My 5 Dream Date Ideas


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In no particular order:

1. Walk on the beach

My 5 Dream Date Ideas

Particularly at dusk. A walk with my date while hearing the waves roll and feeling the sand cool against my feet would be very romantic.

2. Cave exploring/National Park

My 5 Dream Date IdeasA good time to get closer to my date and have a good time singing and dancing along.

3. Live music/concert/piano bar

Include a caption for your image…&am I freaking love hockey and it gets me really energized! Although my date would definitely see a different side of me here, a hockey game would be a blast.
Include a caption for your image…&am

4. Hockey Game (or other sporting event)

My 5 Dream Date IdeasWatching the stars together or looking out over a cityscape, all while cozied up in my date's arms.

5. Candlelight/Moonlight Dinner (preferably on a rooftop somewhere)

Exploring nature can be such a fun adventure, especially when there is a shared interest here!

My 5 Dream Date Ideas
My 5 Dream Date Ideas
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