The Ultimate Guide to Getting Girls!

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Girls!

So recently I've been seeing a couple of my takes on how to get women and what women like blah blah blah. Some of the stuff I've heard is just plain cringey. There was even a post a girl made trying to give us bros advice. Pure bullcrap. Listen men and boys. I heard a good analogy on this site. Fishermen(men) don't take advice from fish(women), sure they might say they want someone who's gonna handle them nicely with a warm and gentle smile, but they can't understand why they're attracted to expensive bait and a long rod. The point is, attraction is an emotion women feel and feel in different ways depending on the circumstance. That's why you don't ask women for advice. You ask men you know that are good with women. My mentor was my brother. He got loads of p*ssy back in the day and taught me all I know. Now it's time for me to pass my knowledge on. You ready boys? Cause I'm about to change your lives.

1. Looks

Okay, now I know people always say "looks don't matter, it's what on the inside" blah blah blah. F*ck that, that's pure nonsense. Of course looks freaking matter. You think a broad is gonna pass up a chance with ryan gosling or channing tatum? Hell no. Now I'm not saying that you need to look like them to have success, but you gotta be decent at least. This means cut the 200 lbs of excess fat, fix your facial hair, brush your damn teeth, and get you a fade from a black barber. If you are a black male especially you better have a clean fade and hairline before I whoop your *ss. Now I"m no ryan gosling, but I'd say I'm at least above average. My face isn't perfect, but it's passable. My physique and height is what puts me above average. Find a way to make yourself look like the best version of yourself, whether that's pumping iron, dressing better, or taking care of hygeine and you'll be solid.

2. Social Proof

Now, if you're in college or high school this is where the chicks come in. Women are attracted to guys with power. In a setting like college or high school this means the popular guys who everybody likes. That's why you'll see women fawning over celebrities who only look average at best, it's the social status they have. Now, to use this to your advantage you need to be more outgoing and actively make friends and broaden your social circle. Back in the day, I was one of the more well-known guys in my school because I was a good athlete and I was friends with most groups of people. This led me to meeting more girls and having girls who already thought I was attractive or liked me before I even knew them. Let's use parties as an example. I know all of you young guys are going to go to parties in college and are gonna wanna get layed, but if you stick yourself on the wall and only talk to your friends, you'll be like p*ssy repellent. The moment you get into a party the first thing you do is check the scene, see who you already know there and who you don't. Introduce yourself to the girls and guys there and dance and have fun. When you do this, the girls will see you as "that guy", you guys know what I'm talking about and they'll already have some interest in you. All you have to do is introduce yourself. This also works in classes in the beginning of the year when you're just meeting everybody and no one knows each other. Be the guy to go talk to people and make friends. I am telling you that the girls WILL take notice.

3. Confidence

I know you bastards have heard this before. Being nice wins games, but confidence wins scores in the bedroom. I can't evens stress how important this is. IF YOU ARE SHY OR INSECURE THE GIRLS WILL NOTICE THIS. How can you get others to like you if you don't even like yourself? You must be confident. You must be like conor mcgregor or Ali and think you're the hottest shit in there wherever you go and that all the girls think you're attractive. When you flirt with a girl, don't even bother thinking "does she think I"m attractive". Fuck that. Assume she does already. Even if she doesn't it's not like there's any way you change it. Girls absolutely LOVE confidence and if they can feel your confidence radiating on them, they will instantly think you're an interesting guy. No girl wants that shy guy who can't even maintain eye contact. Whenever I've asked girls what they liked about me the most common answer was my confidence and they say it's something they notice a lot. So guys, stand tall with your head up and chest out and you'll be good.

4. Personality/Sense of Humor

To have success with women you can not be boring. I repeat YOU CAN NOT BE BORING. Now I'm not saying you need to be a clown or crazy or anything but you can't be a dry wall with no emotion and no enthusiasm. You need to be charismatic. If you can't hold a conversation you won't get anywhere. And if you're not a fun guy you won't be able to build social proof because no one will want to be your friend. Now you want to know how not to be boring? Develop a sense of humor and be a funny guy. This has worked extremely well for me. I'm a naturally goofy *ss dude so this comes naturally. I joke around with my brothers all the time and the comedy has come naturally. If you're not naturally funny don't worry about it. Spend some time watching stand up comedians like Chris Tucker, Bernie Mac, Eddie Murphy, Jimmy Carr, or anyone that's funny. Overtime it will start to rubb off on you and you can even use some of their jokes when talking with people. You'll also start to become more witty. Also get good with telling funny stories lol. Kevin Hart and Chris Tucker especially always crack me up. To sum it all up, just relax and have a good time. Learn how to be funny and keep a conversation interesting and it will work wonders for you guys.

5. Body Language

Not a whole lot to say on this one. Just make sure you're standing up tall and not slouching. Make sure you're speaking like a damn man and don't move like a spazzy cringey 12 year old who's never seen a pair of t*ts before.

6. Flirting Part 1: Push/Pull

Alright, now for the slightly tougher part, the flirting. This is how my brother taught me to be with women and I didn't even know it had a name until yesterday lol. So push pull is basically when you compliment a girl, then tease her and make fun of her in a lighthearted way. This works AMAZING because it shows the girl you're confident and not afraid of her and you can be funny at the same time. It also works because it makes her feel like she's looking for you approval when you tease her and take her off the pedestal. A recent example when I used this was when I was at a party and I was talking to a tall girl(almost my height in heels 6'2) who was smoking hot. We were really into it and flirting when I said "look, i think you're pretty cute but you're too short for me" with a slick smile on my face. The look on her face was priceless. She was surprised that a guy would tease her like that especially after I threw a compliment at her. For the next half hour or so she was basically begging for my approval and from there I knew she was hooked. Another girl who was in my class, I'd talk to her but not show much interest because I wasn't initially interested in her and it seemed to drive her nuts lol. She'd go way out of her way to strike up a conversation with me about the most simplest of things! Women like a guy who doesn't put them on a pedestal and who they have to chase. It flips everything in reverse. But be careful. You don't want to be too mean and hurt your chances in the process.

7. Flirting Part 2: Body Language

Now, before the feminists start disliking I'm just going to clarify. DO NOT TOUCH IF SHE IS NOT FEELING YOU AND IS NOT RECEPTIVE TO YOU. UNDERSTAND? Now let's continue. Touch is a powerful tool when flirting. Especially in a party type environment or a concert where everyone is close. However, there's a fine line between flirting and creeping. Basically, touching is the way you escalate an interaction. If you're flirting with a girl and vibing it should feel natural to touch. But if you spend 30 minutes talking to a girl and you have about a 3 foot distance between the two of you you will get nowhere without escalating physically. Start with accidental touching, like say your hands brush past her when you reach for something, or your knees touch or something. Then move on to small and subtle touches like touching her shoulder when you two are laughing and vibing. Touching works best in a dancing or party environment because you can just dance with them and you'll already be used to each other's touch. After push pulling for a while and if the two of you are vibing you should move closer to the girl and hold strong eye contact while continuing to flirt and vibe. You can tell if she's waiting for a kiss by her body language. If she's playing with her hair, scooting closer, looking at your lips a lot, or licking her lips, it's go time boys.

And that's the gist of it bros. It's really not that complicated when you get down to it. It just takes a bit of practice and getting used to. I'm no PUA or anything like that but these things have give me TONS of success with girls throughout high school and now in college. So take notes and good luck bros. Oh and one last thing, DON'T JUST READ THIS AND DO NOTHING LIKE A P*USSY. GO OUT AND ACTUALLY TALK TO WOMEN DAMMMIT!!!!!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Ahhh six... I remember years back, there was this guy telling all guys to just go around insulting women, and that was going to get you into their pants. Um, no. As you've said, there is a balance that must be struck. If you are flirting and she is totally unreceptive for whatever reason, and you throw in a few insults, that is NOT going to make her want to go out with you... it's going to get you shut down faster then you already were. And also there is a little push and again, as you've said, there is you being a dick. The height thing was a good example... not really insulting at all (well, depending on the girl), but not something that would get you automatically shut down. For me though, I know this trick and tend to call guys out who use it too obviously, and let them know, if I like them, I like them and there is no need for them to go for that game play. I much more appreciate when guys are just genuinely nice and lay down a nice compliment.


Most Helpful Guy

  • "How can you get others to like you if you don't even like yourself?"

    -yea good point. used that tought to improve myself a lot in the past.


    -am a little (naturally) shy and insecure at times but I still manage to talk to the girls I like does that count?

    "To have success with women you can not be boring"

    -hell naw I am a party lion in sheep disguise, people be like "what just happened to this guy" "did he take drugs or what" and sometimes people think I took some pills

    .. Social Proof
    "Women are attracted to guys with power"

    -the issue here is I don't want power of that kind. my kind of power is the power I use to defend myself from getting pushed down for example or to state my oppinion.
    I have 1 really good friend and the people at work who like me don't just like me for a blatant thing like that.
    maybe good for you but I don't see it working for me


    -I suck hard at that tbh.
    what you said could be used on one of my latest fail catches. could've said "you're cute looking but kinda small" or change the small with "a little to young for my taste"

    good point. I understand this approach since I kinda try funny teasing with girls and show interest in other ways.

    7. body language

    -am kind of an analytic in that department. pretty easy to see if a girl has interest in me or is giving negative vibes

    • "am a little (naturally) shy and insecure at times but I still manage to talk to the girls I like does that count?"

      A little shy is okay but you don't want to seem nervous or anxious when talking to them. for example, if you're stuttering a lot or playing with your hands, or failing to maintain eye contact that can be a problem.

      As for the flirting it's just practice man. The more you get used to holding conversations, being funny, and teasing the better you get man.

    • ah its no biggie then

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What Girls Said 9

  • As a woman, my thoughts on this:

    1. Yeah, looks matter somewhat. You don't need to be a 10, but I need to find you attractive in some regard. Personality can definitely make up for less than perfect looks however, and I'd rather be with a 5-7 with an awesome personality than a 10 that's a jerk.

    2. Social status has absolutely no bearing on if I'm interested in you. You could be the quarterback of a football team or you could be the socially awkward guy that always has a book in is hand. If I like you, I you. That said I'm shy myself, and am unlikely to approach any guy, so there is probably less of a likelihood of me getting with the second guy if he isn't going to come up and talk to me.

    3. See my answer to #2. I have absolutely no problem with shy guys or guys with insecurities. Confidence is overrated.

    4. While I agree its good not to be boring (have some hobbies and interests) and you absolutely need a good personality, a sense of humor, while it may be a bonus, really isn't something that's mandatory for me.

    5. To an extent. I understand shyness and social awkwardness can sometimes alter body language though, so I'm not a stickler on it.

    6. I'm not a big flirter, even with guys I'm really into. Guys that put pressure on me to flirt back overtly with them are a pretty big turn off. Subtle, I'm ok with.

    7. Sounds good to me.

  • I've got something important to add to the push/pull section. It wasn't necessarily bad... but negging can get kinda obnoxious depending on how you do it. so remember THREE things:
    1. Teasing should be mutual. (I can't say this enough. If one of you makes fun and the other doesn't, things get resentful or awkward.)
    2. Be sure that you're comfortable with each other (Don't start off with a neg as a pickup line. and take it easy the first time you meet them)
    3. Make sure it's nothing too deep. You probably shouldn't make fun of her looks or (usually) her personality. it won't get you anywhere.

    Teasing and messing around is great, but make sure it's mutual and etc. Good luck!

  • How about be ur damn self
    But if u got confidence issues work on them for ur own good not for women

    Looks plays a small part
    Personality a huge part as long as u r u don't try to make pple laugh
    its whether u find it funny or not

    And totally disagree on social proof tbh I prefert introverted pple who focus on them self and put most of their time on them not outgoing loud ones but they should have good friends to count on and that don't eat all their time so they forget who they really r

    the push pull method works on pple who want to play around pple who care and want smthg serious r honest about their feeling all the time but if someone is interested in fucking arround there r tons of techniques like show attention go hard them let go that works but no one got time for that

    And totally agree on body language

    • Touching is so powerful that even a hand touch means a lot to a girl

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    • @nojogrant True. Also being yourself doesn't mean you can't work on your confidence and flirting lol.

    • U should find ur own kind of fucked up that's the kind of relationship u should seek not the one that will make u do stuff u dont want if being not u is what's gonna help then what's the point of living anyway since u could be replaced with anyone that acts a certain way and the push and pull works on girls that don't know what they want yet a relationship is more important than the excitement of playing a game if she's driven just by that alexcitememy not by the excitement of what r u gonna bring enrich her and make her feel than don't worry u will loose her to the next play and I got to warn u they r really good

  • Ahh! I see, now write a take on how to land bitches, everyone knows those are a hot commodity.

  • Finally some one told it like it is. And you're right, confidence really is the sexiest thing! xx Just for this myTake imma follow you - keep it up

  • Is that Meghan Markle in that picture?

  • Good take!

  • definitely a guide to get young teen girls and not adult women

    • How is it different?

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    • That makes more sense if you had the other title. Main one is social proof. Power is different from popularity. Once out of school popularity really isn't a thing outside of being a celebrity

    • I've dated women more mature than you, so I have an idea. lol.

  • you are right


What Guys Said 13

  • Your forgot rule number 8.
    Dont listen to dating guides from the internet.
    While they sometimes do have good tips for stuff like self improvement etc., often they basically only teach you how to be a dick. I speak form experience because i actually tried some of those guides a few years and they made my situation worse.

    • Most of them just tell you irrelevant stuff tbh. Stay away from the PUA garbage it's all scams for the most part lol. I had a friend telling me about some "secret CIA method" called "Pandora's BOX" That he was learning from and it sounded like some sketchy scam. Months later and he still hasn't had any success lol

    • I'd say self improvement is the most important part. Make yourself a likable person by working on your faults and weaknesses and girls and people in general will like you better. That's my general philosophy

  • Finally an article that makes sense... great job. Too many articles out there where the guys need to let their balls descend... and I hope everyone's figured out the lady about lady advice is just going to set you up for failure.

    • " lady about lady advice is just going to set you up for failure."

      spot on. Anytime my mom would try and give me advice when I was just starting to talk to girls my older brother always told me this lol

  • There is no such thing as the ultimate guide... plus getting girls is not an issue... KEEPING girls and being happy at the same time... THAT is the issue.

    • False. How can you keep a girl you never got?

    • ok.. let me rephrase this...
      Getting girls is already easy... as guys we know the hoops and tricks and turns and all that shit... we pretend.
      Keeping the girl is harder because what about when that act fades? and you can't pretend anymore.

  • Yeah you are bang on with this. Girls of course have their types. You will find girls that like shy guys but MOST do not. And their is an abundance of shy men... so you won't stand out. With the social thing... women do definitely seem to care how much you are liked, perceived by others. There are quite a lot of introverted women on here so a lot of them may read this and disagree but most women won't.

    • Picking up qwueues is a big one. Arm touches... etc. One woman once got me to adjust her back bra strap because her hands were full. I still don't know what that was all about... but yh... pretty sure she could have just put her drink down and down it herself.

    • Lol she was probably really interested

  • There are no "guides" to get women. You either can get women, or you can't. That's it. It isn't hard work, it's not a big fucking enigma. Half of men are attractive and they date attractive women, some men are meh and they date meh women, a few men are ugly and they date ugly women, and a small number of guys, like me, are worthless and they don't date anybody.

    • "like me, are worthless and they don't date anybody"

      Rule number 3...

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    • ^ Agreed. When you're confident you just stop giving a damn what others say because you still feel good about yourself. Just look at muhammad ali or mcgregor. Guys made an ass out of themselves but couldn't care less what some random journalists thought about them.

    • @Prettyboyfresh I guess I misunderstood what you meant by "getting girls". I apologize for being so negative, no one wants to hear this, although I still think I don't stand a chance. Your take was well-written. All the best.
      @bigred You might be right, but I've given up, so I don't need one anymore.

  • Well, if playing around and getting pussy is what you want, this take is as good as it gets.

    Not being a hater, im just pointing out (mostly to other readers) that this is good advice when you are looking to hook up.
    However, it can be pretty indifferent when it comes to getting a long term partner (if thats what a guy is looking for).
    Not all of it tough, (all exept 2 and 6) are still important factors to attract a woman.

    Im saying this because i have seen that 6 is not important, and sometimes draining in ltrs for a lot of girls, IF YOU DO IT THE WAY YOU DO IT DURING PICKUPS. You still will do great teasing each other sometimes, thats necessary for passion in a relationship.
    The difference here is it should be less "pushy" and more in a fun way, that kind of eliminates feelings of competition, not putting or pulling someone out of the pedestal. There shouldn't be a pedestal.

    As for 2, this is my personal toughts, but when you plan on getting serious, social proof should matter less to you, (especially for the girls). If you are getting serious and a big part of what she likes on you is what kind of an icon you are to the people around you, rather than who you are as a person, it makes the relationship more shallow and less superficial.
    I have seen girls who stand by their men trough thick and thin, when they had everyone and no one.
    This means she loves you regardless of social proof.

    As for number 1, i still think its general for getting girls, maybe not as serious in a ltr than for hookups, but i still think people go for someone they like looking at. But that may just be my opinion, maybe girls see it differently, since they aren't as "visual" as guys (or claim to be 😏)
    But in my opinion, 1 can still he important in a relationship, on both sides.

    As for getting laid, this take is spot on, perfect.
    Couldnt have said it any better.

    I think most guys know of points 1-5 either consciously or subconsciously.
    The ones which some guys may not quite give as much value may be 2 and 5 out of these.
    When it comes to hooking up, 2 IS a game changer. This can make you go from the invisible guy, to the guy that the hottest girl in the bar is evaluating to see if she will let you c*m in her that night, or just bum a smoke/drink off you.
    5 could just make that difference.

    Body language can play a huge role on women. I have heard girls say that they would rather have a guy with a straight back than a six pack.

    6 and maybe 7 are where most guys have problems with.

    • *More shallow and superficial (not LESS superficial 😂😂)

      To continue,
      Most guys have problems to know when and how to execute 7, and they have NO idea of 6 at all.

      I used to be one of those guys. If it wasn't for my roommate in uni, i would have never known about 6 and even during reading this take may not have known the effect of this.
      I would recommend this to be the number 1 step to work on, when it comes to picking up girls and getting laid.

      My roomie is god level at this. He has the push and pull thing on point. I have witnessed this many times
      as i saw him get a girls from a base interest level to being unaware of anyone else in the room BUT him.

      Im still not very good at this, i compliment too much and dont tease enough.
      And i have learned that if you are too nice for too long, an even perfectly delivered "push" can come off as an insult 😂😂.
      You have to be like this from the beginning. Or introduce it more subtly.

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    • Yeah, lol i think guys hear a few stories or watch a couple cliche hs/college movies and then think they can go to parties , get drunk and get laid😂😂.

      Well its not that easy, for anyone.
      Id say it takes about a week or two when a new year of hs or college starts for the social hierarchy to set in, and if you are out of the top circle, your chances of getting laid have gone down quite a bit.

      If you still want to get laid then your best bet is to socialize yourself into the really popular guys circles using whatever exeptional asset you got, rather than trying to learn game or pua stuff.

      I think pua stuff was designed more for working age guys to pick up random women, who are not part of the social circle they spend most time in.

      In college, being a popular dude is kind of a must, if you want to get an abundance of p*ssy, for girls they dont. They just have to be interested into hooking up.

      For guys, if you dont got it, your best bet is to find a permanent girlfriend if you want sex.

    • Its kind of funny and interesting if you think about it, hs and college can be a lot like a primal environment of humans with loose rules, if any at all.

      The ones on top are tho ones who have multiple women to engage with, while the rest of the guys' only hope os to catch and secure one woman, with whom they can mate with.

      Which is played up into the hooking up vs bf-gf thing you see in hs or college.

      I guess it can also influence what you like or prefer. Id expect a guy who gets a lot of girls , to not be too interested in a commitment, at least for the time being. Whereas a guy who doesn't get any would be expected look for commitment.

      Personally, i have been the guy who is able to get laid, but i have to put in some work to impress.
      Its not the same as guys who are just naturally that way , and attract many women.
      So i guess (after 3 years college) im now more into a ltr type thing now.

      And yeah gag does that stupid bs with titles sometimes

  • Lol I feel like guys who actually have experience with women will see a lot of problems in this and will likely cringe the same way that I did. It seems like it was written by a desperate virgin, no offense.

    • Lol far from one. Care to elaborate?

    • A lot of what you mentioned is spot on, it just comes off as very douchebag-ey. Which, some of it made me laugh so props. I'm just saying you gotta find a balance

    • Lol I was just trying to keep it lighthearted. I'm a naturally goofy guy lol

  • Wow this is fucking gold man! I did a dating/attraction course about 2 years ago and have improved with women heaps in that time. And I gotta say everything you mentioned in here is spot on!

  • Yeah i don;t care about high school style popularity. I was pretty popular in high school I didn't care that much about the circus.

    But I get your point. Girls like the guy all the other girls like. I'm a worker bee, I care about my work and getting ahead. It's important to have connections but me personally, I cut to the chase when it comes to business matters. I don't need to be popular all the time, i just need the people I need when i need them. And i pay a good price for their contribution to my pojects

  • Thank you

  • Thanks

  • you are way ahead

  • So it's practically impossible for me to get a girl...
    1. Looks I don't have
    2. Social proof I don't have
    3. I lack confidence due to lack of the first two points
    4. If I lack the first three points, they are obviously not going to be interested in me, whether I'm funny or boring.
    5. I'm totally illiterate when it comes to body language.
    6 and 7. I can't start flirting because I don't know how, and I lack all of the above, they are just going to mock me.

    • 1. Can be worked on. Get a haircut, dress better, get in shape etc. trust me.
      2. You've just gotta be more outgoing
      3. Can be worked on.
      5/6/7 Can be worked on as well.

      Your main problem is you lack confidence from what I can put together. Just look up some videos on building inner confidence or read a book. If you get more confident man trust me it'll work wonders for you

    • Either that, or plastic surgery, maybe I'd be more successful if only I'd look like Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio.

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