3 Signs She Likes You


Not ALL signals, just the three most important signs you might be missing completely!

1. Completely agree with her. It's difficult to be straight forward - as you ALL know.

2. All of these aren't conscious... If you notice them (smart to be on the lookout) - you're on. =)

3. Yup, yup, yup. Coming back looking even prettier > an obvious sign she cares about how she looks, especially around you.

P.S. Straight forward - no matter the approach - scares some guys away.

3 Signs She Likes You
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  • Brooding
    The girl in the video is hot. This was actually helpful. When she say tons it sounds like she is saying tongues. Lol at the hair flip.
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  • sluggognatface
    Oddly I can usually or always tell. Amusing girl in the video.
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