The Truth Behind Real Confidence: You may have thought about it the wrong way all this time!


Guys and Girls. The Truth Behind Real Confidence: You may have thought about it the wrong way all this time! Portray true confidence today!

Guys and Girls. Portray true confidence today!

Confidence is an indifference to pain and pleasure. Why? Confident people embrace fear and act regardless of how they feel. They don't run away from their pain, they go into their pain which results in pain tolerance.

It's important to do that because your actions will not predicated by fear of pain, you'll know that if something goes wrong, you'll be alright. If something goes right, you'll be as alright as if things go bad. Your actions won't be result oriented, so you won't feel "dissapointed".

Don't live your life to avoid pain and run towards pleasure. Live life to feel pain and pleasure because they will come. The difference is will you only accept the pleasures and suppress the pain? That's not accepting life. Your bound to unhappiness.

Would you imagine someone only loving you for your looks? How would you react to that? You'll resent them. That's not real love. Loving life is feeling the full spectrum of what it brings, which will be pain and pleasure. Both are a gift. If you treat life like shit through not accepting it fully, it'll treat you like shit. Love it fully, embrace the pain and life will love you back and in turn, you'll learn to love yourself. - Peace out!

The Truth Behind Real Confidence: You may have thought about it the wrong way all this time!
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  • AgentOfChaos
    Yeah, I can sign onto that. I noticed the results of that outlook from my own life now that you've put it in those terms. Without going too much into detail about my own life, I can recall different points in my life where I did have that, "Feel the fear and do it anyway" disposition, and a different phase when I had just been utterly shattered by a breakup and ended up only seeking pleasure (lots of drugs & alcohol) and running away from the slightest possibility of pain. The former mindset was definitely much more beneficial than the latter. So yes, I give this my approval!
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  • genericname85
    well when i read the headding, i was like "pff yeah whatever" but you actually gave me a slightly different view on it :) thanks!
    • dpeguero

      thank you man. I really appreciate your comment :)

  • CasaNorba
    wow this has been me all along! yet for some reason i been still labeled as a lame by many
    • dpeguero

      That's your "social identity". Truth is that is an illusion rather than truth. The truth is what you believe. What you believe about yourself will then set the standard as to how people will treat you. Meditation helps you with focusing on yourself and looking to yourself for who you are rather than the other person to tell you who you are by their reaction. That's real confidence. You'll be able to do things, despite if people tell you not to do it. You don't derive your sense of self from their opinions nor do you look for permission as to what you should or shouldn't do because who you are doesn't depend on them anymore. It's quite liberating.

  • ummmmmmm
    amazing take! couldn't be more correct.

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