Issues I Have As an Interracial Person

So there are many mytakes about interracial relationships, but not from the person who was born from this type of relationship. These are issues I have a problem with; I can't say all interracial people feel or care the same way I do but I want to express this in my mytake. Yes, interracial people have issues too and here are some of my issues:

Lack of social media coverage

One of my biggest problems with social media is that the only thing I found about interracials are "cute mixed baby pictures". Now I get its supposed to be a compliment but that's the only thing I have seen most people say about interracial people. Apparently, all that matters to full races is that we're good looking. Not our successes, what we did to give back to society, or who we are. We are here just for full races to gaze at for their pleasure. My biggest issue with social media is Hollywood in general. All I ever see are full race actors, and please tell me there no good mixed actors out there if Kristen Shitwart can be in Twilight and makes millions with one emotion. How hard is it to find a mixed actor? It shouldn't be.


I think we get a lot of stereotypes that just irks some of us as a group. The biggest one I could think of is that "it must be hard for our parents to be together since different cultures are clashing". I don't know about everyone else but I don't have this issue. My mother became Canadianized and abandoned her culture. Sometimes I do wish she brought her culture into my life then I realize 1. I'm an atheist and 2. Nah, I like my Americanized ways of life.

I notice the only people who have these issues in their interracial relationships will always have issues with the parents. Sorry, but if the parents hate you, obviously they're going to make your relationship life difficult. Also it's not hard to try to put both cultures in a child's life. You just have to balance it out. But the stereotypes are usually stupid for interracials.

The haters

Yes, we mixers even have haters. Some Felicias apparently think we shouldn't be born in the first place. It gets to me that there some people out there that have a problem with me just existing...why? Doesn't my life have the same worth as a full race person? This is stupid since its very likely that everyone is mixed and people are just going to hate. I'm just going to shake it off but it's stupid that this is still an issue.

Identity issues

I realize when I was younger I had an identity issue. I felt left out because there was no one I could really relate to. I mean sure, I could try to relate to white people but I felt most white girls had issues with me, so I never get along with them except my best friend from America. Other than that I haven't had that "connection" people make through race. Sure, I could also try to make connections with other Hispanics. But I haven't been in contact with one and the ones I could be in contact with are ones who are fobs. Also, I felt that if I try to make a connection with a Hispanic they treat me like I'm not good enough as a Hispanic because I am Americanized.

Oddly enough I make more of a connection with people of other races then I do with my own races. I feel that people from my own races hate me after the treatment I got in elementary school so I went and became friends with people (like blacks, browns, Asians etc) than I ever did with Hispanics and whites. Sadly, the races I became friends with are people who treated me like I am good enough then people who I'm suppose be with. Also when I was growing up wanted to be Asian (like Japanese, Chinese etc), so I can feel like I can fit in.

But now I don't want to fit in with my supposed races if they not going to treat me like a human being. I have heard stories of other interracials dealing with this type of issue and committing suicide over it. In a way full races can understand but there's still a barrier where they can't understand what it's like to feel this way. No, I'm not saying all full races treat me like crap daily I'm just saying the impact these few asscakes made definitely changed my perspective of my races and its harder for me to want to make connections with my races. Until they prove otherwise they are just judgmental pricks.

So these are the few issues I had in my life and other interracial let me know what you think!.

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  • I didn't know mixed people committed suicide because of their identity issues. It's sad.
    But I think being mixed is good, because mixed people belong to different cultures. It makes you more interesting (not saying full race people aren't interesting).

    • yup a interracial person is 50% more likely to commit suicide compare to a full race person.

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    • @Whaaaaa

    • Ok and I didn't ask for your opinion which is irrelevant since you just came here just to say "well actually" no one asked or cared for the opinion. and its dramatic to bring up a topic that part of my life K then.

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  • People who discriminate against any type of people are idiots.

  • The fact that people still dislike people for being interracial is fucked the hell up

    • Correct I didn't know I'm a problem.

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    • ah thanks I got confused with the other post XD

    • The fact that people still dislike people simply for their skin colour in general is fucked the hell up..

  • I get that these are issues to you but with the identity thing, wouldn't you just identify as both of them? Also interracial people aren't really hated that much in my opinion.

    • I do identify with both but the problems is how people from my races treat me. I feel like they "hate" me sometimes because I never could understand why they refuse to treat me the same like they would with who full white or full Hispanic. Here a pure example to understand more

      You hate everyone and feel hated by everyone.

      One day in high school, I stumbled upon six of my friends, three of whom where black and the other three white. They were having a playful white girls vs. black girls catfight, making “lighthearted” race jokes back and forth. As soon as I turned the corner, I met a dead silence followed by, “Look who’s fucked it up now”; “Here comes the half-breed”; “Oh, we’ve got a deal-breaker”; “Game over.”

      This was one situation where I wasn’t happy all of me was recognized. I knew we were all friends, but I couldn’t help but wonder about the conversations that took place when I wasn’t around.

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    • ik im waiting for it.

    • Well, good luck :)

  • Issues I have as an interracial person:

    1. None

    I notice you said identity issues, Hell most people do. Just be who you want to be "I am what I am." as Popeye says.

    • Well it's different you see it's not that easy to just say "eh fuck it" when the races you belong with don't treat the same way. This is why I have a hard time making friends or now trying to give white guys a chance to date due to my past experiences it's been hard for me. I'm not judgmental I just feel like they treat me the way I been treated before. Believe me when your a children and other children mock you and make fun of you for being different then you start to develop issues.

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    • I had no issues being interracial, but I did have other issues. I was bullied plenty growing up :( The thing about bullies is that they need to find something that is different about you. I was not bullied for being interracial, I was bullied for being socially awkward, nerdy, etc. Bullies just want to hurt, it doesn't matter what it is. I mean for what its worth you seem like a wonderful girl :) Sorry about those other people, I know it hurts. Maybe you just need to find other people who aren't bullies. Harder than it sounds, I know. If you want to talk about it, I am here :)

    • yeah I'm working on not thinking every white person is a bitch but its hard lol

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  • I agree with this post. I'm so glad you didn't mention a certain race in the "haters" part. I mostly can't take a mixed person (half-black/half white) seriously when all they can say is "black girls were mean to me cuz I was cute/light-skin, etc", it just takes away from the seriousness of the argument.

    I understand it happens, but usually when that's brought up, the person's colorist viewpoints are revealed and I stop listening. Not saying you do that!

    Just adding to the convo xD

    • Yeah I know XD what you mean about those mixed people who think that but I kinda get what they're saying because if full races are treating you like crap for no reason you tend to wonder why then you assume because of being mixed is the reason.

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    • Yeah I get that. That reminds me of a self-hating black guy I met in a store. His biracial child (basing off his ambiguous looks) bumped into me and apologized. You should've seen the glare this dude gave me as if I insulted him XD he then said "you're excused" and took his son. The self-hate is a disease -_-

    • Poor kid probably going to grow up with anger issues the dad seems like it has anger issues and might be a racist.