Say No To Boring Dates: Is no one adventurous anymore?


Is no one adventurous anymore? I want some fun and excitement!!

It seems like no one knows how to have fun anymore! I'm so sick of the boring same old same old! Do people not know how to plan dates anymore? Do they not know how to put forth effort? It's as if everyone is stuck on a movie, dinner, and then hang at the other's house. Or it's the mall and a movie. I get that I'm a teenager but that stuff is boring to me! I want to feel excitment on a date. I want to do something that leaves me breathless and exhilirated! I want to look back on this date and be awestruck. Is that too much to ask?

I'm going to list some date ideas that I personally would enjoy and I'm sure other girls would too!

1. Hiking - I personally enjoy taking hikes and I would enjoy going on a hike for a date it's inexpensive and it's also a fun way to get to know each other.

hiking couple

2. Picnic - Seriously it's like no one goes on picnics anymore. If you pack the blanket I'll be sure to cook up an amazing spread to enjoy while relaxing and getting to know one another.

couple having picnic

3. Skateboarding/Rollerblading - I'm not that great at either but I would enjoy going and I'd be happy to learn. I think it'll be fun to laugh at each other flailing around lol

couple skateboarding

4. Skating/Ice skating -
I'm terrible at skating but I think the experience would be fun and we would definitely have something to laugh about later.

couple iceskating

5. Rock climbing/Wall climbing - I think this would be hilarious. First one to the top doesn't have to buy the icecream :)

beautiful couple rock climbing

6. Mini Golf/Golf - I'm personally a golfing queen thanks to my dad's love for it lol so I wouldn't mind teaching you how to swing properly. It's all in the twist of your leg.

nice couple golfing mini golf

7. Batting Cage - I can't hit a baseball to save my life but that doesn't mean I wouldn't enjoy trying I bet it'd be really fun.

Say No To Boring Dates: Is no one adventurous anymore?

8. Bowling - I'm not that great at bowling but who doesn't love a competitive sport especially when everyone's a good sport about it.

Say No To Boring Dates: Is no one adventurous anymore?

9. Pottery Class - I think it's be pretty darn cool to attempt to make a cup for someone lol and even if it doesn't work you can always look at it and laugh at the attempt.

10. Woodshop Class - I don't know about you but I'm interested in sawing lol It always look so fun at school. (My woodshop class was filled)

11. Cooking Class - This one is expensive depending on where you go but you can always split the bill. Besides wouldn't it be fun to see what your date can do in the kitchen and if she burns the muffins you have something to laugh about on the way home.

12. Fishing - I would love to go fishing! I don't know if I would be that great but I'm sure it would be plenty of fun.

Say No To Boring Dates: Is no one adventurous anymore?

13. Camping - Obviously not until you've known each other for a while but once you have I think camping in the great outdoors would be a great bonding experience.

14. Walk - Need I say more. A walk in the park is always a fun experience.

15. Get together some friends and play tag football or soccer - Competitive sports are always fun.

16. Laser Tag - How fun would that be seriously.

17. Paintball War - Use protection because those paintballs hurt!

Say No To Boring Dates: Is no one adventurous anymore?

18. Baseball/Football Game - Who doesn't like watching a game and this doesn't necessarily have to be at the stadium either watching it at home or a bar is cool too!

19. Basketball/Tennis Court - Bring a basketball to a court and play a friendly game whoever loses pays for dinner. My crossover game is too strong I promise I will break your ankles lol.

20. Netflix and Chill - Because who doesn't like to enjoy a movie sometimes. Make dinner together or call up some take out and just relax in each other's presence.

Say No To Boring Dates: Is no one adventurous anymore?

Those are all my ideas to have a fun date! I'm pretty much up for anything except for Bike Riding because I never learned :( Also girls don't leave it up to a guy to plan a date. Sometimes they would like a little input as to what you want to do. Also I have done some of these things before on dates when I've asked it would just be nice if the guy thought of cool things like this too. It doesn't take much to plan a date when you know the other's interest most guys know that I like fun things but they also know me as laidback and a bit of a girly girl. Hence why they always take me to the mall or the movies :( That's another thing guys don't assume that just because she's a girly girl that she doesn't get down and dirty. You will take a massive L with me on a basketball court :) Anyways guys and girls share your experiences and if youcould also answer these questions below that would be awesome! :)


1. Have you ever been on the above mentioned dates?

2. Do you feel like the dates you go on are too generic?

3. Do you enjoy just a movie and dinner?

4. What is your ideal date?


1. Have you ever been on the above mentioned dates?

2. When you plan a date what do you typically pick as a date?

3. Is there a certain point in the relationship when the dates get better? (More exciting)

4. What is your ideal date?

This is myTake so these are personal experiences so please don't come commenting about how all guys aren't like that because I already know they aren't. I realize that there are some very adventurous guys out there. I just need to keep looking :) Hopefully they can also chill too lol I don't like moving all the time. haha

Say No To Boring Dates: Is no one adventurous anymore?
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  • loveisbeautiful
    There seems to be a lot of these "no more boring date" takes, lately. Personally, I think a lot of these things on here are more for people that are already a couple, in which case they wouldn't be dates they would just be fun things to do together. Like, if you just met someone and you don't really know them, you're probably not going to want to go camping in the woods with them alone lol. I suppose you could, but I wouldn't recommend it. See. the whole point of dating is to get to know someone and see if you fit together and if you want to enter into a relationship together but you can't really do that efficiently if you're climbing a rock and praying to God you don't fall to your untimely demise. So, I think these are all great fun things and activities to do together as couple but not as dates for people trying get to know each better. That's just my opinion though.

    Also, if people don't like dinner and movie dates anymore. Then why would that same person want to go on picnic or watch Netflix, what's the difference? I mean, I know picnic you're outdoors and pack your own food but you're still eating. So, what's the difference if you eat at restaurant or in a park?

    I know with Netflix you watch in the comfort of your own home but you're still watching a movie and aren't going to want to talk, so what's the difference if you watch a movie at home or in the theater? I mean, they all the same thing to me just different situations. So, how does doing one thing make it less boring then the other? I don't really get it.
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    • asiag299

      I put these on here as date ideas. I don't where any of you are at in your relationships so obviously I wouldn't know if you feel comfortable doing these ideas with the person you are currently seeing. These are just ideas nothing more nothing less. I'm not saying you have to these types of dates. I just know what I enjoy as well as what the majority of my friends enjoy (male and female) and they like dates such as these too. Do with the list what you will it's just a myTake lol. Also I think the difference between dinner and a picnic is that personally for me it feels more casual and relaxed i also really enjoy the outdoors. I also talk during Netflix lol which is why I love it so much as well as I can rewind as much as want and I've never had a date or an SO tell me I couldn't talk or be annoyed by me talking or rewinding the movie. It's the different situations that make it less boring to me. Changing up the environment provides excitement it can also make someone feel comfortable.

    • asiag299

      I feel more comfortable at a picnic then at some stuffy restaurant so I'm liable to be more comfortable when on a picnic because I'm more at ease being more at ease makes it easier for me to open up and enjoy the date. I think that the situation and environment can actually change up the whole date. Thanks for the response! :)

    • Okie dokie, I wasn't picking on you or anything. I was just giving my opinion and the questions I asked were just out of curiousity. And, you're welcome :)

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  • MrOracle
    I've done about 10 of those dates. I like to mix it up.
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  • AleDeEurope
    Those are great ideas when you're in a relationship, but they suck when it comes to first dates, cause imagine you go hiking and you end up not liking the other person, you're stuck with them till the end of the hike xD
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    • asiag299

      Yeah that's reasonable I should have been more clear about the time period of the dates as some of these aren't good for first date ideas lol

    • I think it depends. Sometimes you can know someone for a while where feelings develop but you just meet up in a group of friends. It could be a good first date if you want to get to know each other better alone. It totally depends on the circumstance and however you would look at it.

    • asiag299

      @noneoftheabove I can agree with that.

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  • Albinoninja66
    Same. Girls just want to go to the mall or "hook up" actual relationships have become rare so people like me have gone into hiding. I'm still standing out in the open waiting and looking for a real relationship, so either I'm determined or just stupid.
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    • asiag299

      I understand completely lol :)

  • red324
    No girl will ever go on hardly any of the dates you mentioned, cause they barely know the guy and are too cautious, which is why I end up sticking to bowling and boring coffee dates. I'd love to take a girl on my boat for a date, but they won't do it.
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    • asiag299

      I didn't mean on first dates lol but I don't know why they wouldn't go on a first date to some of the dates mentioned above most of these things are in public places I would imagine them feeling comfortable in a public place. I'd be cautious if he asked me over to house for a first date but if he asked me to go hiking I wouldn't mind. :)

  • S0ph5t3R
    Bowling is not my thing.. I will sound like a wimp but I always hurt a finger or break a nail while playing..! I like movies but my goal is to get to know my date, not making out in front of a screen. I absolutely love longboarding/skateboarding and other outdoors activities. I'd be down for anything that includes nature or wheels like bikes, boards, etc.
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    • asiag299

      Yeah I can understand the bowling thing and I agree about the movies too. Thanks for the opinion! :)

  • Cookies_AndMilk
    A lot of these sound super fun. I think some might work a little better if you're already in a relationship versus getting to know someone for the first time but nonetheless these are super good ideas. Some of these I haven't thought about before. I'm definitely keeping these in mind for my boyfriend and I. Thank you so much for writing this take! :D <3
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    • asiag299

      lol Thanks so much for the awesome comment lol and yeah some of these would work better when you're in a relationship. (obviously I don't trust just anyone to go rock climbing with lol) I wanted to mention that these ideas weren't necessarily first date ideas but I don't know how to update the myTake lol. :) I hope you and your boyfriend enjoy the date ideas! ❤

    • Awe thank you, and lol rock climbing was the one I had that thought with xD but yeah this was well thought out and well put together. Probably one of my favorite takes thus far!

  • Lolomon
    I talked to guys about doing all of this You have listed above and they all looked at me Like I was crazy. Most people don't like the outdoors and hiking and such is considered exercises to most and people would rather go to a gym, I hate gyms and love the outdoors. I wish people would do this, but most wouldn't.
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    • asiag299

      You're right I have been on some of the dates listed above but most people prefer to stay indoors which sucks because I love the outdoors lol. Thanks for your opinion! :) Hopefully I find an SO who enjoys the outdoors as much as I do.

  • Moose2coolvargas
    Yeah but most guys have trouble because women won't give them a chance to date them to do these things. The women think the men are all about trying to get some nookie plain n simple.. Are there any women out there that doesn't think that please stand up
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    • asiag299

      I don't think that every guy out there looking for sex. I usually want deny a man a date unless i'm completely sure we aren't compatible. I don't know why every woman thinks that about every man unless he's blatantly obvious with how only wants sex from her. Otherwise I think every guy should get the benefit of the doubt. :) Thanks for your opinion!.

  • LittleSally
    Hahaha Based on that first pic I thought it was going to be swimming with sharks or something...
    Oh, yeah, these are all fun - except rock climbing - would do that only with a person I know and trust...
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    • asiag299

      lol I can understand that I meant in door rock climbing or wall climbing but I forgot to mention that :) Thanks for the response!

    • No problem. Cool take! =)

  • Miss_Behave
    I love hiking. There's something about it that really brings people closer together :)
    I also love picnics.

    My guy and I plan to go on a camping trip some time. We're thinking next spring. It'd be so exciting!
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    • asiag299

      Ohh that sounds like fun I can't wait to go camping in March although I'm going with friends :) I hope you and your guy have fun!

  • nickstaa
    I've taken girls on some of those above dates and they usually work really well I've found providing it's not over the top.

    The only time it didn't work was when we had to walk through a bit of mud to get somewhere which led to an argument haha, but we made up after.

    And there is a point when they get more exciting , after each date the next one can be a bit more extreme. Like I don't think jumping out of a plane would be an ideal first one haha, but maybe on the 10th or 20th.
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    • asiag299

      Sounds fun but I don't think I'd ever jump out of a plane lol :)

    • nickstaa

      Lol yeah a lot of people won't.

  • lost_kitten

    1. I've been on a couple of hiking dates, bowling and a picnic once. But i'm kind of accident prone so a couple of those might end badly.

    2. No. But then i don't date all that much.

    3. Nooooo.

    4. I really want to do an escape room. It would be so much fun and you could see how well you work together.
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  • DarkHumorRUs
    The fuck do you mean "anymore?"

    EVERY date was boring dinner and a movie up until like a decade ago or something, when girls started needing another reason to say yes to a date. In the 50's, good luck anyone having a fuckin rock climbing date.

    The point of a date is to get to know the person. The activity shouldn't fucking matter as long as you're with each other. Once you're girlfriend and boyfriend, THEN you can do all that fun shit.

    It's not that I'm against fun dates, I'm just against the idea that a date activity NEEDS to be super exciting and outrageous. That's stupid...

    P. S. doesn't anyone value talking anymore?
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    • But shit, I got my crush to go geocaching with me the first time we hung out.

    • asiag299

      I don't know why your comment is so aggressive lol but this was my personal experience. I don't only say yes to dates when it's fun things as I enjoy a movie and dinner as well. I just think that once we have been on a fair amount of dates or we are in a relationship that the dates should be mixed up some that's all. I'm sure everyone enjoys private time with their partner to talk about things and get to know each other even better but sometimes you just want to have fun and do something exciting. :)

  • MixedTwit
    I honestly love this post because I would love to do all of thoseC I suck at like half the things up there but it would be so fun just to so if with someone and have fun! But I'm 17 and guys my age don't take girls on dates like that 😞 I wish they would. Some the guys I know don't even have a car so they couldn't take me anywhere at all. Plus they r immature so I need an older guy and to answer the questions
    1. The only thing iv done on that list is Netflix and chill 😑😒 haha I wish I could have done the rest of that stuff
    2. Yea the dates I go on ARE to generic
    3. And I do enjoy just dinner and a movie but I also enjoy doing something new and crazy and fun
    4. My ideal date? I'm honesty very open minded about anything and people can make the most weird of boring things really fun but my ideal date would just be something very different from what people normally do, something people don't really get the chance to do but I'm not sure quite what
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    • asiag299

      I feel the same lol most of the guys I date are older I'm 17 and that's mainly because other teens don't seem to like the outdoors. :( Thanks for the response btw! :)

  • bomba78
    Some very great ideas!
    I have been on nr. 2, 4, 6, 8 and 14 out of these

    There have been other great dates in my single past... for instance:
    - cooking dinner together at his place and then going out to see a live band at a bar
    - going to an thermae / roman bath, which had an infinity pool on the roof, from where you can see the city.
    - visiting a Christmas fair and having mulled wine
    - going to a biker meet and enjoying a Rockabilly gig
    - going to a go-kart race track (and winning HA!)

    But the success of a date for me depends more on the company and the chemistry with the guy than anything. I have had really great dates that were basically just dinner and drinks.
    I have had great coffee dates too, or an awesome time just getting an ice cream and sitting by the lake...
    And some dates weren't that great even if the location and idea were special.
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    • asiag299

      Yeah chemistry defintely comes into play. I just personally think that in a more fun setting it's easier to relax and get in the mood you kind of lose your bearings and you can be yourself. Lol maybe it's because I'm younger but being cooped in a resteruant isn't the most exciting thing. Although if I really like the guy I have fun regardless. 😃

    • bomba78

      I know what you mean. The ideal date is a mix between something fun to do and a more quiet setting where you can actually get to know the person.. you know, talking and stuff ;-)

    • asiag299

      Yeah that's exactly what I mean lol :)

  • spuitkaas
    1. Yes a few, but unfortunatly we have very little nature in the Netherlands. No mountains or anything so rock climbing and hiking etc won't be that much fun.
    2. I most of the time come up with date ideas. I always try to be creative.
    3. Sure why not. The only thing about a movie is that you can't talk. We always just watch a movie at home and just build a giant pillow and blanket castle to sit in. Cheaper and more fun.
    4. I'm not sure actually. Maybe going to an awesome city and just do some sightseeing, going to dinner in the evening etc. A horse riding trip would also be awesome, but the guy I'm dating can't ride horses (yet, he might wants to learn it).
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    • asiag299

      Ohh horseback riding sounds fun. Thanks for the response! :)

  • SilenRose
    Lol, at the Netflix and Chill. Please, we all know what goes down with that.

    1. I've only experienced the basic dates: meetup at a lounge or go to a movie and have dinner afterwards.
    2. Yes dates are too generic.
    3. If the movie is something I want to see and the restaurant prepares food I like then I'm cool.
    4. I don't have a truly ideal date but I would love to have it at a carnival, circus, hiking, picnic, rock climbing, or surfing.

    I'm trying extra hard to avoid guys who are into boring stuff.
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    • asiag299

      I really don't know what goes on at other people's Netflix and chill lol but we're downstairs and my parents are always home so it's pretty PG over here :) I'm also not ready for anything sexual so really all they can do is watch Netflix or leave lmao Thanks for the opinion by the way

    • SilenRose

      Lol, oh okay. Good for you and your welcome. ;)

  • Krillanr
    Move to Texas, a lot of that is how we like to relax.
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    • asiag299

      Are you being serious?

    • Bowshots86

      Well that along with guns mudding and cooking meat that isn't beef as if it were beef

    • asiag299

      @Bowshots86 Sounds interesting I live in Georgia but I have relatives there although they never do anything fun when I visit :(

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  • YesPleaseThankYou
    Writer: Says she is sick of boring dates over and over again
    Writer's Age: 17
    Years of dating experience (assuming she is a typical female): 1-2
    Consensus: Ignore Take and move on.
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    • asiag299

      Why does my age matter lol I'm also providing great date ideas that any age couple can use.

  • Jager66
    I took a girl on a date doing lazer tag once, it was a disaster lol, she hated it.
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    • asiag299

      What? Why did she hate it lol 😱

    • Jager66

      I know right?~

      I think she thought it was to "immature" or "juvenile" can't recall her exact words. I was about 23 at the time if I remember correctly. Needless to say we were mutually uninterested in each other, I require my partner to like having fun lol.

    • asiag299

      Wow that's crazy at that age I would think you would still enjoy having fun. Heck my grandma and her grandchildren including me went for a paintball war about two years ago lol. I don't think it's juvenile most couples enjoy competitive sports :)

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  • meatballs21
    1. I have done almost all of those.

    2. Going out somewhere where we'll be able to relax in a quiet place and have a conversation.

    3. After the second or third.

    4. The kind where we have breakfast the following day.

    Many of these are very expensive, time consuming, and best saved for someone you are serious about. You don't want to set aside an entire day and the cost of booking a class or getting to the wilderness or whatever for someone you might well hate, because then you're stuck with them. It's great to do fun things together as a couple but early on it's more important to get to know each other and see if you're compatible. THEN you can start sharing experiences together.
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    • asiag299

      I forgot to mention that these are dates for after you know each other well or you are in a relationship. I've been in relationships where all we did was go the movies or the mall. I wouldn't say these are made for first dates but they can be utilized as first dates as well. Also I pay for dates sometimes as well as go dutch it's not as expensive when two people are splitting the bill and not one. :) Thanks for your opinion. Also I don't know how to update the myTake to add this information in lol I'm still fairly new to this.

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