Why I think some girls won't date Asian men


Why I think some girls won't date Asian men

I've seen a lot of Indian and Asian men on GAG saying that they don't understand why no girls will date an Asian man. I talked to a couple of Asian friends I have, and I gained an interesting view on why this is. Here's MyTake.

If you're about 20-30 years old, you were probably born before or in the 90s, and you probably know that a white girl with an Indian guy was not the done thing back then. Some parents were still racist jerks, teaching their children that they can't date Asian people. I remember my mom saying to me when I was 10 that I'm not allowed to date men with dark skin, and I asked her why but she just said to me 'Because they're all mean.' However, that didn't stop me from dating Asian boys throughout school. It also didn't stop me from hating that side of my mom.

We all know a few girls who aren't like me. We know that they listened to their fathers or mothers when they said that. And now they can only date white men because of racist parents.

I get that some people are just racist pratzholes, but consider that. If you're an Asian guy reading this, know that there are people like me and my sister and friends who honestly don't care and can look past your skin.

Also, apologies to anyone I might have offended.

Why I think some girls won't date Asian men
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  • waves_skylines
    I am typically just attracted to white girls, but I have met black, hispanic, and Asian girls that I have found VERY attractive. In terms of my tendencies, Asian girls are right after white girls. I think that people tend to be attracted to the same race due cultural familiarity and similar skin color. It's not necessarily racist.
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  • MyUsernameRules
    The only time girls might be attracted to brown or dark Indian guys is if he's tall, buff, and of course rich. If he's none of the three then no girl is going to be attracted to him.
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  • Beta455
    I think the reason why some girls do not date Asian men is because Asian men were labelled as feminine, lack of confident, and boring.
    • Maybe! I don't know somebody needs to do a study on it. I think Asian men are really attractive

    • Beta455

      I am an Asian male myself. I find myself to have absolutely no luck with white girls.

    • Aww I'm so sorry 😢 I feel guilty now... I know you'll find the girl for you eventually though 😆

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  • ichot
    Asian culture expects their men to be of some standard. And those expectations ultimately results in a male that are not of appealing quality for most western women.

    Study hard, don't do stupid things, don't shame the family name, be extremely humble, get a good job. These expectations doesn't leave much room to become an exciting person.

    As a result, in western culture Asian men are generally less experienced in life, thus less confident, and thus boring. Regardless of their academic success. Additionally they don't have a husky build that seems to be the hot thing lately.

    Ultimately, it's dependent on the individual but that's how I see Asian men who've lived under a typical Asian culture turn out.

    All my Asian friends, except one, never had a girlfriend.
  • bluenose1872
    They don't like them that's why. Leave them alone for gods sake
  • YusiBear
    Interesting take, thought I don't seem to have any difficulty finding a date...