Stereotypes and Misconceptions about The Good Guy or the guy who treats you right

I can not count how many times I have heard some guy say a bad guy is the chiseled ab guy who treats women like shit.

Let's clear up some things before we get started. This is not a nice guy bashing mytake. A good guy in this Mytake by definition means: a guy who treats a girl well, may considered the one, relationship material.

Also some of these apply to different circumstances and may be seen as generalizations; I'm aware that this does not apply to all men.

Below are my opinions of what I think are some stereotypes and misconceptions about what the good guy is like or the guy who treats you right is like.

1. He is chubby or overweight

Stereotypes and Misconceptions about The Good Guy or the guy who treats you right

A good guy does not have to be overweight in order to appreciate and respect a woman.

2. He is unattractive

A guy who respects a woman does not have to be unattractive to you in order for him to respect her and treat her right

3. He is passionate in bed

Just because he's not selfish in bed doesn't mean he is a good guy or he cares about you, some men are just good at sex and do that. Doesn't mean he's serious about you.

4. He texts you after the first time you have sex

Ok maybe he just wants to talk to you doesn't mean he's boyfriend material. He may do that to all the girls he fucks

5. He buys you things like flowers and jewelry.

Some men buy these things but it does not always mean that his intention is good buying things like that may mean nothing to him.

Stereotypes and Misconceptions about The Good Guy or the guy who treats you right


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm over all the nice guy/bad boy BS threads.
    I have a friend who is the NICEST MOST GENUINE GUY in the world, He is a giver and will do anything for anyone he values.
    He is also a 6 foot 4 fitness model who has been on the cover of magazines, girls swarm all over him. He has no game because he never needed to develop it.
    A woman knows if she wants to fuck you when she first sees you pretty much, depending on how you handle yourself ( confidence and your looks )
    Guys reject just as many girls as the girls do, just be yourself and find some-one who is a suitable match


Most Helpful Girl

  • Truth! My worst boyfriend was pretty dorky on the outside, always called when he said he would, bought me flowers and jewelry, had a job in STEM, wasn't popular, etc. I actually bought into some of these stereotypes and pushed myself to date him after feeling a bit uncomfortable at first because he wasn't the funny, laid back type of guy I usually dated.

    Despite the red flags and my gut instinct, I pushed myself to "get over it" and "not be so picky" and all the other things females are encouraged to do. i was mad at myself for "wanting more than I deserved."

    Long story short, he ended up being completely awful to me, controlling and belittling me often, picking fights with other men all the time, trying to isolate me from my friends and family and so on. Eventually he even started seeing someone else while we was still talking about marriage to me.

    • I had a friend who other guys claimed I friend zoned. I never dated him and he would never give up. The more I got to know him as a friend I learned that he was actually an asshole

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  • All possibilities. but just like with women, the better looking they are, the bitchier and higher maintenance they are. So a nerd has a much higher chance of being a super sweet guy then that Chiseled Ab douchbag.

    • It's very interesting. My journey has lead me to this situation: I was a nerd who worked out and now at 32 am very chiseled and am working on it more. But I'm still very "nice guy". So I feel like Sheldon from Big Bang theory trapped in vin diesels body and I have no clue how to use either side. Hence my user name😢

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    • Why do so many pink accounts downvote opinions like this? The gender wars on this website are unbelievable.

    • Those are all the High maintenance "pretty" people...

  • #3 Can't tell you how many girls thought I was in love with them after fucking them passionately. It scared some away, it made some fall for me... Poor girls, I was always honest about my intentions (casual sex) and they were mislead by the passion. Only further proves my point that sex does not equal love, and they need to be separated.

  • Wait... a Mytake made by a girl that talks about good guys in a rational and simple format, and doesn't spew from the gills with impotent rage and fury against nice guys? I have a hard time believing this. Is this actually GaG? What site am I on?

    • Some guys are actually mad at the mytake

    • I'm not sure why, this is honestly the best it's going to get. I am still honestly amazed that this mytake wasn't like the other ones. I've always done my best to be neutral in the whole nice guy bashing stuff, I try to see the way girls think, but the constant bashing of nice guys and this general Internet culture of picking on them makes me fume with rage. I guess the guys in this thread need to appreciate your mytake more.

  • From experience I see the guys who are A holes get the girls. they have confidence but act like they can get any woman and they always seem to and most would be called good looking, probably explaining the high confidence. Guys like me who respect women get nowhere. And I've been called ugly and I'm still single, you do the math.

    • I see that too
      I see men who treat women like shit always end up in a relationship

    • Do you know why? I don't get it but it seems very wrong.

    • I don't get it either
      The amount of women claiming they don't go for bad guys and the amount of bad guys getting girls does not match up which means someone is lying

  • The problem with most nice men is not the fact they have positive intrinsic qualities. It's their inability to dominate since this is what truly feminine women desire: an alpha male to take control. Most well-natured men do not possess this quality.

    • Please go back and read the intro of the mytake, this is not a nice guy bashing thread

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    • Sorry, but that was incredibly rude, and also implying that you're not a nice guy unless you're in a relationship? And I don't think that was your intention

    • It's true people with Asperger's tend to be beta males due to their lacking capacity for social skills. This is what makes them so unattractive to women (both neurotypical and autistic alike). Generally speaking men like this only get to settle down with an alpha male's sloppy seconds at some point into their thirties when the woman needs financial support.

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