6 Man Approved Date Ideas


Okay ladies so this is just a little something for you to do when it’s your turn to have the date planed (because honestly the man shouldn’t be the only one setting up the dates). I am doing this take and also placing one of my personal ideas because it works. Men love these ideas and they will appreciate you and the relationship a lot more (because you are doing something for him that makes him happy and you happy). Okay so these are my top 6 man approved date ideas.

6 Approved Man Dates

1. Soccer

6 Man Approved Date Ideas

Okay so this is my personal idea which worked! My boyfriend and I always plan dates and this summer I took him out on a soccer date. He is a huge fan and the place we played soccer/ practiced shooting in net was behind my high school. It was a personal tour of where I grew up/ where I went to school and I made us a picnic dinner which was basically fruits, veggies, peanut butter sandwiches and regular sandwiches. If you do this for your guy he will not only love it but he will remember it (I know my guy still remembers this date).

2. Bowling

6 Man Approved Date Ideas

There is nothing better than challenging your partner to a few rounds of bowling. For the cherry on top of this idea: whoever wins gets to pick the restaurant and the loser has to pay.

3. Trapped

6 Man Approved Date Ideas

Okay so maybe not everyone has heard of this, basically I took my guy again out. You go to this place (pay before you go, you can go online at www.trapped.ca ) once in they take you to a room, you need to solve the mystery/ puzzle before time runs out. It was fun because we both enjoy these types of games and at the end I made him dinner at my house which saves you money and the guy will appreciate it too (especially if you know how to cook).

4. Paintball

6 Man Approved Date Ideas

Don’t be afraid to get dirty. Paintball is a great way to release your built up stress. The best part of the date is the end when you both can clean each other up and have a nice dinner at a burger joint or a place with wings (mmm wings are amazing).

5. Hiking

6 Man Approved Date Ideas

Wow, what a great way to have fun and enjoy a beautiful view at the same time. You challenge yourself physically and also get to encourage your partner to keep going. Reach the highest point and enjoy the gorgeous view. For a meal I suggest carrying something in your backpacks (something light to enjoy) and bring a blanket in case it gets cooler. So, what are you waiting for? Might as well do it now before winter arrives.

6. Camping

6 Man Approved Date Ideas

Finally! Step away from electronics for a weekend and enjoy the great outdoors. Just don’t forget your bug spray.

Alright guys those are my top 6 Man Approved Dates. If you Gentlemen/ Ladies have any other date ideas please comment below. If you have a topic you'd like for me to talk about please feel free to message me. Thank you and god bless :) <3

6 Man Approved Date Ideas
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Most Helpful Guy

  • meatballs21
    Not a bad list. Some thoughts:

    Soccer... really depends on how athletic and competitive the guy is. Completely demolishing him is NOT a good idea, since a guy on a date is trying to impress the girl with his talents.

    Bowling is great, especially since so many places do cosmic bowling, AND deliver booze and chicken strips to your lane. It's worked well for me in the past.

    Paintball I think depends more on the girl being the kind to get into the whole running, dodging and getting (sometimes painfully) shot. I wouldn't be that interested in a girl who wasn't into that sort of activity anyway...

    Hiking is a great idea. See if your city has any trails or similar and you might not even have to go that far!

    Camping? As a date? Save that for when you're more serious. Being out in the wilderness alone is really romantic for a couple, but a bit intimidating and worrying for people who are still in the dating stage.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Lolomon
    Soccer, I love ! If we went to watch a game, we May have a problem if he is rooting for an opposing team. I'm serious about soccer. We can play buy I suck. Bowling meh! Itsboring to me but I'd so it if he wants. Everything else I'm down for and I'd love to go to a karaoke room for a date, that would be fun
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What Girls & Guys Said

  • LittleSally
    ALL sound amazing... except for soccer...

    Watching a sport is way too boring to me. o. O

    Paintball, puzzle room, bowling, hiking - AMAZING ideas! =)
    I don't get what kind of a person wouldn't enjoy all of these... xD
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    • Anonymous

      The soccer date you can play one on one. Also watching soccer isn't bad unless you really don't enjoy it.

    • Yeah... if you can find yourself enjoying it... then why not. =)

  • godfatherfan
    Soccer... the most mind numbing "sport" on the planet. You might know it's cousin... Hockey... which is Soccer on ice. and I am saying that from Detroit, an original 6 team.
    I have never heard of trapped but it does sound fun
    the rest of the ideas sound good. I have never done paintball but have always wanted to. I have shot them at targets, just not at people.
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  • TriferGlass
    I'd love hiking. I'm hoping to ask out this girl i know soon and just hike up the local mountain at night and just stare at the city and talk.
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    • Anonymous

      Go for it! Sounds like a good plan, she'll love it.

  • HookingSwan
    I simply loved this MyTake

    The soccer idea had already ocurred to me. My guy loves playing football

    Can't wait to put your other sugestions in practice

    another idea: Poker date lol perhaps strip poker even. Might be fun ;)
    • Anonymous

      Poker night without stripping is more fun. It's more intellect than sexual. Gives you a chance to not feel pressured and to just really have fun. Also invite his friends/ friends girlfriends to make the poker night more fun.

    • yes indeed

      i said the strip part as well. it can be used later on whenever haha

    • Anonymous

      Oh but of course :)

  • seelmaB
    Where is the "staying home and cooking food/ordering pizza and play a boardgame or watch netflix and chill"?
    By netflix and chill, I really mean netflix and chill, nothing else.
    • Anonymous

      Well you can add that to the list 100%. Netflix and Chill is something that my guy and I do a lot, however once in a while we will go out and do something fun (winter is coming so we mostly stay in now and just enjoy our company which is nice).

  • DaddyRollingStone
    If a chick took me to a soccer pitch to go shooting for a date, I would put a ring on her finger.
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  • tenchu11
    Soccer world tested not American approved. Go to a sea hawks game!
  • pooper89
    Camping might be romantic. And the puzzle room would be fun. But none of the others
  • John_Doesnt
    I don't always drink piss flavored water, but when I do I prefer Dos Equis
  • Polocrew
    I liked em all but howcome no football date!
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    • Anonymous

      Add a football, that's also another one and legit I just forgot to add it lol

    • Polocrew

      That's where it at, I'd love that

  • Agrojag
    You are a unicorn.
  • Sailormoonprincess
    Take me hiking! ;)
  • ChocoLada
    Soccer is the best idea here ;)
  • FriendzonedBoy
    Last three wouldn't work at all for me :S.
  • Anonymous
    If you choose to watch football... don't go to watch Chelsea game :P