Top 3 Dating Sites/Apps to Upgrade Your Dating Life

One of the things I've noticed since joining this site are the constant questions on whether physical attractiveness is more important then personality. In my opinion they both equal out. The looks grab you and the personality keeps you. Of course now a days people want instant satisfaction when it comes to finding that special someone (or one night stand). Dating sites and apps have made it all the more important to put your best face forward. But do you ever get tired of looking/swiping through profiles only able to find 1 out of 10 attractive people in your area? Well their are now dating sites and apps for that. With sites like these you no longer have to worry about finding an attractive person. All your time and effort can now be focused on their personality because the sites community determines if you are beautiful or not! Here are the top three dating sites/apps that I have found to help you upgrade your dating life.

Tired of using mainstream dating sites to find attractive people? Well problem solved! Introducing! Subtle, right? This site first made the news for kicking out 3,000 members for "letting themselves go". Gone are the days of chating with someone who has a nice profile pick but shows up to the date looking the complete opposite. Even when they have social mixers they have the "beauty police" at the door making sure you have the same level of attractiveness that your profile pictures emulate. The members praise the dating site for "encouraging" users to keep up appearances. Thinking about joining? Well you have to be judged by your peers of the opposite sex in order to gain access. Guys vote on the women and the women vote on the guys. There is a window of 48 hours before voting ends.

In an article posted on the (link in references) it has been suspected that the voting system is a sham. One of the workers tested it out with this image and passed the voting system:

Raya (App)

It's like Tinder but for famous people. Also yes i know there are a hand full of celebrities on Tinder but it's basically for marketing which in its self annoying. Back to the app!

Raya calls itself "an exclusive dating and networking platform for people in creative industries". Members are admitted by a secretive, anonymous committee, based in part on their Instagram presence. The result is something like one of those unmarked nightclubs, except it’s in your phone, and peppered with vloggers and net artists in addition to models and Disney stars of yore.

Okay so when they mean famous people they are really talking about people who have acquired internet celebrity status or a high percentage of social media status. All in all it really is just a nother "assortive mating" site. It also has great security features. If someone tries to screenshot your profile you are given a warning to be thrown out and if the pic makes it to the web then your account is deactivated.

This little app has been called the "country club" of dating apps. As with the previous apps and sites of it's kind this isn't the first and won't be the last. This one has made the biggest splash which is why I listed it. Only the most interesting and motivated single people in cities around the world are allowed access or invited.

The company has come up with a secret algorithm that invites select users to access the app based primarily on LinkedIn résumés and friend networks. Since The League's launch, the app has gathered about 100,000 names on its wait-list; 16,000 of those people live in the New York City area.

In short ambition is the key and biggest trait that all the members have in common. Not people who say they will do something but people who have actually accomplished their goals and are continuing on.


Of course I made this myTake just for fun after watching a news segment on This wasn't made to make fun of the sites or it's users. I honestly just find it interesting. I don't hate sites like these but I don't love them either. Props to the creators for finding a niche market. Would these people be considered shallow? Yes but hey everyone has their preference, and if this makes it easier for you to find the "one" then go for it! :P


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  • I don't like sites that discriminate, for I that's up to the members, but I would like to have a dating that gets rid of fake profile pics.

    • Dating site.

    • That would be nice. Which is what they should do once they get established. I found out about fake profiles when I joined a dating site a couple years back. It turned out the profile picture was of a gay male porn star. I reported the profile for being a fake but it was never taken down. Lol

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  • They weren't rating the girl as beautiful. They were rating the ham or whatever the thing was


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  • i bet even in those apps/sites guys just want to fuck and girls desperately wait for the one that´s serious :P

  • Cutest girl is the one biting the turkey leg.

    These apps are interesting in that they're so high-end, especially TheLeague. I found that a lot of people on Tinder were successful professionally too.

    • Maybe that's why she got in. :P

      I definitely don't doubt that there are successful professionals on Tinder. What I admire about these apps and sites is that they saw the success of tinder and capitalized on it by targeting a certain group of people. When i read the articles on these sites and apps they all said at one point that they are the [blah] to tinder. Tinder has become the McDonald's of the dating world where every dating app looks to acquire Tinder status while also differentiating themselves somehow.

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    • It didn't work for me. Setting up the profile was a pain in the ass, and once I went through the initial set of matches it just said it hadn't found any more for me. Contrast with Tinder, which never ran out of new girls and also actually got me dates.

      One slightly worrying thing: my Tinder matches sometimes show up in the 'you might know...' friend suggestions on Facebook!

    • Ah so the Hinge app and others like it or more beneficial if you have a large network of friends.

      Oh haha yeah definitely won't be doing that.

  • For beautifulpeople. com can anyone confirm that they actually got ride of people for putting on weight?

    • The CEO has confirmed that they get rid of people that do not look the same as the initial picture that got them onto the site. It's also not just about weight (though it's a primary factor) but other physical features as well. If you want I can provide the news segment where the CEO is being interviewed and a news article that focuses on the 3,000 who were purged from the site.

  • No thanks I will court the old fashioned way, interesting mytake though.


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  • Well thats cute


  • I think I lost faith in humanity after reading this Take.

  • This has got to be a joke! Lmao.