Social Media and Relationships

For the live of me I do not know why, but it seems that quite a few people have taken social media more seriously than they really should. It seems to be getting more and more out of hand the more I notice and I hate to say this, but more of the people I have doing this are mostly women.

An example of this would be here on GAG. There have been questions popping up about girls asking, "He commented or like another girls picture. Should I be worried," or, "He hasn't changed his status to in a relationship." And all I can do is just think to myself that this has to be a joke.

To the men and women that think like this....STOP. And here's why.

Social Media does not make your relationship anymore true

Social Media and Relationships

I see ths kind of crap way more often than I should. Honestly I never get how some people can be so insecure they need Facebook to justify their relationships. Here's a tips, just because it's on facebook, twitter, instragram, or wherever doesn't mean anything. I have been in a few relationships and only change my status twice and only because both girls nagged me repeatly to do it. And those to relationship were absolutely the worst. And from that moment on I find any girl who does ot believe a relationship to be real unless it is on social media no the girl for me.

Interacting with other girls or boys on Facebook doesn't mean cheating

Pretty sure we all have seen something like this at one point. Whether male or female interaction with someone of the opposite sex may be looked at as you to have lover interesting. Well if you dating someone and you interact with someone of the opposite sex over the internet just hope the person you are with is rational. It's like people expect you to never talk to another of the opposite sex once you're in a relationship. That's BULLSHIT. Sorry, but not happening. I have a few females friends and I'm not going to drop them just because I start dating a girl. That was another problem I had in my two shitest reltionships. The girl always had to know what I was doing and who I was with. Wasn't 'allowed' to talked to other girls if she wasn't around. And quite a few guys can be the same as she was.

Crush like pictures/statuses

Don't ask me how just know people do think like this. There's nothing to be said about this other than those people like in a fantasy.


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  • Yes some people overreact but also sometimes it's justified. It's just a situation by situation thing. It all depends on the person you are dealing with.


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  • Social Media has basically revealed quite some if not lot of our human kind of behavior :-l
    Social Media is nothing but a way to keep contact and to show off. Plebs making out of it a big deal? Semi-seriously I'm about to lose my faith in humanity.

    Basically true love exists way without anything but two partners. You don't need money, social media, cars, palaces, weed or other not-relative stuff to maintain true love. How did people love in middle age or stone age? Exactly!

    I don't even have Social Media :) No problems (so far hehe)


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  • I think social media is what was the rumors in the school yard (sorry to go Gin Blossoms on ya'll) in todays society.

  • people over react