming over unannounced, but you say I'm the one who needs to grow up, right? Think again.

    • Look, from experience, girls dont get angry or stupid things like guys coming over unnanounced. But if she did get angry for that, maybe dump her stupid, illogical arse and get a more stable girlfriend.

  • No. She's already mad and doesn't want anything to do with you. She'll just chuck them and become more aggravated. Leave her be.

    • Yeah, I guess that makes sense. She told me earlier that she just needed space because she was so mad at me but my actions tonight really just took the cake, I guess. She did bait me though, but still.

  • Try to distance yourself for a few days, weeks, show her life goes on with or without her and then maybe if there's a movie she wanted to see just text her and ask her if she'd still like to go see it?
    She did expect you to come after she told you a guy was there though, through the anger it was just a way to see you (childish I know but aren't we all to an extent?)

    • Yeah, I don't get why she would do that. She didn't even answer the door though. She left me outside.

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  • You need to leave her alone and move on because you're only making things worse for her and you. I can already see that you are only suceeding in pisses her off more than anything. There is a reason she is the ex, that means you both go your separate ways. I recommend focusing on your plans and goals. It will all my sense later on when you are older and wiser, trust me. I have been where you are at before.

  • No. You don't want to be that crazy boyfriend, do you? DO YOU?

    • I think she alreadys labels me as that because I've been trying so hard to get her back, but you're right. I've already blocked myself from contacting her. It just sucks, man. We were ok just a few weeks ago. Man, I'm going to miss her.

    • You will be fine. Trust me. Grieving is a process that requires maturity so it will help you grow.

  • nope. i think you should leave forever and never look back.


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