The art of league mobility... for bruhs.

As dudes, we all understand the concept of leagues very very well. Some of the more ignorant of us try to dismiss the concept in order to feel more secure about what we know in our own little dating world. I've seen Gag take after Gag take, question opinion after question opinion suggesting that some people are naturally more successful than others, and that we have to live with the hand that we're dealt with. Well, you know what I have to say to this?

The art of league mobility... for bruhs.

As a general person, I strongly believe in the art of self improvement. People always say that 25% of the men will always get 75% of women in the fun years. As much as people try to say otherwise, this is very very true. Much more true than most guys would like to believe. But what if I told you that most of what can put you in that 25% is entirely within your range of control?

"WHAT A NOVEL CONCEPT!!!!" To which I would say, "Thank you, I try." Now then.... shall we?

Note: These steps do not have to be followed in any particular order, just do them as you can.

Clear up your skin

Simple really. If you have acne, Clear it up! Buy some skin lotion for your face. Apply it twice a day, all that good stuff. If you have acne on your body, get that bush and stuff and wash that body every day in the shower until that ance is gone.

Lose that weight

Fat is one of the biggest turnoffs PERIOD. As in, it repells both men and women.. ESPECIALLY if you're a man. Run everyday, do cardio, I don't know, get off your lazy butt and MOVE. One of the things that many people ignore is that losing weight in your body in general will also shape your face out and ensure that your facial shape is the most attractive it can be.

Build that body

Ok, this may come as a shocker for a lot of people, (Sarcasm level high) but women love male bodies that are built for strength and power. Solution? Lift!! Go to your local gym and pump iron. Get that muscle. Another thing that people will most often overlook is that building muscle boosts your testosterone, which in turn will give you a boost in overall masculine energy and confidence, thus, further increasing your chances of landing a woman. But be careful with this, as different women like different amounts of muscle. If you want my personal recommendation, go for a halfway point between skinny and body builder level.


Yea, the ladies love guys with stylish hair. Simple right? NO! It's the exact opposite of simple. While I can't explain it fully off the top of the dome, different facial structures require different types of hair to compliment them. For example, more rectangular faces compliment hair that is shorter on the sides and top, where with round faces you can do pretty much whatever.


They say, "The clothes make the man" and that is actually very true here. You don't have to dress like the king of england or whatever, but you do have to wear what looks nice on you. A simple rule to follow is "Bright colors reveal, dark colors conseal". You don't have to buy super expensive clothing but at least make an effort to get things that at least you think will look good on you.


Remember what I mentioned earlier about masculine energy? Women like a man who has that aura of self respect. That feeling about him that says "I want this and I am GOING to get it." While she may tell you that she just wants a man who respects her, deep down, the most instinctually sought after trait is a man is a sort of smoothness and attittude, the kind of effortlessness that screams "I got this."

My final thought

Many of you who read this are going to tell me, "I shouldn't have to change myself to get more people to like me."

Well, think about it this way; are you changing yourself, or are you reaching your full potential as a person? This is Anon, signing out.


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  • Well put.
    100% true, I've been hearing this a lot actually I'm just too lazy to go to the gym. Especially since I only weight 140lbs.


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  • You can look like Brad Pitt, but if you're shy, you're screwed. Guys are expected to ask the girl out. Ultimately, it's the woman who decides whether or not you get laid.

  • Well said Anon... well said.

  • Bodybuilders aren't strong by default. A strongman is going to have a lot more strength than someone who simply has defined muscles and dehydrates themselves to get six-pack abs.

    • What does Dehydration have to do with anything? If anything in order to lose wight to define the muscles you need to drink more water.