Things people do in dating that could damage their relationships

Hi everyone happy Thanksgiving for Canadians this weekend. Since I was talking to my friend we were ranting about guys. I notice a few things that these particular "boys" (they don't deserve the title of a man) did that drove us crazy and I want to bring light on these things (they were doing in the relationship). Maybe you will realize you do these things and I'm going to try to explain in this mytake why you should not do and what's wrong with doing these things. Sorry about any grammar being horrible in this mytake I frankly don't care about it I only care about the issues in my mytake that's it.

- Not or refusing to say sorry

Maybe just maybe we all experience that person who will never say sorry or refuse to say sorry. In my last relationship that went on for 3 years my ex barley said sorry the only time I can recall him saying sorry was when he was emotionally cheating on me with a "friend" of his and he broke my heart over it.

Now if you realize you do this or know someone who does this the problem with this is that is shows you lack maturity, shows you barely care for the person you have hurted and that you are just a plain asshole!. You are not mature if you refuse to say sorry when you should (I get it if there a good reason not to be sorry or you don't feel sorry fine!) but maybe you should learn to be sympathic or if you dating a person who being a ass that is trying to make you feel sorry over a dumb reason maybe you should rethink the relationship.

If you truly care for a person why wouldn't you say sorry? if you see the person you are with is hurting from whatever you did or said and you just not going to comfort them and say sorry give one reason why you would not?. Also not saying sorry for anything that you did just shows your a asshole who doesn't put others before them or could care less for others. That's a trait that a turn off and will bite you in the ass sooner or later (if the reason you not saying sorry for is a good one other then that you are a asshole).

- Getting mad over everything or over the most dumbest things

My last relationship was full of this he will get mad over the dumbest things. The pure example of this is right before we broke up he got mad at me because I went to see a movie with a friend (female I'm a female btw). The reason being was because I didn't want to see a movie with him a week before because we couldn't decide on a movie so we agree not to watch a movie. THIS DOES NOT MEAN I CAN'T GO WATCH A MOVIE WITH A FRIEND. THAT DOES NOT INVOVLE YOU IN ANYWAY NO REASON TO GET MAD OVER IT. If you are just a person who just going to pick fights over anything or the dumbest things maybe you should remain single and not have friends. It gets old and annoying after a while and if you notice that most people don't want to talk to you or your relationships doesn't work out and you rethink all the fights you had you were the main reasons and most of the reasons you got mad at were pretty stupid or not fight worthy then you should totally stay single. If you won't knowledge that you have a problem good luck in life! Good luck in relationships! the only thing you are good at is destroying your relationships with people.

- Being selfish and only thinking of yourself

Yes I know it's a good thing to put yourself first but when it comes to relationships that trait alone is (I think) the worst trait you can possible have. Yes we all act selfish sometimes but when it mostly you doing it a lot and all you can think about is me me me! stay single. No point of being in a relationship if you can't be there for a person emotionally. If you want to be lonely for the rest of your life or have muitple relationships ending in a horrible way stay selfish. Only think for yourself not put the other person first when you should.

My ex had been selfish muitple times in our relationships one example of this is when he wouldn't let me be friends with guys I wanted to be friends with (that also is controlling). I personally think he knew he was making me unhappy but his unhappiness only matter not that he was hurting me not that feelings were hurted nope just me me me!. You will never find love or a relationships to last if you keep being selfish. Knowledge the problem and get help for it! or remain alone. Either way society will benefit from it.

I know there are more issues but I won't bring them all up in one mytake maybe I make a other rmytake in the future on other issues. Bring other issues up in the comments below and maybe I will. Have fun guys with my mytake!.

P.S yes I know I had made mistakes in my relationship we all going to do that but some mistakes like my ex were out of control and he needs to get help to improve it or he will always have issues in his relationships.


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  • Dating and relationships are two different things. Dating is not exclusive but relationships are exclusive. A person can be single and dating

    • Wish people would understand this.

    • You can also say the things I mention in mytake you shouldn't be doing in your relationships with other people like you shouldn't do with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

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  • My ex was like this end up with her parents forced us apart and her turning her back on me as a friend. But nice take

  • Nice take gorgeous 😊

  • I posted nude pics of my girl on the internet for our second date and it definitely damaged our relationship.


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  • I liked this take :) my favourite one was the ex never saying sorry. Funnily enough, my ex suffered this problem too. I don't think in the whole year I was with him I got more than 2 apologies off of him.

    If I ever did get an apology? It would be a 'sorry' with a complete lack of emotion, eye contact of ability to admit what he was actually apologising for.

    I don't really understand to this day what was so difficult about aplogising to a person, but apparently, he just couldn't do it. And it ruined us because I used to get so angry at him. Vicious circle.

    • Right! like why is it that if you hurt me you can't even say sorry but I have to say sorry a million times or feel bad my ex tried to make me feel bad over things I shouldn't for years until he said your aplogizes are shit.

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    • Yup and these types of guys are not worth it next guy who did that to me I will dump him in seconds.

    • Yep, same here!

  • Nice take :)

  • I just want to point out that your title says things "people" do wrong within the relationship.. Yet, you have made out like men are the only problem within the relationship. Women do just as much (if not more) damage to a relationship than men do. Women mess up the relationship by over thinking, trying to change their man, making excuses for themselves and why they act the way they do, accusing men of stupid shit, and even going to extremes of using everything they possibly can against their boyfriends. Yes, we have some ignorant, self centered, just all around pathetic men in this world but women are just as big of an issue as men are. This mytake proves it. You're a women outlining men's issues but not your own. What does that say about you?

    • Funny how you trying to say crap about me when in reality I was using men just as a example so go do something else with your life since clearly you just want to pick a fight for no reason. Like its pretty obvious the examples were target at men but if you actually understood I didn't say you men should not doing this and this so it applies to women and men too so good day troll.

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    • *bitch fight!*
      *looks for Michael Jackson for some popcorn*

    • Too bad its over -.- you should had said it a long time ago but ok.