Interracial Relationships


Interracial Relationships

I don't understand why people love it when an interracial relationship consists of a white female/POC Male but as soon as its POC/White Male there's always someone saying something negative. As a WOC who is attractive to guys of differences races I get told that I'm racist for my taste in men all of the time. Since race is a major thing with all of the the hate crimes going on, thats always being thrown out there. I always get asked the question "Why do you like them, you know they got small dicks but that BBC though" and shit like that. I've had several black guy friends who will straight up say "I hate black girls" or "I can't date a chick that's dark skinned" (YOU are dark skinned wtf) and even though I'm a light caramel color that pissed me off because I get called racist for saying I prefer dating other races mostly white guys but they can say that they hate black girls and everyone applaud them... I don't get it. Now on to when there is an actual relationship, everyone and their momma's support a black man and a white woman in a realtionship but when its the other way around there's someone rolling their eyes or asking why they are with with that person.

What I'm trying to say is a black woman does not have to fall in love with black men just because she's black. She can like other races without people without people trying to convince her otherwise.

Interracial Relationships
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  • Anonymous
    Most people seemed to be in general are accepting of interracial dating. Most also seem accepting of racial preference. Meaning as a "WOC" if you only want white men then to most people it's fine. They don't consider that racist. My viewpoint is that there shouldn't favorites. There shouldn't be preferences when it comes to race. As a POC I feel like if you put one race over another you are being racist. I have no problem with interracial dating but it's a often occurrence that POC if they do interracial dating they prefer whites over any other race. That's racist to me. Doesn't mean you can't do what you want. By all means. It's just my view.

    The dark skinned light skinned thing is ridiculous. It's a sign of self race hatred to me. I am light skinned, but I'm attracted to dark skinned girls and light skinned ones. To me I think their belief. Again not mine but their belief is probably this:

    1. White
    2. Light skinned black girls
    3. Dark skinned black girls

    Reasons for that? There are many I'm sure. One being media. Another may just be things like contrast.

    Also, everyone does NOT support a black man dating a white woman. In fact it's only been 40 or 50 years since black men would get beat to death or hung for even talking to a white woman. I live in the south. People are more accepting of it now. I really don't see how that's a bad thing. I've been with white girls in the past and I thank God that I haven't been beaten or killed for it. Not everybody supports it though. Not only that but there are still a lot of white women who don't want anything to do with a black guy.

    So I'm saying in my view people can do what they want, but I feel that people should like the human race and not black, white, w/e. Too many black women only want white men. Too many black men only want white women. What's wrong with your own race and all the other races besides white?
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    • I have a question about you living inthe south. If you had to guess, what percentage of white girls would not be open to black guys. What percentage of white guys would not be open to dating black women. Just out of curiosity.

    • Anonymous

      @LiveFreeorDieHard I'd say (again just a guess) about 52 percent of white girls are not open to black guys. Maybe just maybe some would give a black guy a chance but it would be like a "leap of faith" for them. So 48 percent would be open. I'd say (again just a guess) about 55 percent of white guys are not open to black girls. The reason why I say that is because it's just so uncommon to see it. I hardly ever see a white man with a black woman. Though maybe it's not a matter of openness but just a matter of not really being around black women much or maybe assuming that black women don't want them. Or maybe white girls jump on them before they really dive into trying black women.

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  • PippiL
    My brother married a black girl. At first our relatives gave him crap about it but she's such a sweetheart that even my grandparents love her now. My grandma says she's her favorite grandchild and she isn't really even her grandchild, haha. But yeah, they've been together for seven years and they're pretty much the perfect couple so nobody gives them crap anymore. I think you're going to have to spend some time debunking racial stereotypes in your relationships, but it'll be worth it if you're happy in the end.
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  • koko124
    "I don't understand why people love it when an interracial relationship consists of a white female/POC Male but as soon as its POC/White Male there's always someone saying something negative."

    Not even remotely true. There was a Sears Christmas ad a while back that featured a black man and a white woman kissing. It was discontinued because a lot of men complained.

    White man/non-white woman is much more commonly represented on television than the other way around.

    "I've had several black guy friends who will straight up say "I can't date a chick that's dark skinned" (YOU are dark skinned wtf)"

    So it's okay for yourself, a dark skinned girl, to date white guys. However it's somehow not okay for a dark skinned guy to date white girls?

    You're just another one of those non-white women trying to rationalize her intense preference for white men by trying to play the victim, so that you don't feel guilty. It's rather common among non-white women who exclusively date white men. Here's another example:

    First of all: Maybe see a psychiatrist. I'm seeing this post recurring virtually every day, and I have a feeling that it's the same person posting.

    Second of all: Date whomever the fuck you want.


    STOP playing victim.
    STOP throwing non-white men under the bus. You like white guys because that's your preference, not because of some other poorly rationalized reason which places the blame on non-white men.
    STOP complaining that white guys don't want to date you. You have your preferences, someone else can have theirs, and that can include not being attracted to black girls.

    I hope you find peace.
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    • Anonymous

      you are not getting the whole point on what I'm saying, I'm stating that in most black families at least from my experience people don't really try to convince the poc guy to get another girl but when a poc girl has a white guy there's several reasons for her to get rid of him. And I'm not dark skinned as I stated in the earlier post, but I clearly said I'm being called racist by other black men and women when the same men said they would NEVER date a dark skinned girl as if there's something wrong with them. And have you ever thought that there's more out there besides me dealing with this? Why would I post the same fucking thing everyday? I'm not THAT pressed about this situation bc Its nothing new I've dealt with this since I was little

    • Anonymous

      and not once did I ever throw black men under the bus. I have a question are you black? do you hear and see the shit black men say about black women? If not you don't get where I'm coming from. And there's a difference between a preference and just plain ignorance that some people have expressed towards their own race. In my case I've never slandered a black man for being black, the way you're saying it is that I'm basically being hypocrital towards the black men who ignorantly talk down on dark skin just because of the amount of melanin they have

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  • Queen_naki5
    Whenever one makes a Take regarding race and dating, black women are usually the main target and it sickens me. Sickens me because I can't read a single comment that doesn't consist of some ruthless guy going anonymous just to say how they aren't attracted to black women because of A, B or C. I just laugh. I certainly have no issues getting a date, but I wouldn't feel comfortable dating certain guys regardless of race, but will their family accept me? And will mine accept theirs?
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    • Yeah. Family is usually the main problem.

    • 33adam

      So you are trying to say, that you wouldn't date a guy (white European like me) only because of family issues? Be a romantic girl Julia. Romeo and Julia was from two killing each other families but young couple feelings was hundreds time stronger than other issues.

    • @33adam I never said that. My family didn't like a few guys that I was talking to who were the same race as me. So it's not about that, it's about whether or not they'll give me a hard time or not. I've dated a white guy my freshman year of college and my mom loved that he was a biology student and his mother loved that I was trying to become a teacher as she was a teacher herself. My family isn't unreasonable so for that reason their opinion does hold strong.

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  • aniemist
    I think think what matters most is that you love each other and are attracted to each other, skin color, sexual orientation none of that matters. I agree with your take, its not like that everywhere but in far to many places.

    I hope you find someone you love and are attracted to and can be accepted.
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    • Gojira

      More up votes 4 u. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Prof_Don
    As a black American, I'm all for interracial dating. Let people find love wherever they happen to find it.

    However, it is very psychologically abnormal, for someone to NEVER find a single person of their own ethnicity attractive. I always feel people like this had some social or psychological damage in their live.
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  • SayYes2Courtney
    I guess I'm riding the proverbial elephant in this room because I'm white and prefer dating men of color. That doesn't mean I don't find white guys attractive, I do, I just prefer a relationship with black men because that is what I'm used to, it's the culture of men I mostly identify with, and frankly black men make me feel like a princess. My parents divorced when I was 5 and my mom re-married a black man with children so I grew up with a black step dad and 3 black older brothers. We moved to a mostly black neighborhood and I assimilated with black culture early on. I never considered dating a white guy until I was in college. I like white guys ok, I think they're cute, I just never went out with a white guy who gave me that chill like black guys give me. It feels awkward to me. Occasionally I will still go out with white guys if I meet one that's hot but it never really works out for me. I think interracial relationships are the best of all worlds myself. I see myself marrying a black man when I'm ready to settle down.
  • RationalLioness
    I can see where you're coming from in a way. I know that there are tons of men from all races who have bashed WM/BW relationships and many black men feel that BW shouldn't 'step out'... even though they do it themselves. Or it's some type of stereotype being said as you've described.

    I think it has to do with exposure. There are many white woman and minority male relationships in the media and entertainment, but not so much of the reverse. With more exposure, I think it will be more accepted... except by retarded racists. :)
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    • koko124

      "There are many white woman and minority male relationships in the media and entertainment, but not so much of the reverse."

      This isn't even remotely true. Might have been true for Black women back in the 90s, but definitely not minorities in general, and definitely not any racial group now.

    • You must be blind. I see plenty of white woman/minority male relationships EVERYWHERE including on television and in the entertainment industry. Just because YOU don't see it doesn't make it true.

    • Well most times there's an interracial relationship in the media it's a white man.

  • sxphs
    You are so right! I think it has to do with perceptions of femininity and masculinity among races- black men are usually perceived as being more masculine than a white counterpart with a similar personality. You're totally allowed to have your type though. And what's the stigma against dating a black girl? bull
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  • dbookin
    Its a shame that in 2015 this is a topic for discussion.
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    • Haha MHO for this My Take. It is. Shame that there isn't that option here.

      *applauds profusely*

  • Chiino
    I get so much shit from black men for dating men who are NOT black.. i get called "Racist" "Coon" "Slave" White lover" "Traitor" So much more. I dont see the big issue, plenty of black men date outside their race and a lot of times [not all the time] people don't bat an eye, Right when a black woman does it, negativity spews out of every direction. I got told i date white men for financial reasons, i'm a nurse i can take care of myself. Besides i also like hispanic/lation - Asian & etc.
    People need to mind their own business, who i date shouldn't effect their life in any way.
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  • Music4life1203
    Fucking preach the shit out of this. Like most black men are ignorant and I have yet to date one that isn't. That's why I'm not that attracted to them. I too get shit for that from my family and I fucking hate it.
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    • Ohh yes like remember that one guy who was like black girls are rachet I was like looking at him with a wtf look

  • fortheloveoflyrics
    I think interracial relationships are no different than same-race relationships. I mean, I've only dated white guys, but I've been having more of a preference for black guys in the past few years. I don't think it's anyone else's business who someone chooses to love, no matter what color their skin is.
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  • zagor
    This white guy would love to meet an intelligent slender/fit black woman. The same qualities I look for in all women. I'm just not into "thick" regardless of color.

    People should mind their own business on who other people choose to date.
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    • Gojira

      Wish i could up vote this a few times. Especially the last sentence. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • xXiTacoXx
    I don't get this when it comes to guys also. It makes no sense, and that part about dark skinned girl is painfully rampant. I even made a myTake to help some of these girls out with their self-esteem.
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  • equiiaddict
    I agree completely! There are still so many hateful and close minded people out there. I can speak from experience, my boyfriend is Hispanic and I feel like there has always been this "expectation" for me to date a white guy at least from my family. They've never come right out and said anything, but I can just TELL if that makes sense.
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    • Date a black guy, I'm 100% sure they will come right out and say something.

    • @StreetLevel Even if they did, it wouldn't matter to me. If I love someone it's for them as a person, not the color of their skin. It's a shame that people are still so close minded today though.

    • At least you didn't or don't continue the cycle.

  • Hidden_P
    The world is a mix of people. Liars, bastards, bellends, cuties, honest ones, etc. You cannot have a perfect world.

    Just ignore it. Personally I prefer to date within my race but I'm not adverse to dating outside it. My brothers wife isn't white - she's Madagascan.

    Just go with it. People will hate you for something whether it's your skin, gender, nose size, dick size, tummy size, foot size or whatever. Do what makes you happy and screw the world
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  • GoodGirlsFinishLast
    I love white guys... I lover German men. I've had the most success dating German men. When it comes to physical attraction, I'm more physically and sexually attracted to hot east Asian guys like Yoshi Sudarso <3 <3 <3
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    • There is definitely a double standard. Society is more accepting to BM/WW couples, than the other way around in the united States. In Europe, it's the other way of around. In Europe it mostly BW/WM that you see more often...

      I've only ever dated outside of my race and culture, and I've had black men who just got through talking about how they dislike black females, or brag about how they love IR, turn around and question my dating choices when I mention that I prefer white men. I'll date ANYTHING, but I've had the most success with white men. My preference isn't superficial and is based off of looks the way other people's preferences are most of the time... I go based off of success and the general attitude of the men in that culture, and behavior patterns and mannerisms.

      When it comes to marriage in the United States, between blacks and whites, white females and black men are more likely to marry, but divorce at higher rates. The other way around WM/BW have more successful marriages

    • I ignore the double standard when it comes to IR and acceptance of IR couples, and just focus on my man.

    • I've had horrible things said to me about my dating choices, and these insults were usually from hypocritical men who also participate in IR. With black people, some how it's more acceptable for the men to date out, while the females are expected to only be attracted to and date black males. The females who do explore IR (myself) will be bombarded with negativity from black men who ALSO participate in and explore IR... There is definitely a double standard.

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  • Ozanne
    It's ridiculous to call you a racist over your preference. It's not like your treating black men poorly or refusing them work opportunities, refusing them service where you work, or even refusing to talk to them -- all because they are simply black. That sort of thing IS racist. What you're describing is more race fetishism.

    I'm in an interracial marriage and I took flak from my husband's family and people who are now former friends of his of his race who had an issue with me being white. Not even giving me a chance to know me, just an outright refusal to accept me and even as far as to make comments about "those people" when referring to whites. When I met him, I loved his look. I made no apology for it. I wasn't racist against whites, as being racist isn't what I'm about. People need to learn what the definition of racism is before being getting their torque loose over what they think is expected of you for something as stupid as a physical preference for someone.
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    • bubble_tea

      I'm sorry to hear his family is not accepting at all.

  • coldpieceofpizza
    In movies tho you rarely see a white female (main) character fall in love with a MOC, without it being the point of the entire movie.
    I don't know what I'm trying to say with this, it's just something I've noticed.
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  • lePoivre
    Actually, from my experience being a white girl dating a black boy, you wouldn't believe how many dirty looks we got from other black people. Other white people didn't seem to care so much, but the guys would always act like I was only in it for his "big dick" (how a 15-year-old boy can have a big dick regardless of race is beyond me...). As for my relationship now, where my boyfriend is Latino, the only people that seem to care are my grandparents (products of their time and all). We do get some amused looks when we go to Chipotle though and he always gets white rice and I always get brown lol.
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  • Shyguy_1988
    Don't go by what others think, go by how you feel, what makes you happy. Personally I can find a girl from any race attractive, really doesn't matter to me.
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