Talking to girls and asking them out...It's not hard at all: My experience

talking to girls and asking them out ... its not hard at all, my experience

So during my highschool years I was fat, nerdy and not good looking. I didn't brush my teeth regularly and bathed once every 2-3 days. I never cared about my style, clothes, or parties or anything like that. Nneedless to say it wasn't very helpful in getting girls. But I never tried to get girls. I wasn't interested enough and the only girl I was interested in, I never had the balls to talk to...

But during my senior year everything changed. I realized a change has to be made so what I did is that, I lost weight; hit the gym, built some muscles, started wearing an attractive facial hairstyle (light neatly trimmed beard that my friends male and female tell me I look really handsome in). I began to wear accessories such as necklaces and wristbands, changed my entire wardrope to something a lot sharper and fitting than before. I started expermenting with hair styles to find the right one for me. I started bathing daily even twice sometimes, always making sure my nose, teeth, ears, face, nails ...etc are clean. and

Even my personality changed. I am a lot fun to be around, witty as hell, very smart (good at school too which I believe is a plus when you've got looks on your side as well). I have lots of friends (like 12 or 15 ) and meeting people is no problem for me now.

All my friends suggested I get a girlfriend, saying "someone like me with no girlfriend is a shame and a waste". I agreed with them but struggled to find a girl. It wasn't easy I was really confident in myself and looks but approaching girls was still a problem. I get lots of looks from girls even some female friends comment on how handsome I look. But approaching them was a problem for me until that fateful day at work.

I met a girl a really nice and caring girl who showed genuine interest in me and I did to to her...Fast forward, we started talking for hours daily it was obvious that we had a thing and to take it to the next level I asked her out and she said yes. I was like "Damn!!!". My first ever experience with a girl is with a pretty, smart and amazing girl and she even accepted my invitation to hang out together. I must have done someting right since she rejected dozens of guys before me.

So we started hanging out and talking alot. It was fun. I grew to become more confident and like her more. I had no problem around girls anymore and since I had liked more than one female friend who were all over me and a couple even expressed their desire to spend time with me I was sure as hell that my looks had something to do with it. But I still didn't take advantage of it the way I should've have and ended up losing my first girlfriend to another guy even though I got really emotional once and shared my feelings.

It's the first time ever I shared my feelings. It was weird and satisfying. However she started having feelings for him and began to like me more as a friend. It was a shock for me. After everything I ended up alone...again. But then I realized another thing; girls give me looks...a lot. They get nervous talking to me, even the hottest ones they are so shy and I do nothing; I am just standing there saying hi. I knew I had something on my side and that I have to use it. So naturally I did began to feel and act more confident around girls joking about things. I wouldn't have joked about before; touching them without permission and not even feeling sorry for them when I hurt them (not like I did often but sometimes by accident). I would play the victim sometimes and be upset over the silliest things; but they always come to me and ask me what's wrong and try starting a conversation even when I am trying to just be away from them.

Basically I flirt, act nice and caring, tough and strong but then drift away, come back and drift away again, acting mysterious. I am unpredictable as hell. Seriously you never know what I am up to next. It was annoying to a couple girls. I know they said it's really confusing and they can't figure me out. I am too smart to be believed but I was very happy to hear that. I wanted to look mysterious and I did look like that...for the most part.

The second chapter began with me talking to this girl; a really pretty and attractive auburn haired girl. She seemd to like me and I liked her. I even asked for her number and I got it. Her ex started bothering her so she stopped talking to me and I acted as the most uninterested dude in the word by telling her to call me when she wants something from me. Because I ain't doing this shit again, I tried it once and it's not amusing...

A couple of months passed and here she is again back with her ex. But the weird thing is that she wanted to talk to me. She was shy about it but wanted to and expressed her desire to her friend who told me. I refused a couple times but then decided to find out what she had to say so I met her somewhere private and we just talked.

I asked her if she likes me and she said yes. I asked her if she wanna chat with and she said yes. I asked her if she likes me and her boyfriend she said yes. I asked her a lot of personal questions that most people wouldn't answer and looked her straight in the eyes while doing so. She was so pretty I couldn't unnotice but she was nervous and shy as hell. She is so pretty and she is so shy and answering my questions without a second thought and even telling me how she enjoyed talking to me. Wow that's something that never happened to me before and to my surprise I was neither nervous nor shy about anything. I was as cool as an ice cube (no pun intended) and having the upper hand made me feel good, real good. I am having this cute as hell girl by the ... neck (seriosuly girls have no balls wtf people !!!) I will never know where our conversations will lead us but I am relaxed and really glad. I got to learn so many things and not be shy about being honest with girls and openning up my heart for them.

Nothing makes me embarassed these days. I don't really have anything that would embarass me or make not say what I want to because I've learned through past experiences that honesty, while not the best policy all the time, has to come into play at some point and no one should be shy about it.

So guys, everywhere, dress good, take care of your bodies, don't be shy, experiment with new styles to see what suits you and just approach anyone you want. Don't put unnecessary boundaries or barriers that have no reason to be there. If you play your cards right things will turn out well eventually. I've had my ups and downs. It wasn't easy but I've learned to deal with them. I am not rich, I am not the luckiest in the world, I am not the most famous nor the most talented. But I am using what I have and started doing that.

I see lots of guys wasting their lives on shit; they have the looks, body or confidence to be anything but they waste it by being shy and unconfident. So don't be like that and work your way up to the top. Learn from people, from the Internet, from life and let it guide you through all the hardships you will ever face; play your cards right and things will get good.


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  • What a scattered take. Why did you post it anonymously?

    Lemme tell you something - most guys who don't have success with girls get stuck on the "looking good" part. Some guys don't have the looks. And that just makes it really hard.
    The next part they get stuck on is finding a girl who likes them back, or even finding a girl they truly like.

    I've been hardcore studying how to get girls for all of high school, and I've still never had a girlfriend. Yes, I'm very confident and outgoing and extroverted now, I dress better, I bathe and take care of myself (well I've always done that)...

    But all that's happened is that I've hung out with my crush twice and gone to lunch with her once, in the past 6 months or so. So it's super fucking slow progress, and I don't even know if it's progress cause I have no idea if she likes me back.

    Anyway, you seem to think you're very good looking, so obviously that's what helped you the most.


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  • Yeah, that's how it works with good looking guys, you don't have to try very hard and you get lots of pussy, you aren't telling me anything I don't already know.

  • Man im 23 and stuck at the scared to ask girls out stage

  • Yes.. Thanks for your sharing but i can't D::: the purpose of the girls is exploting D: they are always acting me bad D: also they have a lot of friends they not interest in me D: only. time that i succeed in things they notice me this is too disturbing for me D: It can't be like that D: they dont like me just the way İ am i dont know. sometimes ıt requires chance for changing.

  • Lol nice take but "I have lots of friends (like 12 or 15 )" LOOOOOOL XD Thats not much mate. Good job tho.

    • You sound just like me. Recently I make $100k from investments, started to work out. try different hairstyles, etc. All of a sudden I became funnier, popular, girls look at me a lot more. I just don't make girls a big thing. If your nervous around them just remember that they Re human just like you. There is nothing to be nervous about.

    • I think you posted on the wrong section.

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