You have every right NOT to date a single parent!

Disclaimer: I am a single mom of 2. This myTake is for child free singles.

You have every right NOT to date a single parent!

Don't feel guilty for not wanting a single parent. You don't have to endure other's offsprings. You shouldn't have to pay for my bad choice in partner, don't pay for the broken pieces!

Parents are damaged goods on the dating scene! Imagine going to a bakery. You have today's fresh baked loaf of bread. On the other hand. you have yesterday's stale loaf that someone returned to the bakery. Which loaf of bread is more appealing? Fresh baked!

Same in dating. Parents are the stale bread. We have this immensely load of baggage.

• Kids. Any parent can tell you liking their kid is a must! You have to handle different personalities and attitudes and yet, you have to make them like you. Sounds difficult? Oh it is!

•Drama. You'll have to constantly hear about our baby daddy/mama. They'll always be part of our life. We can't just eliminate our ex like a normal relationship. My children need their father present in their lives. Anyone involved in my child's life will also be involved in mines. There will always be that lingering shadow of my ex.

•$$$$. You are thinking about the long haul here. You want to win your partner's children.Guess what? Going out to with another one, cost money! Going to eat, another little mouth to feed. Going out to the store, little Jr wants that shiny red car! How can you say no to a child you're trying to win? $$$!

•No freedom. You want to go out to watch the new flick this weekend with your partner. Guess what? A sitter is not available. Bummer! Time to watch something on tv. Feeling frisky? That tank top your girlfriend is wearing really hugs her boobs ;) NO WAIT! ABORT MISSION! KIDS! Let's keep it PG here. Only touch her hands!

I know as a parent, kids can be difficult. I love them will all my heart. But I would never make a future partner, carry my baggage. That is not fair. I am not one in a million. I'm just human. We all are. You can find another me around the corner without any baggage. Go for it! Don't settle for the damage goods!

I am aware that a person does not need children to be damaged. This myTake is exclusively an insight on parents. ANY person can carry baggage.


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  • So true. It doesn't have to be young kids either.
    The woman I am dating, and have fallen in love with, has a 21 yr old home from college for the summer. she feels too strange about having sex with her daughter in the house. so we can't do anything if she is home.
    I have 3 boys, 15, 17 and 20. The oldest lives in the basement so i don't care if he is home. but certainly I will behave when I have them for my 2 weeks. But being teenage boys they rarely come out of their rooms and always are in front of video games. So I am not above sneaking her into the bedroom if she is willing. I do not have any issue with her staying over if they are with me. but that has not happened as yet. It is nice when they get to the older ages when you no longer are home bound. I can say "I'm going out and your on your own for dinner". I have plenty of what they like in the fridge and freezer and they know how to cook.


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  • Interesting take and I'm glad you wrote it. I believe some people get shamed if they refuse to date someone because they have children. I don't want/like children so I would be furious for being shamed or judged because I refused to date someone who had children. It's my decision.


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  • Children are a huge timesink and commitment. And throwing an adult who doesn't want to/isn't ready to deal with/can't accept that at them in an influential position in unfair to everyone involved. It sucks, but life does sometimes.


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