Money is phoney: True love cannot be bought!

Money is phoney

I have seen so much about how much a guy makes. How much money he spends on a date etc. How hot he is, how big his dick is...

Well for me that doesn't cut it. If he has all of the afforementioned things and a temper I dont want him.

Things are not makers for me or breakers. Fine qualities. Just being a mentch. Being someone to cry with. Who can cry with me. Who is polite and kind. And yes he does have to be somewhat attractive. But not all physical. I mean if you can't into bed with someone than that is also important sex is important.

Money is not as important as financial stability. As long as he has a job and is honest at my age how many millionnaires are there.

Do I expect him to pay for dates no just having him to call mine ia enough. Ironically in the army they dont make too much. Also student loans. If the girl does not want to pay for the date why not take a walk on the beach and a coffee or a picnic why make it expensive?

I dont care about how big his dick is. How fat his wallet is or if he is the hottest guy in the world. I dont need to compete if he loves AND respects me that is worth more than millions of dollars. True love cannot be bought neither can respect.


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  • Yes I definitely agree with you but, unfortunately not all women think like you. Specially with all this social media going around.

  • Love and respect, have no relation between material worth, and never should.

  • I wish more eomen were like you!

    • Thank you

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    • But i dont think so like I'm not that pretty or anything

    • Im sure you are. Besides a woman like you is much rarer than youd think. Willing to give 100/100, and not acrong at all about money. If a guy can find a girl like that he's lucky indeed!

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