How To "Take Things Slow"

No matter what your opinion is, you know that taking things slow during dating is risky. Therefore, it all comes down to how slow you want to take it. Besides, these things are relative, meaning you'll only learn in the process.

You might start dating somebody, with the intention of taking it slow, for a reason or another, but when you're with them you feel so physically attracted to them that it causes you to actually go straight for it. Dating is as unpredictable as a raging ocean, you might decide to go slow, but in the end, you'll end up drowning once the right wave hits you. However, that doesn't mean it's impossible not to drown.

"Taking things slow", sometimes means not going too fast. So yes you can text, Skype, hug and even mae out, but just don't do it too often or try too hard, wait for the right time and circumstance. If it comes down to it, never pull back from any form of sensual contact, with the excuse of wanting to take it slow. That'll only make things go wrong. Start as friends, then steadily go on from there, while avoiding the “friend zone". It's like a ladder; make it clear from the beginning that you're planning on going all the way... But don't skip any steps, because you might just fall!



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  • as i tend to say, it's about slowly walking up the stairs. Never take a step back, but don't take two steps either. Keep a cnstant pace, and take it one single step at a time.
    That'll be the natural pace for climbing the stair

  • helpful take for start ups


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