As a guy, this is my take on how I feel like I should treat my girl


First, I want to start with a small amount of backround information on myself. I am 26, and this is my first take I have done. I am writing this to give a insight on how a relationship should feel, from my mind, a guy's perspective. Enjoy.

Trust and loyalty

As a guy, this is my take on how I feel like I should treat my girl.

What better topic to cover first than the foundation of a relationship? Trust. Now we have all been down this path. How do we know who we can trust? We have been hurt before, and we don't want to be hurt again. How do we go about finding a path in which we find the magical answer to seeing about how a person is trustworthy? The answer is, to try and trust again.

When I ask myself, how do I trust my girl, when I couldn't trust others? The answer to me is, you aren't them. This is a new relationship, and thus I treat it as such. You are a new individual, you aren't connected to the others. This is a new person who gets to see inside of me, my head, and my heart, so I have no proof on what will be the outcome. And instead of feeling afraid, this excites me. While every barrier certainly all fall at once, to know that one day I may be able to say I have no barriers with another individual, enthrals me. It makes me want it, it makes me seek it. It makes me want to push past the fear. And I'm curious to see how my partner feels about it. Not immediately, but at some point. When that time is ready.

Loyalty, it goes hand in hand with trust. To not doubt loyalty, I must have trust in you as woman. I must trust when you say you are going out with friends, nothing happens with other guys. When you have a guy you know who is friends with you, nothing else is going on. This doesn't mean I ignore red flags or turn the other way. This just means until there are any, you have my trust. But don't lose that. My trust is invaluable, and ireplacable. When it goes away, it doesn't come back. That will be the end of things.

When the going gets tough...

As a guy, this is my take on how I feel like I should treat my girl

No one said a relationship would be all rainbows and unicorns, no matter who you are with. There will always be hard times, maybe within our lives, those around us, or maybe between our relationship itself. This is my time to show myself, and this is my time to get moving, and padden the way for both of us.

Whether sick or depressed, I am there. Perhaps not always in person. Maybe I'll be a phone call, or a text away, but I'm there regardless. My goal is to assure you whenever you need it, that you are not alone for as long as I am a part of your life. As a boyfriend, this should be where I shine, and this is where my pride is. Whether I need to drive in the snow, or walk in the rain, or maybe just a simple joke, a laugh, I'll make sure if you need me, I'm there. We go through times together, and we come out of them together too.

Through every day life

As a guy, this is my take on how I feel like I should treat my girl

But who said things always have to be so hard? I know I sure didn't. Life is filled with complications, and just straight up craziness around every corner. We can spend our lives worrying about all of that, or we can enjoy what was given to us. I am not sure about you all, but I prefer to enjoy things.

As a guy, I feel I shouldn't be boring you. Like, ever. I personally don't like to be bored, so why would I want to make others feel it too? I should bring spice into your life, and make things just overall, that much more enjoyable. If I'm not doing that, I'm failing my job. But you too, should be spicing my life up as well. Life needs many spices, not just mine, and if you are my girl, you need to be one of those spices. Let's experience things. Let's see what we are made of. Let's. Enjoy. Ourselves. It doesn't matter what we are doing, how childish it is, how ridiculous we look, so long as we love doing it. I want to fill your mind with moments of me, because in doing so, you will be doing the same to me.

The downfall, will it ever come?

As a guy, this is my take on how I feel like I should treat my girl

There is no easy way to put this. Relationships end. A lot. It can be hard to be on either end of a relationship that is seeing it's last flicks of light. And I for sure can't promise that candle would always be lit.

But here is what I can promise. That if I tell you I love you, I mean it. When you are my girl, you are my only girl. If there ever came a time where my feelings faded, you would be the first to know. I won't play you like a card game, and I won't keep around someone who deserves better than to be lied to in a relationship. But, if I depart with someone I was in love with, regardless of how it ended, you will forever hold memories in my heart. You have forever changed me, and I don't regret a single thing. If you were to depart with me, then I accept your feelings. It's your decision, and I respect it, and I only wish you the best on your separate ways.

With all the quotes I took, I think I'll leave you with someone of my own. Hope you enjoyed seeing inside my mind for a bit.

Love is not forever, it is no garunteed to be forever. But do we really want it to be? Because love just seems so much sweeter with knowing you have something of uncaparable value.

As a guy, this is my take on how I feel like I should treat my girl
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  • Stacyzee
    :) If you really apply all of this to real life then your girl has found the perfect guy. Hopefully she will deliver the same treatment in return. Every woman wants to be treated in the way you describe. That love would be golden!
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    • Roostah

      Too bad most guys who do any of this shit get friend zoned.