5 Signs You're Dating a Jerk


We all have fallen for classic jerks at some point of our lives, the following are 5 signs that will let you know that you're dating a total jerk.

1. He makes you feel bad about yourself.

This is the biggest sign that hints you're a dating a total jerk. If he always finds a way to make you feel bad about yourself by criticizing your body or your clothes, the way you dress; you obviously deserve better than that, so dump him and find a guy who will appreciate everything that makes you unique.

2. He always seems to “forget” his wallet.

Your guy doesn't always has to pay for every single thing but it is unattractive and jerky for a guy to manage to forget his wallet every time you go out, especially if the date was his idea.

3. He never wants to hang out with you and his friends together.

This is a big warning, if he constantly seems to be avoiding his pals when he’s with you, or doesn't wants to hang out with yours friends, it’s time to ask him why.

4. He blatantly checks other women them out.

I know, it’s human nature to look at pretty things but drooling, head-turning, commenting, or abrupt conversation-stopping isn’t acceptable, it’s insulting. He needs to learn some discretion, and fast. If he can’t, it’s time for him to go.

5. He’s a sexual douchebag.

He couldn’t care less about your needs, he leaves as soon as the deed is done, he makes unflattering comments about your body. Yup, all jerk moves.

5 Signs You're Dating a Jerk

5 Signs You're Dating a Jerk
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  • Scrambled
    Well nice guys!! There is your solution. It's here in black n white, proof in the pudding, objective experience: 1) make her feel bad about herself (nice guys put women on pedestals) 2) make her pay for shit. The moment you keep spending in her, you seem needy and old school 3) dont hang around with the friends. if you do you pleasing to many people (bad boys are mysterious loners or some shit if I recall. Don't be mr nice guy and get along with everyone) 4) look at other women. It shows that a) you have options, and b) are confident to at least think about it. Again, give all your attention to her and it's supplication (I. e the jet ride into friendshipzone) 5) yeah... use her for sex. If you use her for friendship or companionship, surprise surprise, you end up in friendshipzone. Sex begets sex and friendship begets friendship.

    So what did we objectively learn here kids: be a prize douche and be the guy who she fucked rather than the nice guy who is a virgin reading about this type of guy who got laid. Drops mic.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • sailorjupiter
    well, i just wanna say, if any guy ever did this to you, no matter how hot he is or how much you love him, just leave.
    you deserve better, don't be a people pleaser
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    • cl_517

      no, not yet! but I've seen that kind of behavior on my best friend's dates, I try to give my advice to her but she always ends up dating jerks

    • well, that's pathetic for my opinion

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  • kittykatbrat
    My OWN 5 signs from actual experience... applicable to both guys & girrrls (ie: Im bi)

    *Their actions betray everything they are saying or have said previously
    *Their initial admiration of you turns into envious snarky judgements
    *They immediately profess to "know" everything about you and tell u about yourself
    *They ask for a second date just ten minutes into the first one
    *They say how much they enjoying the date ALL THROUGHOUT the date.
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    • cl_517

      can I give you mho? :D
      no I can't :(

    • (smiling) Totally cool by me as I never answer questions for that reason. Peace xo

    • cl_517

      I know but we can't give mho's on mytakes :(

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  • evenlift
    Most people sacrifice themselves to others or others to themselves, because they have been falsley taught that there is no alternative to those two ways of living. In other words, you have to choose between the 'nice guy' and the 'jerk'. It's a sad choice!
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    • Agreed, people need to understand that its hardly black and white, but a lot of grey area!
      Some guys are nice, and jerky lol!
      People are dynamic and have so many traits!

    • cl_517

      I agree with both of you, but some people are just stubborn

  • KDA20
    I see from your comments you are talking about a friend if she keeps falling for same type of guy - There is might be a problem underneath it all and she needs to address that rather than her taste in men.
    Okay 1,2 and 5 I just don't understand why a man would do that and totally agree on those points.
    Point 4 is a point of perception and has to be worked out between the couple. Where is the line between appreciation and leering. If I was out with a girl and fit guy walked by with her gaze lingering for a couple of seconds - You know what my thought would be "We are nearly at restaurant now, Steak or Pasta, I think Steak I am kinda hungry." Point 3 I have no problem with at all it does be a while before I introduce my girlfriend to my family/friends and would like if she felt the same. Caption yes I would agree with that but I can't help thinking of times in my life when I have been in a crush triangle - You are sitting there thinking life would be just so much easier if you liked X back but why do I have a crush on Y so bad.
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  • BroBroncoski
    20 bucks say that none of them would really mind if guy is hot lol
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    • I don't care if I'm dating the whole cast from Magic Mike, if they check someone else out, I'm outtie.

    • @PrincessTashaaaa you sure about that? lol

    • 100% haha men are visual. They like to desire, while us women like to be desired.

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  • MysteriousFlower
    Good thing I manage to avoid them. Although they generally act sweet then turn sour in any person.
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  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    Yet girls like jerks so your wasting your time. Honestly, the sexual herk is the worst.
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    • cl_517

      yup, I agree.

    • Girls can be like that too. A girl told me she would give me a bj after i fucked her and then she said it would be nasty to do that before it went in her. But like, why did she no think of that before.

    • cl_517

      yeah it can be both ways lol

  • zagor
    Why would I hang out with her friends, at least when we first start dating? I've heard how girls judge their friends' new guy: He's too old/too young/too fat/too short/too skinny/too quiet/too loud/too poor. And that's what they say about other guys, I can only imagine what they'd say about me.
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    • As if guys don't discuss the rack on their mate's new bird, or her ass, legs, face, how they'd bone her.

    • zagor

      Actually they don't, for the most part. Men are much more likely to defer to their friend's judgement. As for discussing those attributes, they are more likely to do so about a mutual acquaintance or a stranger on the street.

  • TheEroticJester
    and now commence unfit unhygenic dudes attempting to act like jerks to get da pussy.

    what our author failed to mention is that said dude is hot and has optioms amd thus gives no fucks
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  • MrCryptic
    Sadly I see a lot of my female co-workers and female friends putting up with all these things. Why do women like this?
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  • ruskodisco
    "3. He never wants to hang out with you and his friends together.
    This is a big warning, if he constantly seems to be avoiding his pals when he’s with you, or doesn't wants to hang out with yours friends, it’s time to ask him why."

    Because we don't want you there. I mean i understand meeting them and introducing them. But we simply don't want female to kick it with us, we are different around females. Sometimes it's cool, but we just want our space :/
  • ThatBritishLad
    If he says bro unironically, drop him like a pirate on the noose.
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  • youssefalei
    u need to know that , the number of nice men who got broken heart from bitchz more than the girls who got laid
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  • VampireEmpress
    2. He always seems to “forget” his wallet. that is extremely funny to me.
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  • YourFutureEx
    Haha after reading this take and opinions, seems like every girl knows who's jerk but still...
  • Ozanne
    Yep. That about covers it. :)
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    • cl_517

      i hope so! there are more though ahah :)

  • Reflexy
    I try and avoid hanging out with some of my girlfriends friends because i dont like them? Am i a jerk?
  • vekin
    Why you talk about HE all the time? ;-)
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    • cl_517

      what he? I'm confused

    • vekin

      He makes he always... he never... he's a...

    • cl_517

      Ahha so you want me to refer to guys as "she"

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  • OrdinaryGentleman
    Aha! so this is why you felt bummed out all day!
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    • cl_517

      no I don't date jerks! and I'm not dating anyone at the moment! but I've been feeling frustrated because it's about a guy that's for sure lol

    • And... did he turn you down or something?

    • cl_517

      he was telling lies to another friend, like he was saying that we went out, but i've never met him or talked to him in my life, I was so mad yesterday ahaah

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  • Omar5881
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    • cl_517

      nope I won't let it happen to me ahahah

    • Omar5881

      My badass baty 😉

  • girlygirl2015
    then how it should be if it's fun to be with me?
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