My 5 Dream Date Ideas


Thanks for the invite @Jjpayne!!

This is my first myTake so please forgive the formatting. I’m cringing that the text isn’t aligned!!

Feel free to share your feedback and other ideas!

In no particular order:

1. Walk on the beach

My 5 Dream Date Ideas

Particularly at dusk. A walk with my date while hearing the waves roll and feeling the sand cool against my feet would be very romantic.

2. Cave exploring/National Park

My 5 Dream Date IdeasA good time to get closer to my date and have a good time singing and dancing along.

3. Live music/concert/piano bar

Include a caption for your image…&am I freaking love hockey and it gets me really energized! Although my date would definitely see a different side of me here, a hockey game would be a blast.
Include a caption for your image…&am

4. Hockey Game (or other sporting event)

My 5 Dream Date IdeasWatching the stars together or looking out over a cityscape, all while cozied up in my date's arms.

5. Candlelight/Moonlight Dinner (preferably on a rooftop somewhere)

Exploring nature can be such a fun adventure, especially when there is a shared interest here!

My 5 Dream Date Ideas
My 5 Dream Date Ideas
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  • Nik1hil
    Look at you.
    Willing to observe and valuing the beauty that nature has to offer even though you.. See them keeping colors aside...
    And look at the world. So busy.
    Can see all colors but blind to the gift they have taking it for granted..

    What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare...
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  • Logorithim
    Great Take. All of these ideas are great and are things I also enjoy doing, so they certainly get my seal of approval. A great mix of romantic and active stuff.

    The only things I'd add to these are wildlife safaris or rides on an elephant, camel or horse.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • 4465loveyou5577
    M Favorites are;


    From most to least favorite.
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  • angry_llama
    This makes me feel silly for wanting to be single forever😂
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    • Just a few short months ago, I thought I wanted to be single forever too.

    • thanks for MHO 😄!

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  • AbigaylesAdventures
    I dream so many ways of getting proposed to and one way I would love if me and him went to Florida and we are hanging out on the beach just got done eating at bubba gumps and going to a carnival on the pier and it’s almost dark and he turns to me gets down on one knee and there we go and I really hope he has a photographer but I would love it any other way too.
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    • That’s lovely!! I hope you get to experience that one day.

  • Titanic1912
    All five of those are great! But a picnic on the beach or a park is a perfect idea. A romantic hot bubble bath 🛀🛁 or romantic shower 🚿 is a great idea to close the date or call it a night. A couples romantic full body massage is perfect. Just enjoying being together is absolutely beautiful and fun!
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    • Yes! Bubble baths, showers, and a massage are all great ideas as well. Just being together is the most important part.

    • Yep. I just enjoy being with my special one.

    • That’s how it should be!

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  • hindril
    This is a great take. I might fall for you if you do more of these. lol. I like all but the sports one. As for Moonlight dinner on a rooftop, I love that Idea. Would another be a walk in the forest and then a picnic in a small clearing? I never thought "dinner and a movie" was a good idea for a date. I've been in one actual cave and would like to go to more. I like the hikes that are kind of close by to the waterfalls.
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    • Yes, absolutely! I saw @Jjpayne listed that and I liked it so much that I almost used the same picture of the people walking in the snow. I actually do like dinner and a movie too because I’m somewhat of a movie buff. But that’s just one that’s pretty common! Never been hiking by a waterfall.

    • hindril

      I am a movie buff too. The problem with me watching a movie, it will take me a week to watch one unless I go to the theater.

    • Yes, me too! But mostly because I have very little free time to dedicate to watching movies. If I do, I multitask with something else.

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  • Jjpayne
    I got a little jumbled.. but I LOVE IT!!! That sports event thing sounds like a lot of fun!!! It makes me want to hear you bad mouth and boo the other team :)
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    • Usually it’s just a massive scream, “Let ‘em fight!!” during a hockey game!! I also dance with my daughter the entire time so we always make it on the Jumbotron.

  • OneSlip
    Does watching meteor shower count in your book?
    It was the first date for me and my girlfriend. Three years later, she's still with me :)
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  • Littlewife
    My guy actually took me jet skying on our first date. I loved it.
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    • Sounds fun!! Who drove?

    • Littlewife

      He drove at first and then let me have a turn. It was so exciting.

    • Awesome! I can get a little reckless when I’m driving a jet ski.

  • laurieluvsit

    You've outdone yourself again Ms SR :)

    Great myTake!
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  • ZeussLightningBolt
    WOW! Are you serious? HOLY SHIT! Those are MY dream date ideas as well.

    PM me your city and phone number. LOL
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  • red_knight
    Amazing... I like your vibe... especially the beach walk.. I love anything to do with the sea... if I could show you the caves we have in mombasa... You'd love them...
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    • Thank you! And I love the sea, how it calls to me.
      I will research the caves in Mombasa. I’m not familiar with them.

  • AoiXiaolang99
    1. That sounds nice.
    2. Interesting
    3. Fuck yeah!
    4. I don't really care for sports.
    5. Sounds a bit lame, but just sitting down and talking could be nice.
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    • LOL Thanks for reading. I haven't met a lot of guys that don't like sports.

  • milesgeorgedavis
    I know it is such a cliche but a long walk on the beach must be the most romantic thing in the universe.
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    • All five senses are activated, along with the pull of the sea... enchanting!

    Well, it would be crazy but interesting for me to have a date in the total darkness, I`m interested in how it would look like )
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    • Total darkness, mostly. There’s some light reflected off of the water from the moon.

  • Philyouup
    Stingray,,,, Were you reading my mind? Stole All my ideas... LOL Actually in all seriousness. I do enjoy those things..
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    • Yes, I was reading your mind. Muahahahahah (evil laughter). Lol I figured you’d like the hockey one!

    • Philyouup

      Hockey is about the only sport I really enjoy. You have to teach me that trick. There is a moonlight roof top dinner in it for you.

    • I don’t know if I could teach mind reading but I can show you a hat trick!

  • TonyMetal86
    I'm sure that miss xoxoxo is a romantic funny lady 😊
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  • gentlemanscholar
    I think your 5 Dream Date ideas are wonderful.
    If I were to add something... I think taking the time to write handwritten love notes to each other on a date while at a Botanical Garden, would be quite special and meaningful.
  • LegateLanius
    Just a walk, right? No swimming? If so, I would love to do any of those.
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    • I wouldn’t totally rule out swimming because sometimes I do get a daring streak. But for the most part, there’s no way I’m getting in the ocean after dark.

  • Lovethecountry
    Nice, pretty simple and interesting, which I love the outdoors so all of those would be nice
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    • Awesome! It didn’t even cross my kid that most were outdoors but I love being adventurous outside!

  • facialhair27
    They are okay if your date is into Hockey and Nature
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  • stormbreaker06
    yeah right...

    you just want to guy to empty his wallet on you. You won't agree but you don't have to.
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    • You commented just to be negative. There is nothing productive to your comment.

      It sucks that you make an assumption like that. I'm sorry that was YOUR personal experience but it is not mine. I need a poor kind of love that will stand when there's nothing else. You have no idea what I want or the kind of person that I am. I hope someday you lose that mentality-- but not completely because some women ARE like that, and allow yourself to be loved.

  • lightbulb27
    Good fun, nature ideas, surprised you haven't had those yet, you will.

    Avoid dancing at a cave or near the Grand Canyon walls or on the trails. Trust me on this one.
    * Swim with dolphins. I LOVED this! Exhillarating experience being together, and with amazing animals.
    * dinner - find a nice spot in Moltipucciano or Amalfi Coast Italy. I've only seen one not on a date, worth it.
    * How about an orbit trip into space. Virgin Galactic will have that going within your lifetime:) I won't be going...
  • murdanyc916
    the cave was the best date idea. he can explore her caves and crevices after treating her to some McDonalds, cheap ass
  • minsxox
    Going on a hike
    Staying home
    Going skating
    Watching the stars
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  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take
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  • NYCQuestions1976
    Very nice. Excellent MyTake. 1, 2, 5, 4, 3?
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  • Wowgirl10q
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  • Rocky1998
    Wonderfull ones !!!
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  • Eleni91
    The Pier/Beach, Candlelight, Movies, At Home.
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    • The Pier!! I forgot about how sweet it is to walk on the pier.

  • Razal
    Good MyTake
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    • Thank you for taking the time to read it! Sorry about the jumbled numbers/format.

  • Noice
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