Mistakes People Make In Dating; Part One


Buying Gifts To Try to Get Him/Her to Like You More

Mistakes People Make In Dating, Part One

Gifts simply won't make ANYONE more attracted to you. Period.

At best, it may make them appreciate you slightly more, but it certainly won't trigger ATTRACTION in a man/woman.

I know it seems natural to buy gifts for people you like, but in most cases, if you buy a man/woman gifts when you are dating; you are focusing on the wrong thing.

Buying a man/woman a gift might make him think you're "sweet", but it will work against you if what you want is a man who is in love with you and devoted to you.

In most cases, buying a gifts sends this message:

"I don't really think you will like me for who I am, so I will try to buy your affection and attention with my gifts..."

You just simply cannot buy your way into a someone's heart. In fact, it will do you a lot of harm instead. It will give him/her the idea that you are so desperate because you have no one else interested in you.

So, definitely, take my advice, don't buy him/her any gifts to try to get him/her to like you more, or to try to get him/her to think you're "thoughtful" and "caring" and "sweet".

It simply won't work and will almost certainly backfire on you.

People don't fall in love with you because you able to buy the right gifts for him.

Projecting Poor Confidence, Low Value Body Language

Mistakes People Make In Dating; Part One

Let me ask you this... have you ever seen someone at a bar or on the street, and you just KNEW that he or she was feeling insecure, and lacking in a lot of confidence?

Now, how did you know? My guess is that you figured it out through their body language.

Believe it or not, your body language says MORE about the type of person you are, and how much of a quality 'catch' you are, than any combination of words that you can put together and articulate.

Research has shown again and again that over 50% of all communication is through our body language. So what does your body language really say about you? What does your body language COMMUNICATE to others?

If you are habitually looking down, or find it hard to look at a someone straight in the eyes, then you're probably also showing a lot of other "bad" body language.

Confident is a turn on. Insecure people find it hard to even get a man's/women's attention to start with.

Here's the more dangerous problem...

If you show through your body language that you are a woman/man who has no confidence, no self esteem or self worth, then men/women will automatically and subconsciously be turned off you. And they will also disqualify you as good "girlfriend/boyfriend" material.

I really want you to understand this. Even if he's/she's already in a deeply committed relationship with you, he/she will still lose his attraction for you in that instant if you were to show low self value body language.

But on the bright side, if you presented yourself with confident high value body language, then men/women will be drawn to you automatically.

So really pay attention to, and master your own body language. This is one of those silent killers that don't always come up to the front of your mind, but will sabotage your love life like there's no tomorrow.

Mistakes People Make In Dating; Part One
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  • Nmpetersen4882
    It all starts with being you, I feel if you are being yourself you will be confident, because you should be comfortable in your own skin. The very best thing I've found out in social situations is make light of the situation, tell jokes, smile, be yourself. If you're not the smiling type, get out more and get more involved with things / your church. I find myself being a lot more confident in myself when I'm more outgoing. Also, don't stress on anxiety, instead shrug your shoulders to it and say "if they don't like me who the heck cares, I love myself and that is what matters!". Bottom line grow, and push yourself to be the best you you can!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • DessieDoo
    I believe the most common thing people do wrong within a relationship is listening to other people tell you what to do within your relationship. Its your relationship. You do what you feel is right. Not what others believe is right.
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  • kitty71
    Does this apply only at the first date when usually a woman may be nervous and may act the wrong way for the nervousness therefore the guy may think she is not dating material for even a second date without really knowng her, or it applies after several dates?
  • BigJake
    I agree with you. Body language is key, especially for guys because girls are so much more adept at reading these signals. That, and girls can smell fear in a guy from a mile away. No woman was ever attracted to a scared man, so guys have to master their own fears before we can become truly attractive to women. Gifts do nothing to create attraction. No girl's pussy ever got wet over a bracelet.
  • mikemx55
    It should be seen as normal and cute. At least you know he/she isn't a player nor is someone who exibits themselves. I hate those people.
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  • Octavius
    Yeah but what's considered "low confidence" body language is really comfortable. I have to force myself to have confident body language and that can be taxing.
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  • bloodmountain1990
    The whole gifts part is true and one time I made a mistake of buying a "gift" early on and it made me look desperate and give the "nice guy" vibe. It wasn't really a gift but I was dating this girl who used me as a rebound and I was going to my friends bonfire that she wanted to go to and I bought us a mix and match 6 pack of craft beer, 3 I liked, 3 she liked because we didn't like the beer served. She ended up not coming because she was "sick" but when I showed her the beer I got her, she's like awwwwww I feel so much better now.

    I honestly didn't buy the beer to impress her and to get her to like me more but it just came off that way. Knowing your intentions Vs the way you come off is very important.
    • The shyness and projecting low self esteem and no confidence is true too, but another thing id like to add that's a mistake is when guys/girls commit too early and act clingy. There's this girl I've had 2 dates with who got very attached early on. She asked me if I wanted to go camping with her and her family before our first date and at the end of the first date, she listed a laundry list of things to do which turned me off. Made me feel kinda cornered like I had to commit already, which I didn't do of course but you know what I mean?

  • skykidx1
    Sorry the gift part is not true
    • Go figure coming from a guy. It might only work if you dating someone who is using you.

    • skykidx1

      @austindarling lol. Thats just your option it depends on the girl. Thats like saying the only gift a guy would want is Sex.

    • What they're really saying is buy something for someone because you want to not because you expect something in return.

  • RichardTheFrog
    Not having enough money...