My immediate deal breakers


1. Still in love with an ex

My immediate deal breakers

2. Has an ex that pretty much thinks she is his girlfriend or acts like his girlfriend

Communication is a two way street, it takes two to tango.

My immediate deal breakers

3. Has a kid I do not know about: did not tell me about the kid

4. Has a crazy stalker ex

If we are just in the beginning stages of dating I'm out. Peace!

5. Still hangs out with ex

You can hang out with your ex but I won't be there to fall back on.

6. Verbally abusive, emotionally abusive, physically abusive

Cut the bullshit. I will block them immediately and cut them off.

7. Eager to have sex too soon

I'm not easy so that desperate manipulative shit don't work on me.

My immediate deal breakers

These are just some...

My immediate deal breakers
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  • PT1911
    Note to self: make sure ex is completely out of the picture.

    Except for the fact I don't have an ex so I guess that's not a problem then haha
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    • I only have one real ex

    • I don't have much of a dating history so I guess I can't relate to people who have a lot of past serious relationships

    • PT1911

      "a lot of past serious relationships" is kind of an oxymoron I think. If they were serious, why so many? So I get the sentiment you're getting at. I've never dated anyone really lol

Most Helpful Girl

  • sexyback
    ALL of the things you've listed are a total turn off and dealbreakers for me as well! I would add always preferring to hang out with his friends.
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  • Unit1
    "4. Has a crazy stalker ex"

    What can your current partner do to avoid it? It's not under his control if some ex of him stalks his activities :l
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    • During the early stages of dating if I found out his ex is stalking me while we are hanging out and he does nothing to address her then I'm out. I'm not desperate for a man

    • Unit1

      Like what could he do about it? If he addresses the ex then it would lead right to
      5. Still hangs out with ex
      hmkay have fun.

    • If a guy does not acknowledge me to his ex there is a problem. If I'm not love with him yet why would I settle for that when I could just date another guy?

  • Ginnyweasley97
    I agree on all these points awesome my take!