The Fellowship of the Aussie Girls


So you saw some girl with a tank top, cargo jeans, and cargo boots an energetic personality and natural zest for the outdoors and you thought you’d get you an Aussie girl. There’s an obvious thrill for an Americans and Australians to know what the other’s all about given that they live on opposite sides of the planet. But do you have to make the 22 hour flight in order to find out? Not quite.

The Fellowship of the Aussie Girls

You see, while we here in the US always make our eyes wide and pat a person on the back for making the effort to backpack after graduating college—for an Aussie backpacking is religion. Exploring usually Europe or Asia is a right of passage and it’s very unlikely you’ll make it far hopping from hostel to hostel without coming across a single Australian or New Zealander girl. Something akin to the Hobbits travelling across Middle Earth to destroy the Ring (not calling Aussies Hobbits just making a cute comparison because of New Zealand, relax.) It might feel strange to be in Madrid ready to meet a Spanish girl at of the many, many clubs they have in the city and end up getting lost in a conversation or a drink filled extravaganza with an Australian female instead, but if you think about it this was much less of a trip than the one to her home country so you made out pretty well.

The Fellowship of the Aussie Girls

I for the life of me can’t tell the difference between an Australian and a New Zealander and you probably won’t be able to tell either. They both travel an extreme amount. From what I’ve seen the Aussie girl is more a partier generally, while the New Zealander is more conservative but I don’t enough of a sample size to confirm.

The Fellowship of the Aussie Girls

So wait can’t I just wait them to visit the States if I live in a major city? Not quite…every time I asked whether they were planning to visit the States they would like at me uncomfortably and say “well…you know” I would keep their gaze and make them keep talking despite them obviously looking for an easy out. They would continue “so yeah…there’s just so many places in Europe I want to see!” I’m not sure why our glorious nation doesn’t appeal as much, but it’s likely if you want to be meeting more Australian girls you’ll have to have at a little backpacking.

The Fellowship of the Aussie Girls

But that’s the beauty of an Aussie girl. She’s like an American girl, but more worldly. Being that they themselves are backpacking they’re generally very willing and interested in getting to know you and who knows you might just get that love story of one of the two you moving to live with the other after many long e-mails. Or, at least you’ll both have one hell of a night in a beautiful country that both of you have never experienced before.

The Fellowship of the Aussie Girls

The Fellowship of the Aussie Girls
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Kira88
    I'm Australian and its because us aussies don't really find america appealing. It's big, loud and the ego of the country can be felt from all the was over here. Whereas Europe has beautiful things like lockness, the Irish/Scottish/English men (drools), the library of Budapest, Yusupov Palace, I could go on. But America, its in all the movies, games, TV shows etc... its not appealing enough to go there. Also you know how you all think we ride on kangaroos? We all think you shoot each other.
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    • pavlove

      haha that might not be the best comparison to make given that we actually do all shoot each other

    • Kira88

      True, but I've once ridden on a kangaroo so its kinda fair.

    • pavlove

      that makes me smile haha

Most Helpful Guy

  • DamnCurtis
    I can confirm that NZ girls love to drink and party.
    A LOT.
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  • justbanANNAz
    • pavlove

      i'm alwaysssss positiveee

  • Zorax
    Australian girls are my favorites, definitely, great Take.
  • Phoenix98
    They're alright lol I mean I like their accent but that's about, their nationality doesn't concern me all that much.

    As for the hate to our country a lot of that stems from ignorance on their part and listening to the liberal media.

    As for Europe being chosen over us ehh erouope is massively overrated, France is falling apart, Germany and other parts of eruope are overrun with immigrants. England is riddled with petty crime, could go on and on.
  • Nuqood
    Buzzkillington here with a friendly reminder that 1 in 8 Australian people have herpes, with women being twice as likely to have it than men.
  • HelgaVanHorn
    Fascinating, I know lots of guys who are fans of Aussie girls, I guess they are popular worldwide.
  • TadCurious
    Yeah, I've always heard that Australian girls are awesome.
    • admles

      Eh, it really depends on where they are from.

  • apple24
    HAHA GOT lol I can't believe I read that! PLEASE! Americans are beautiful! Shame on you!
  • jonathanDOE
    since your country is pretty racist, i guess it figures.
  • Maxemeister
    Lol if only I had an aussie girl

    *single tear*
  • 9mfeo
    I think you've finally cracked up, potato salad.