How To Get A Girl (the actual truth in 4 simple steps)


Step 1:Learn to think like a man

How To Get A Girl (the actual truth in 4 simple steps)
Men don't beat around the bush, they don't use emotional reasoning like "everyone is different" or "that's not nice".

Who the fuck cares?

The answer is the girl does. She cares about nice, about each individual detail, about feelings, intuitive worrying and she's the one playing it safe with her every word and action.

No woman needs a pussified shemale who thinks like she does. Women need men. Men who can make up their mind, use logic, state truths and not feel the need to bullshit everyone with perpetual,cowardly politeness. Men who aren't afraid of stating the truth.

Men raised by single mothers and dominant mothers (who aggressively wore the pants in the family) are most pussified in this regard. They are the ones who have been reprimanded over "hurt feelings" so many times, their brain grew a vagina. No one ever toughened them up and now they don't understand why women see them as one of their girlfriends.

The truth is that you are the girlfriend.

Feminist lies in your way: You can't offend people. Don't be a caveman. *indignation without reasoning*-> How DARE you say that?! (or the especially retarded ->) That's a generalisation!

Step 2: Become sexist

Feminists are morons. Everything feminism presented and claims to have brought into this world is BULLSHIT. It did not help anyone. Ever.

Women always had freedoms they have now, and when they didn't, same applied to men. If women were abused and suffering, you'll definitely find the male version in the same society. Women are weaker so yes, more vulnerable. But if there are men who want to abuse women, there are men who want to protect them and die for them.

Otherwise the freedom men and women had matched the responsability they carried. (Men carried more burden, so they got more freedoms: i.e. Right to vote? -> get drafted first, Right to control the money? -> earn all of it, Rule society? -> invent everything in it)

In order to make people believe men are opressors and villains preventing women from "rulling the world as equals", feminism claimed women were held back by men who "used them", disregarding the fact that men worked for women because of female inferior survival capacities. Women weren't opressed, but protected and they needed and demanded it. They still do.

Only today they also lie to themselves about it.

How To Get A Girl (the actual truth in 4 simple steps)
Look around you and realise that we are SO different that holding us to the same standards and spewing bullshit lines like "we are more alike than different" is what is creating the war between genders. Women can not meet your personal standards of behavior, and they won't want you if you meet theirs.

Since you have no frame of refference as to how to look at women I suggest you begin with the adult-child relationship. Seek to distinguish women from children first, before you compare them to men. Soon you'll realise female version of "adult" is so childlike there is NO WAY you can take them seriously as your equals. And that's good. You're onto something.

Feminist lies in your way: Women are equal to men.

No, no they are absolutely not.

Step 3: Learn to influence

How To Get A Girl (the actual truth in 4 simple steps)

Influencing people means to be demanding. To say what you want, need, what you think and to direct people where you want them to go.

It means to be active, to SPEAK UP! Instead of sitting back and waiting for others to direct you. Shape, or be shaped. There is NO middle ground. NO "just hanging out".

It means to be able to tell people what TO DO and what NOT TO DO and not be afraid of stating why. It means to learn to put emotion, precision and clarity into your expression.

To provide both negative and positive reinforcement. To state what is wrong and what is good.

Example: "Don't fucking cut your hair, you'll look like a dyke! I don't want to be feeling like I'm fucking a young boy. I love your hair long. I love the smell, the feel of it. How it spills over your shoulders. I want to be able to pull on it when I fuck you from behind."

"Don't talk back to me this conversation is over."

WRONG way to do it: "I don't know, I don't like short hair." or even worse "I don't know, guys don't like short hair on women." or the too late "Oh, you cut your har...", "I love you any way you are honey."

Women are very insecure, defferring and easily influenced (this includes even the most aggressive cunt you ever met). They respond positively and submissively to blunt honesty and male agression and direction. This will allow you to bring order and to CONTROL your relationships.

Feminist lies in your way: You need to be a nice guy. You're just being meean. You're a dictator/sociopath/arrogant/evil...

Now ask yourself: What is more important? That which is true, reasonable and beneficial to all, or that which is nice? Is it more important not to insult people, or to connect to them and build good relationships?

Step 4: CONTROL the relationship

How To Get A Girl (the actual truth in 4 simple steps)

Many guys have some vague notion of women wanting them to be "dominant" and "confident" and that's true, but what this FUNCTIONALLY boils down to is control.

Controling/Leading the relationship means to always have the last say. You have to be willing to end the relationship and tell her to fuck off if she refuses to obey you and to behave how you want her to behave. But you also have to have the skill to get her to obey you first. We don't want you ruining every relationship before it even starts. (please reffer back to step 3)

Any freedoms the woman has, have to both granted and restricted by you. If tell her to do what she wants, she can do what she wants, but if you limit something she does, she has to do it they way you ask her to do it.

This also means you'll be responsible for everything that goes wrong in the relationship. It means that the freedoms you give her, instructions and restrictions you place on her are all on you. You're in charge. If she's hurting and suffering, that's on you. If she's a cunt, that's on you, if she is loving and you're both satisfied, nice job. (Yes, listening to the woman is a part of it. You have the last say, you make the decision, but you also listen in order to make a decision that is the best one.)

This causes women to feel safe, to respect you, to fall in love and to become sexually attracted to you.

Feminist lies in your way: Women are not drones! You're a caveman who wants a Stepford wife. Women have their own personalities!

Think about any other relationship that requires leadership: parent-child, boss-employee, teacher-student, referee-boxer...Do they deny kindness and human personality? Are they automatically opressive?

Learn all this and you'll have the option to either drown in pussy, or spend your life with that one girl you love, with added benefit of actually being happy together.

Also helps with bros n' jobs n' stuff.

How To Get A Girl (the actual truth in 4 simple steps)

FUN FACT: Majority of girls will passively whine spewing feminist nonsense, but when faced with the truth, they'll cave and shy away from arguing. Most women won't even object because they know it's their instict. Yet this will work on all women regardless of what they claim.

The real agressive feminists, those perpetuating the myths, putting pressure on reasonable men and allowing feminism to thrive are male! Male legislators, male keboard warriors, whiny MRAs, bitter MGTOWs and heartbleeding poet nice guys.

Women know they are full of shit, so they bitch halfheartedly using buzzwords and platitudes before they go off to fuck "the jerk". But men don't know women are full of shit.

How To Get A Girl (the actual truth in 4 simple steps)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • ThisDudeHere
    Three problems with this:
    1) I refuse to believe that whoever wrote this is a woman. It sounds like something some macho "alpha" male would say. Furthermore the amount of female and feminist bashing is uncharacteristic of a woman.
    2) Presuming you are a woman, you're doing the same thing feminists are - which is changing male behavior to go along with YOUR need. Again, MEN not you but MEN are doing something wrong again. How about you change for once? Change in a way that is convenient for men? No? Then don't tell us what to do if you're not willing to change.

    And this one made me cringe -
    3) "This also means you'll be responsible for everything that goes wrong in the relationship." " If she's hurting and suffering, If she's a cunt, ... that's on you"

    Seriously... this is so stupid it doesn't even deserve a response. I was going to say fuck you but decided not to.
    Is this still revelant?
    • inamorata

      1) I am a female. I already explained why I can comprehend this and you can't after being brainwashed into a f** . Unlike you, I feel you're completely unattractive as a f** , while my looks will override the fact that I'm a feminist aggressive cunt in your mind. That's why I know what's happening and it will take you a lifetime to get it.

      2) What I wrote are not MY needs. They are needs of everyone. Just like women suffer next to a f** , the f** feels pathetic, emasculated and depressed for being a f** . He becomes easily controlled and that drives him nuts, as exemplified by you here. You're worrying about someone controlling you. I am not telling you what to do, I just told you what you and women need. It's up to you whether to become a man, or to continue being a doormat.

      3) The fact that you singled this out, without seeing that's the exact point of this ENTIRE myTake shows you're the one who's stupid.

    • 1) Please elaborate on what the hell is this f** thing. I can not understand the meaning behind the text if I don't know that.
      2)"'s up to you whether to become a man, or to continue being a doormat." Depends on what you define a doormat. I am in no way a doormat but if becoming a man mean I become subservient to women's needs and act like they are fucking children that need my guidance in order for the relationship to work then by all means call me a doormat because I do not think that men have to act like fucking fathers to their SOs in order to be 'men'.
      3) First of all I singled out your summary of the entire take because I wanted to criticize the summary and not each individual point. Second, I have yet to insult you yet you're starting to throw out insults. If you have nothing to add then don't add at all. I'm going to refrain from insulting you back so as to prove moral highground at the moment unless you give me the excuse in your future repply.

    • inamorata

      1) The fuck?
      2) The only reason you think that's "acting like a father" is because feminist culture thought you it is. Are you that dumb you can't understand the concept of leadership and why we need it. NOT just in relationships, but EVERYWHERE. Only in relationships, we don't only need it to function as couples properly, we also become fulfilled emotionally when we live according to our nature. And women are in general dumber, if not then more self doubting, more insecure than their male partners. If a woman is dating a man who is inferior to her, it's because of settling. So by this token alone, even if you ignore function and human nature, women you date need your guidance.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Aud_Queen
    "Don't fucking cut your hair, you'll look like a dyke! I don't want to be feeling like I'm fucking a young boy. I love your hair long. I love the smell, the feel of it. How it spills over your shoulders. I want to be able to pull on it when I fuck you from behind."

    If any guy ever speaks to me like this I'm walking the hell away. Fuck that. a simple damn question that doesn't require all that. I'm your partner/girlfriend. Not your dog.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Aud_Queen

      Oh! And I almost forgot..

      "Don't talk back to me this conversation is over."

      ... Why should I put up with this?

    • inamorata

      Because to form a loving relationship with you, the guy has to direct your behavior.
      These words are spoken with the intention to make you first understand what cutting your hair means for him and second to with the presumption that you are opposing him on the matter and trying to have your way, trying to undermine his authority in the relationship.

      All girls who never dated a manly guy say the same thing. But then they date one and can't explain why they are attracted, why they feel relaxed, why they get horny when he is being "rude".
      All these things happen because women are programmed to be submissive, so the relationship would be harmonious. Because he is wearing the pants and you can't do what you want... Because he's in charge of you and he can limit your behavior, you'll fall in love.

      When the guy is just a pussy and too concerned with being "nice" instead of being honest and making you fear him, THEN you will lose interest and walk away.
      Girl who date dominant guys don't.

    • Aud_Queen

      Why do I have to fear him? This reminds me of when I was little and I feared my dad... The whole positive and negative reinforcement thing.

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  • Klara-Hitler
    1: "Learn to think like a man"

    think and be an intelligent individual.

    there is no male and female pattern of thinking. What is called female thinking is basically not thinking but it is to follow one's feelings and acting without thinking.

    Thinking is a fixed quality and it is the same in men and women who can think. men can be more leaned towards active thinking and women more leaned towards acting upon their feelings means not thinking.

    so there is no thinking like a man, there is thinking and being intelligent and that is something greatly related to IQ level and your innate capabilities.

    And "think like a man" as a behaviour and as something that aims to cut off emotions from male behaviour is nonsense. If anything males were extremely more emotional than women through history with the amount of Artists that they produced. even in women emotions are awakened by emotions of men.

    it is an emotionally flexible man who is always a great leader not a stereotypical man.

    2: "Become sexist"

    I agree with some of the things said under this but I don't agree with the title and involving feminism because you fell for some new made up "isms".
    there is no doubt that women and men are different physically and psychologically. Someone who denies that is a child.

    But that doesn't mean there shouldn't be an equal platform for not just girls and boys but for all classes inside the society regardless of gender.

    If that exists that means "sexism", If someone limited another person only based on sex. If in Germany system was somehow that there was no way for leni riefenstahl to grow in a society that had the potential to educate both boys and girls equally that would make German society sexist.

    Nobody is equal not just men and women but no two women and no two men are equal. So when you have this inequality you will have an equal platform for these unequal beings so they become able to freely show their unequal qualities and get higher or remain low.

    • ...
      But aside from that, a man who wants and expects her woman to be in a traditional female role in their relationship and want her to have her feminine qualities beside any other qualities that she may have is not sexist and saying "Become a sexist" in this case is absolutely misleading.

      So I say how you expressed your opinion is very misleading and also in many ways shallow and not well thought-out making your points look absolutely invalid.

      3: "Learn to influence"
      4: "CONTROL the relationship"

      The whole point was "be dominant."

      But sorry you do not have any idea about dominance.

      I just make it short and say true dominance between a man and woman is created with one thing only and that is love. A woman in love doesn’t need a man to actively control her but she herself becomes more accepting under the influence of the feelings inside her.

      One great misconception is “Dominance creates love”. No, ‘Love can create dominance’ but dominance doesn’t necessarily...

    • ... create any love.

      And for a girl to love a man he should be loveable. And for being “loveable” a man should have qualities innate and passive and learned and active. And the qualities women seek can be different in different types of women. It is a long story itself that I won’t discuss. I just refer to ancient Greek God couples Ares-Aphrodite, Zeus-Athena-Hera, Artemis-Apollo. These are archetypes of female-male couples in ancient Greece. And you can see Artemis doesn’t get along with Ares even if Ares is very alpha.

      I said, these subjects are more complicated to talk about them in this linear way.

      I’m a woman against feminism myself and I say this take is shallow and not well thought out.

    • inamorata

      1) When I say emotional reasoning, I mean reasoning free of bullshit. When you base reasoning on logic and facts, you have to admit you're wrong if you're wrong. If you have a sharp enough mind you can easily discern truth from idiocy.
      "Female" reasoning is emotional, but not in a sense, oh you hurt my feelings and now I'm talking about it. It's in a sense that nothing reasonable, consequential and definitive is stated. It's just a sea of bullshit there to make noise and protect her feelings. Something you have amply demonstrated right here.

      2) Here you are just whining about the stigma over the word sexist. What I imply with that word is clearly demonstrated by the myTake and explained in the comments. But, like most women, to protect your emotion you turn intellectually dishonest and make it into a semantics debate.
      In the end you try to nullify the gender differences by saying everyone is different. Which I think is more stupidity than dishonesty about understanding generalisations

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  • Rloco
    Ok a little bit too extreme I think. Actually caring about your girls feeling doesn't make you a door mat. You want a guy who can take charge I can handle but I'm not treating my girl like shut because of it. That's something I'm not negotiating. I will treat people how I want. If I want to be a nice guy that's who I Will be. Yes I'm sing yes my mom raised me on her own. But that made want to be a man. A man who Will take of his woman while actually giving a shit about what she thinks. I'm not choosing a restaurant we will pick together. Why the hell can't I want my girl to be happy. I'm still single because I was insecure and lacked confidence. But that was because I'm fat. If you don't want a guy who is honest cares about and will care for you then there's the door. If my girlfriend wants short hair and I don't like it I will politely let her know. Not be a rude ass about that's not me. Saying baby I like your long flowing hair please don't change it I prefer it this way doesn't make me a pussy. It makes me a guy who understands that she is a person. This take is going to make assholes feel justified in their action that's just stupid. I think your wrong in your opinion but hey I guess I'm just pussy and you don't give shit anyway. Have fun with your assholes.
    • inamorata

      WHEN did I say not to care about a woman's feelings?
      WHEN did I say to treat her like shit?

      "I'm not choosing a restaurant we will pick together. "
      No you're not. ONE of you is choosing The issue if no who is choosing the restaurant, the issue if who decides who is choosing the restaurant.
      Unless you are the boss of her and she's choosing the restaurant because you let her, there is a power vacuum in the relationship. Vacuum that will quickly be filled by her as she makes her bitch out of you.

      "But that was because I'm fat."
      Fat guys who are dominant have no issue attracting women. Seen it 5 times in person!

      "If you don't want a guy who is honest cares about and will care for you then there's the door. "
      I do want a guy who is honest and cares about me. You're not that guy. You're a pussy. A pussy is never honest.

    • inamorata

      "If my girlfriend wants short hair and I don't like it I will politely let her know."
      And she'll proceed to get short hair because you're not influencing her. That's how relationships are degraded.

      "Saying baby I like your long flowing hair please don't change it I prefer it this way doesn't make me a pussy."
      It does. You're frustrated and shocked and grossed out, but your reaction is "baby please, I love you different..." That's not honesty, that's cowardice. And it can't influence anyone. She won't feel like she did anything wrong if all you know how to do is plead like a girl.

      "It makes me a guy who understands that she is a person. "
      ... who happens to be a woman. That's the part YOU don't understand.

      "This take is going to make assholes feel justified in their action that's just stupid."
      It's here to make manginas like you feel uncomfortable, not make assholes feel good. Assholes are not on GaG, they are out having sex.

    • inamorata

      "I guess I'm just pussy and you don't give shit anyway. "
      I DO give a shit. That's why I wrote this article. You emasculated guys are pathetic and sad... If I can change just a few minds I did a good thing today.

      "Have fun with your assholes."
      Guys who can do what's up there are never assholes, they're MEN. They are honest and capable leaders. And they are always loving. If they weren't, no one would want to be governed by them. Women dump assholes, but they still want real men who can lead them, LOVINGLY.
      But hey, not like you can understood the concept anyway.

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  • zorro8888
    Be honest with me for a second... Are you a guy posing as a girl?
    • inamorata

      I'm not.

    • lumos

      Literally my first thought

    • @zorro8888 I know you're sick of me accusing people as Catfish but I'm sure you would agree with me that she is a Catfish. And a troll.

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  • PT1911
    >But men don't know women are full of shit.

    I already knew, so when I told her that her sleeping around and promiscuous behavior will be the end of her, she realized she had commitment issues and agreed to another date next time we're back in town. More like I said "Stop sleeping around with guys that don't give a damn about you. get your ass back home so I can take you out already, I had enough of your teasing" (She still shamelessly flirts with me) She literally said "Wow... you changed... sure... the best dates I had were with you anyways..."

    I already had this perspective of assertiveness in my professional life. I see what I want and I take it.

    Problem is, I had no idea how to apply this to women, until recently a buddy of mine helped me realize its the exact same principle.

    That being said, there is a difference between dominance in the relationship and dominating her ENTIRE life. I will never dominate her professional life, her work, if she chooses to have a job, I will support her. I will provide the stability the she needs to further pursue her professional ambitions.

    But the love life, that is where men should take control, be the actual man she wants. Take her out, show that the love and stability you as a man can offer is unequal to others. Show that her body, her personality in unequal to other women, that she is the prize, and that you willconquer that prize. Show her that she is the only women worthy of your time and love, and that she should be honored by that.

    Think of it as a team, where you are the coach, the manager, the planner, you're always 4 steps ahead. She is the player, she puts just as much work in as you do, but in the end she ultimately trusts you and respects you, because you know what you want and aren't passive. There is always a plan.

    That takes hard, hard work, which a lot of guys these days really don't want to do.

    You can be dominant without being an ass. People keep mixing up these two terms though
    • inamorata

      "That being said, there is a difference between dominance in the relationship and dominating her ENTIRE life."
      Yes, dominance is an ambiguous "feely" term you can't definitively use in a relationship and "dominating her ENTIRE life" is a clear basic principle on which happy couples build relationships.

      " I will never dominate her professional life, her work, if she chooses to have a job, I will support her."
      You don't understand leadership in a relationship. If she is dating you and you LET her have a job and advance, ok that's YOUR decision. But you need to be in charge and her working is STILL ON YOU.

      Dominating her life has nothing to do with set roles I impose on you.
      It means for YOU to tell her to do what you think is best! Even if you tell her to do whatever she wants professionally.

    • inamorata

      The point is for you to have authority. Not to have it taken away from you and to have the last say. If she can say: "You have no input in what I do professionally." That's a fuck you to your authority. Already, you're not the boss anymore and your relationship is being degraded. She knows she can oppose you and you have entered the power struggle.

      It's not about WHAT she is allowed to have freedom in and not. It's about YOU deciding that, because ultimately freedoms you give her will be your responsibility.

      If you set this precedent from the get go and she knows she can never cross you and go behind your back because "she is her own woman", you will build a stable happy relationship.

      If you can't establish this "absolute dominance" and she pokes holes in it, it'll fuck with your relationship making your life together living hell, when it should be a happy oasis.

      Worst thing you can do is present her with a "I'm in charge but not really" deal. You can't halfass it.

    • inamorata

      "But the love life, that is where men should take control, be the actual man she wants. "
      You're not thinking in terms of what works, in terms of your FUNCTION as a man in her life. You're thinking in terms of "how do I look more like Christian Grey to make her wet".

      WRONG! This is shortsighted. It will look good at first, but if you don't understand that you can't half ass leadership, you can't drop authority mid-way, you can't protect and provide for someone who won't follow your lead in order to enable you to that at all, you won't be able to meet her needs in the long run. In the long run your relationship will deteriorate up to a point where you fight.

      You will stop being a respectable authority to her and start being someone she needs to provide enough resistance to in order to get what she wants.
      Which will ultimately make both of you miserable.

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  • Curmudgeon
    "whiny MRAs, bitter MGTOWs" allowing feminism to thrive? How stupid. Those groups loathe femi (commu) nism than this troll.

    And yes, it's a troll. Using all the buzzwords without knowing what they actually mean...
    • inamorata

      I know what they mean. Those guys perpetuate the idea that women are their equal and then whine about the fact that women can't meet their expectations. That's the most retarded form of promotion of feminist propaganda. It basically says: "Ok fine, you can have our balls and capacity to observe reality, but don't expect us not to bitch about it like a bunch of feminists!"
      They are the very affirmation of feminism's success. It's sad.

    • inamorata

      You also wrote I need to be raped and beaten for having a different view of thegenders than you... What kind of a piece of human scum are you? D:

  • jacquesvol
    How Old England! That must have been written by Queen Victoria's ghostwriter.
    • inamorata

      The fuck? -_-

    • jacquesvol

      That 'Charles' clearly was not 'pussified', clearly sexist, controlling the relationship.

      Close your eyes and think of 'Murica or England or Jesus or whatever.
      Good fuck... OOPS luck.

    • inamorata

      How the fuck do you know what he was? What the problem was? This is utterly retarded as a point.
      I saw countless relationship happy and working out because the husband has balls. All that divorce, balls are in the wrong pair of pants.

      Traditional pressure written here and a man leading the relationship and taking care of a woman are not the same thing. He could have been a pussy, a sociopath, seeing her as a commodity, he could have been even afraid of her.

      Tradition has nothing to do with this. This is about what is FUNCTIONAL. Just because something is old from a culture that supported this arrangement, it doesn't mean it was well executed.

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  • linkywinky
    Stopped reading after "learn to think like a man"

    4/10 troll attempt, will be waiting for the next one. Try making that one count.

  • ArchDruidMordred
    I'm gonna speak my mind, yes. But I refuse to make a woman feel like shit just because she cut her hair short or any other stupid reason like that,
    • inamorata

      You're thinking like a woman.
      It's not about whether your being nice to her, or mean to her. It's about whether her behvior is influencing you in a bad way.

      You can be a passive f****t and keep what you think in. Let her cut her hair, let her keep cutting it, but because you're being the chick who's so focused on emotions, your relationship is being degraded.

      She will lose a little respect for you as soon as she finds out you kept what you think and feel in because you were too sensitive to hurt her feelings. She will look like a boy, you won't like it and it will increase the distance between you and bit by bit, afraid of "making her feel like shit", you will feel like shit up to a point when she leaves your "relationship", because she feels you're a pussy.

    • inamorata

      correction of 1st sentence...
      *behavior is influencing you both in a bad way.

      You're suppose to make her happy AND make her have long her. As long you you're honest and in charge, she will grow it any way you like.
      It's this f****t mindset of believing you're suppose to give a woman what she says she wants that is keeping you from forming a good relationship.

    • So now I have 2 questions.

      1.) How is it possible to "man up" if you were born in a female hierarchy home?

      2,) Is it possible to be a man while still being an overall gentleman?

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  • Frost_Byt3
    You forgot:

    Step 4: BE attractive

    If you are not attractive, the rest of this Take that you already read doesn't apply to you in the slightest, and you'll be forever alone regardless of wether or not you follow these steps.
    • inamorata

      You're saying this nonsense only because you've never applied any of the 4 steps.
      Yeah, if you're a hunchback, sure it's an issue. But even ugly guys can easily date up if they know how to act like men.

      What you're describing there are MALE standards. If a woman is ugly she can go fuck herself no matter how wonderful her personality is. Stop projecting on women. You'll just be wasting your time.

    • Frost_Byt3

      You honestly think that if i treat all the women in my life like dirty little sluts who have no say in anything, and who need to be dominated, the women will be ALLLLL over me, even though I'm only average looking? Sounds like bullshit to me

    • inamorata

      A woman opposing you is a woman you need to dominate in order to create harmony in a relationship.
      If you can't do that, you WILL get a bitch, or she'll just get bored with you and leave, not wanting to be in a relationship that sets her up for being a bitch.

      Sweet women avoid manginas and bitches break them before they leave.

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  • Jersey1
    I like it. Men forget to be men because some insist they can't be anymore without offending others, F that. Women can't be women for the same reason. Some ladies dont like that, fine, there are many that do!
    • inamorata

      All like it. Some just claim not to like it because they've been shamed all their lives away from their biology. :(

    • Jersey1

      I agree that it is biology.

  • CommieDearest
    And another take promoted for the sake of controversy. This wouldn't work for me.
    • inamorata

      It would.

    • zorro8888

      Hmm she said..."Any freedoms the woman has, have to both granted and restricted by you."

      Let's try it out.. Commie, I forbid you to reply to this!
      Did it work? lol

    • inamorata

      @zorro8888 Put it back in your pants.

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  • DonkeyKong1979
    Wow, and I thought George Lucas was bad at creating fictional female characters...
  • dudegrt
    Can't believe you're a woman, whose speaking the truth about dating. Most women would never admit this or they don't know their instincts. Keep such kind of myTakes coming.
    • inamorata

      Thank you. :) There are exceptions to every rule, so a girl like me is bound to be born somewhere out there in the world. You'll be even more surprised to know that I'm not that rare, only I'm rare for speaking up and trying to explain this to people. ^^

    • dudegrt

      Kudos to you, I also think that the biggest mistake that men make is that they take dating advice from women who tell them all kind of non-sense that they want a "nice guy". Now these men wrongly interpret nice guys to be pushovers. Speaking your mind and being dominant is a characteristic that is required in all walks of life.

  • CincinnatiRedsfan
    This is a decent troll attempt. And we all know you're a Catfish.

    But you know this, so there is no way for me to state that really.
    • inamorata

      But you did state it like a proper two-face, intellectually dishonest crybaby you are.

  • Jakesusername
    I think being "pussified* works just fine for the ladies. It's okay to listen and try to comperhend her thoughts. I can be protective if need be. Most of the time I don't have too. Relationships the way you speak of usually leads to an abusive relationship. This typically ends with murders, rapes, or single mothers.
    • inamorata

      It works fine for the ladies who friend zone you. It will not work just fine for those who date you and marry you.

      "It's okay to listen and try to comperhend her thoughts."
      WHEN did I say not to do that?

      "Relationships the way you speak of usually leads to an abusive relationship."
      No it's the exact opposite. Abusive relationships occur when the guy is a pussy who doesn't know how to run a relationship properly, gets frustrated with his girl and lashes out. Abuse never happens in healthy, well established relationships I recommend.

      "This typically ends with murders, rapes, or single mothers."
      That's what feminism and emasculation of men ends with! Not this!

    • I'm not friendzoned at all. I'm in the best relationship I've ever had. I believe you were raised in a negative environment. Sorry love... you might want to seek help.

    • inamorata

      I was raised in a "negative" environment and I don't know how good relationships work... Coming from a 20 y/o American. xD

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  • idkwtftoputhere
    You're going to get a lot of feminist hate for this MyTake. Just saying.
    • It's not only a lot of Feminists who understand that being sexist ISN'T a good thing.


    • @rationallioness
      Lol no shit.
      However, she directly addressed and bashed feminism as well.
      "Feminists are morons. Everything feminism presented and claims to have brought into this world is BULLSHIT. It did not help anyone. Ever."
      To which it's obvious feminists won't take kindly to so that's all I pointed out. I never stated women wouldn't be offended by this MyTake, nor did I claim that this MyTake wasn't sexist.

    • My apologies then. There are many fools who say what you said but with less rational intentions.

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  • FixerUpper
    Hey! I don't care what you other people think, but this girl speaks the truth! I've seen a few of my 5 aunts have unsuccessful marriages because their husbands were wimpy and never spoke their minds. Friends of mine have divorced parents because the husband was a loser. I'm not saying you other people aren't right, but I now know the reason why my past relationships went down the drain too quickly and without notice. Yes, these things are hard to swallow, but I really think these four steps would be ones to live by.
    • To become a sexist is a good thing? Use common sense. There are many women who prefer "wimpy" men. But I would think most women want a man who is confident to disagree and rational.

    • FixerUpper

      You're right. Sorry for putting myself out there. :P

  • BaileyisDarcy
    Um... Okay, I'm going to read out the notes I jotted down that told me anyone following this would become emotionally abusive...

    Oh wait, there's too many.
  • Phoenix98
    While you do make some valid points in some areas you do take it a bit to far.
    • inamorata

      While you do see I am reasonable and truthful, you're too scared to let go of what you have been raised to believe despite seeing how ridiculous it is now.

    • Phoenix98

      And what would that be? you don't know me or what I was raised to believe.

    • inamorata

      I know your culture. I know the buzzwords like "rapey" and "abusive" thrown around. I know movies you grew up watching I know people you lived around. It imprinted itself in your head (like EVERYONE ELSE'S including mine) deep enough that you just feeling uncomfortable because of what you read. So you decide to back away from the truth ironically going against step 1.

      When you reason trough this, and reason, not just "get a feeling", you'll see what's true and what's bullshit for yourself.

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  • ComDom
    Perfect balance is almost impossible to achieve as it will essentially always lean in one direction or the other on the spectrum. Think of it like this:

    0 is the woman completely leading
    100 is the man completely leading
    balance = 50

    if it's: 50.111 then it leans toward the male
    if it's: 49.999 then it leans toward the female

    The point is that it should probably lean toward the male because of a male's natural tendency toward aggression and dominance, testosterone. Females almost always, regardless of culture and time, seek (at least slightly) older strong (mentally and physically) males to mate with.
    • inamorata

      Lean? Percentages?
      This is all theoretical bullshit with no real world backing, that can't possibly be put into practice. Why are you spamming ComDom? -_-

    • ComDom

      @inamorata Lol what? That's how spectrums work. How am I spamming? I posted once. It's an attempt at quantification, albeit a somewhat arbitrary one. Besides that wasn't my point. My point was that perfect balance is probably impossible.

      It's almost certainly going to end up with the spectrum leaning in one direction or the other. That's related to almost everything scientific. It'd be like saying a car is 1,000 lbs when that isn't true. It's probably like 1,000.1235252361326 lbs or whatever arbitrary number it is. It's an estimation.

      You do realize that even if this was theory (and it isn't entirely) that wouldn't necessarily make it bullshit? Do you even understand what I'm saying?

    • inamorata

      I do understand. This is groundless. Theoretical. Bullshit.

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  • meatballs21
    This seems to go a bit far in places but the basic underlying concepts are very sound. Nice Take.

    (I was expecting it to be 1. Be a bodybuilder 2. Be rich 3. Be a doctor 4. Get girls)
  • phanindra554
    I read the full take by observing I got these things that you observed many peoples and you have lot of positive thinking nice but many people don't accept this feminist s must oppose this and you said funny facts it makes some people hurt otherwise your take was nice ;-)
  • Words_and_Wisdom
    Well gee, I didn't know my penis and balls came with a user's guide.
    • inamorata

      Happens when you never get to use them. =/

  • koko124
    Problem is that if you're one iota of assertiveness too far, you'll get smacked with a sexual harrassment charge, and be fired/expelled/suspended.
    • inamorata

      That's a lie.
      Guys who get smacked with that shit are NEVER assertive. NEVER leaders in their relationships. They can't do shit and never establish these dynamics where the girl respects and loves them.

      They are always those manginas psycho cunts fuck with before they stick the last nail in their coffin.

      Besides, there are countries out there that put parents in jail for spanking their kids. Who take the kids away! Kids can just call a number and have your ass arrested. Is that an excuse to drop parenting? Oh, let's give kids what they say they want, otherwise they'll can report us to the police. Nice set of balls there mister.

  • lumos
    I just barfed a little in my mouth.
    • inamorata

      Might wanna spit it out. Just sayin'.

  • Drake
    this is it! we shouldn't bow down for the so called movie standards, that the nice guy gets the guy, cause thats crap. You should learn to live your life, influence/inspire others, be an example (but dont strife to be one, its nature that chose you), make your own rules. And dont put women on this fucking pedostal. Dont act like women are some form of rare diamonds. Women like to be teased, pushed and taken on an emotional rollercoaster. Argue with them, dont say yes to kiss butt. If you like her look at her, dont look and shy away when she looks. Build some sexual tension, test her. Be a man
  • YourFutureEx
    Included feminism in THIS type of take?
    Nah I didn't enjoy that.
  • Bysshe
    How to get a woman with an inferiority complex...
    • inamorata

      Tell yourself that...

    • Bysshe

      Do you think the man in a relationship will always know better? (Some women are smarter than some men - do you deny that?) It's ridiculous to say the man should always lead/have the last word.

    • inamorata

      First men on average are a lot smarter than women on average. Many guys have trouble figuring this out because female stupidity is wrapped in emotional reasoning like: "Everyone is different." "You're being rude and immature." "I have *insert bullshit* GPA." "There are studies..." "You're just antagonistic, not open-minded." etc.
      Most women are extremely emotional and dumb. A small fraction of us has a higher reasoning capacity and we are exceptions, not the rule.

      Second smart women date smarter men. I would NEVER date a guy I think is an idiot. No way in hell. I wouldn't be able to be attracted to that. He'd look pathetic to me. I wouldn't think I could rely on him as a man.

      If a woman's with you, 99% chance is you ARE smarter than her and it makes you more qualified to lead. The very reason women insist that men have higher mental, emotional, physical etc. capacity than them, is because they are looking for someone to lead them. Whether they see it, or not it's their instinct.

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  • Hannah591
    Bringing in feminism, telling men to take control and become sexist are all terrible messages. You're onto something when women want a man who is his own person and doesn't "act" polite and like a different person, just to please a woman, but then you started bringing offensive generalisations which shot down the good points of this take.
    "You have to be willing to end the relationship and tell her to fuck off if she refuses to obey you and to behave how you want her to behave." That is borderline abusive and controlling. Women aren't here to be controlled by men, I can't believe you as a woman think that's acceptable.
    This should never have been promoted.

    My advice to men is be yourself, enjoy your life, take pride in your hobbies/beliefs and you will eventually find a woman who loves you just for who you are. Don't put so much emphasis on finding someone, they'll come when you least expect it.
    • inamorata

      "That is borderline abusive and controlling. "
      ... is exactly the kind of retarded feminist rhetoric killing brain cells across the world. "Borderline abusive" is such a ridiculous, retarded term. Feminists brand male leadership as abusive by default. This is all feeling based and unspecific.

      "Women aren't here to be controlled by men,"
      Yes they are, they are programmed to want to be controlled by men.

      "Don't put so much emphasis on finding someone, they'll come when you least expect it."
      I'm sure your "be yourself" bullshit will continue to waste someone's time even bellow this article.

      "This should never have been promoted."
      The scary part is not that "offense" and emotional reasoning are a basis for censoring dissenting opinion in your eyes.

      The scary part are the manginas spamming, insulting, making empty statements of similar sentiment bellow, all to protect their feelings. Their similarity to you shows how emasculated they are.

    • Hannah591

      What a mess. :')

  • Joshua2332
    Somebody took 50 Shades of Grey way too seriously.
    • inamorata

      Yeah. Almost every human female in existence... Unfortunately. -_-

  • muspelhem_5
    I feel like you're playing on my insecurities to convince me of some bullshit. I don't know.
    • inamorata

      I know you FEEL like it. That's the problem.

    • My feelings are a problem? What am I, a machine?

    • inamorata

      No they are perfectly valid and you SHOULD have them. But to judge what you have read, they are the only thing you reference.
      Is there a reason to THINK I'm bullshitting you?

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  • Nathand
    Even if you follow this crap... you still get rejected.

    As a free agent I'll stick with hobbying.
    • inamorata

      You need skill to "follow this crap". You can't just read an article and viola, you're a man.
      You need to find another man to teach you this, you need to train and grow into a man. Especially if they emasculated you and you've never even seen a man.

      I am here giving you principles of what gets you women. This is not literally a "How to...". You'd have to be an idiot to think that self-help bullshit works.

      Your solution of hobbies is the one manginas in Japan took. They're all on antidepressants and paying girls to cuddle with them, before they off themselves in record numbers..

    • Nathand

      Exactly I have no skill, never had a steady male role model, its too late... which is why I'm a hobbyist.

    • inamorata

      It's never too late. I've seen an emasculated baby boomer turning around and saving his marriage.
      You just need to find examples, you need to find teachers, you need to try and try to learn to establish your authority with people.

      All I'm offering is a bit of salvation from the cultural brainwashing that has you feeling stuck right now.

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  • Chick180
    What the fuck did I just read?
  • I didn't read it!
  • zell0is0my0name
    You curse too much :(
    • inamorata

      I'm sorry. :(
      It's for impact purposes, I would never do it in a normal conversation where I'm concerned with the person's feelings. But here I can't afford that. :(

  • TruthsAnAshtray
    Epic fucking take.
  • front2back
    Ummm... okay...
  • Consultant
    Haha, very well written! Great writing skills :)
    • Excellent writing skills but this is entirely inaccurate. What a waste of efficient grammar, spelling and sentence structure.

  • Anonymous
    'How to get a girl girl, the actual truth in just 4 simple steps'

    1) Have Ragins Abs, Pecks And Biceps, If you dont, you're not good enough.

    2) Treat her like shit, Cheat on her, beat her, Just be a genuinely bad person, Because even if she dumps you, The girl will always run back to the D-bags

    3) Have lots of money, If you dont, Get lost.

    4) Be an agressive, Stubborn A hole to everyone else, Girls find it attractive.
    • inamorata

      And this right here people is what happens when a mangina never learns the principles of attracting women and turns bitter, twisting all he sees into: "Women are insane, selfish, users..." in order to justify being a mangina instead of facing what he is doing wrong.

      Cultural emasculation fucks with the very core of a man.

    • Anonymous

      No, I agree with a lot of what you have said, And i wouldn't consider myself to me Femine, Im just not very an Emotional Person (Publicly anyway), Ill say what i think but obviously i won't hurt be hurting any girls feelings (Unless they are being Assholes).

      And, You say im a Mangina? No, I am, Just simply, Not attractive enough to be in a relationship, Because, Im sure with you being as Brutally honest as you are, Can agree with me, That looks, Are probably one of the single most important factors of a relationship, If not the most important.

      I dont think of myself of having a Girly personality, I just dont have the Physical attraction to go with my personality, And whilst i am working on that, Its going to take time, And even when im done ill still have the 'battle damage' from my bad body which will be unnatractive, But oh well.

      Until the time comes when i have a good body, Ill be Single, Thats just the way relationships work, Natural selection and all that shit.

    • inamorata

      "That looks, Are probably one of the single most important factors of a relationship, If not the most important."
      Hell NO.
      For men yes, NOT for women. For women, the most important thing is what I wrote above.

      "Natural selection and all that shit."
      NO! You're projecting on women.
      HERE is how female "natural selection" works ->

    • Show All
  • Anonymous
    This is terrible advice
  • Anonymous
    So true, it should be obvious to all, but you are going to get a shit ton of flags and whining because one of the truths is that pointing out the truth to women will almost guarantee then grouping together to shut you up, even if you are female.
    • inamorata

      With women and me it is always a 3 stage conversation.
      Stage 1: They are pissy and emotional because they hear some word like "dominant", or "feminism", not thinking about what I'm saying at all, are just being insulted and irrational. (that's where the flags come in)
      Stage 2: They hear things that resonate with them and longer I talk and calm them, longer they feel exposed and uncomfortable. (this is where the whining subsides)
      Stage 3: They either begin to agree with me 100% and become amazed, or shut down and retreat very uncomfortable about having their worldview shredded to pieces.

      Females who never get passt stage 2 are about 5% of the population and are mostly pee brain feminists who are too loud to hear anyone but themselves. All other women are not an issue for me. They are women and no matter what, they always realize I am describing nothing more but their needs, behavior, reactions and desires. Not just men's.
      (there's an example here in the comments in fact)

  • Anonymous
    Follow these steps and be single forever! Yay
  • Anonymous
    Treat women like shit, sounds like a good plan.
    • inamorata

      When did I say to treat her like shit?

    • Anonymous

      Don't speak back to me, woman.

    • inamorata

      I'm not you woman, mangina.