Texting After A Date: Texting Into the Great Unknown

Here’s the thing, ladies. We’re not all dicks. We’re not actively pursuing you just to drop you two weeks into our long drawn-out texting conversation and laugh about it with our bros. Well, maybe some of us are. But most of us want exactly what you say you want, a relationship with someone we really care about.

The problem is that what you say you want doesn’t always seem to line up with your actions. Ok, so we meet at a bar (probably drunkenly, let’s be honest), we exchange a few laughs, a flirty look or two, and, at the end of the night…our phone numbers.

Texting Into the Great Unknown

And that is when the games begin. Tell yourself we’re uninterested all you want, the truth is we are analyzing the perfect wording for that text and exactly when to send it just as much as you are. And there is nothing worse than that stupid bubble that pops up as we wait for your next line. Oh no wait, there is: when we text you a joke and you don’t respond for hours.

That pit exists in our stomach same as yours, and we always worry that most recent text will be the last.

Look, it’d be great if 2 donkeys and a couple bucks made you our wives. But it’s the 21st century, and you ladies have just as much control over whether we get to that first date as we do. So stop playing coy and start giving us some hints as to whether you are looking for a friend or something more. Oh, and make the hints obvious; we may not be dicks, but we’re definitely dumb.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Question. Because this relates to my problem. He and I had been hangin out as friends.. Even though there was attraction. I totally know he was diggin me as I was him. We hung out 2 times; he suggested dinner and I agreed. But when I messaged him, asking him what day.. He opened it and didn't ever respond.. And it was over a week ago (now we are on break from college). I may suck at flirting with him & didn't give me the absolute "hey I'm into you!!" But I was receptive and I initiated conversations before. I even messaged him a couple days ago and again he opened it and never responded. He's being a dick, right? Why act warm and into me 100% in person but act like I don't exist otherwise? Should I be done with him?


What Guys Said 2

  • There are billions of girls out there. If she doesn't text you, or ignores you move on. Simple as that

  • Finally someone said it. Just recently had a girl just ignore me. It was the worst thing ever.

    • A guy is ignoring me. It goes both ways :( it does suck. It's like what did I do? What can I do? And then you realize no matter what you can't make their fingers type and send that message back. Ugh.

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    • Right? I would rather get "hey I'm not interested"