Love a girl that always disappears every time we text

Love a girl that always disappears every time we text

First off I dont know under what topic to put this under...this is my first myTake.

Yesterday I messaged this girl, I more than just like her, obssessed with actually. I initiated this; I messaged her while she was at work, said I would like to talk to her in 5 hours when she is done work. She answered immediatly and said that she was at work, but she'll like to talk to me then. I didn't answer back. So at the apponted time I messaged her, she replied in half an hour. We started talking a bit as usual, then she disappears!! We used to talk for hours on facebook. Whenever I message her she says she's with friends or going camping or blah blah blah. Its like I never find the right time to message to her.. I actually tell her if she wants to talk to me and that I really miss her, she says that she doesn't use her phone a lot, in general she doesn't text at all. When I started texting her she said "Im glad you messaged me" And she gives me signs that she likes me, at least I think, its so confusing. I wish I could talk to her like a long time ago :(


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  • I believe this should be posted as a question.


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  • try calling her, there is more action and more persona through a phone call.


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