My story of the obsessive controlling boyfriend.

So I'm bored as hell so I decide I wanted to share my story of my ex to waste time, to start a conversation and get people to be aware of people like my ex. I have horrible grammar and I do not care to change that. So move on if you want to just B about the grammar of this mytake. Bye Felica

So I had a 3 year relationship that ended in May 2015 I have been the happiest ever since he left me. I frankly will never or ever want to take him back after all the things he did. The main thing I will never take him back for is being obsessive and controlling.

So first I thought he was the nicest guy I ever met then slowly through the relationship he starting to show his true colours. First sign that he was obsessive and controlling was when we were dating for a year. I had a guy friend that I met at high school in grade 9 he was a nice guy we barley talk that much. But as soon as my ex met this guy he didn't like him off the bat why? oh because "I feel like he likes you". He assumes that my guy friend had a crush on me he hated him and didn't like him he NEVER gave him a chance. So 1 year of dating this guy friend came in my friend's group, so we had one conversation during the summer of grade 9 he mention he was playing pool. I do not joke I honestly just made a litte joke with a heart emoji. Here is the joke:

"You will need these hearts <3 <3 <3"

Meaning he needs those hearts to stay alive in his game of pool. So weeks or day (Idk) after that conversation I was on my facebook with my ex right there he saw the hearts he literally (without my permission) took his phone went through that conversation to see what I said. Guess what? HE GOT MAD AT ME AND CONSIDER TO DUMP ME. He said he understood the joke and everything the fact that I sent the heart was the problem. BECAUSE I SENT A HEART TO HIM. It wasn't like "I love you <3" or "your so cute <3 ". So there no reason to be mad at me about that.I also saw many messages with girls he sent hearts to. They were not like "I love you" or "baby your so cute <3" but the problem is HOW COME HE GETS TO SENT HEARTS TO GIRLS I CAN'T SENT HEARTS TO GUYS? He said to me when I argue about that was because they were like "sisters" "best friends" so it was okay.

Now sign 2 so I met a girl in grade 9 who was pansexual she was interested in dating guys and girls. As soon as my ex found out about that he starting getting jealous of her. Why because I like to hang out with her a lot and etc he got jealous. So one night when she was sleeping over we were fighting about what you ask? about her sleeping over. He didn't want her sleeping next to me because "she could do stuff to you in your sleep etc" is the gist of the whole conversation. My friend is was also (still and was back then) dealing with suicidal thoughts when he starting saying all this and she saw what he said. She told me straight up how she just wanted to die even more because no matter what she does there she always causing problems. He made my friend wanted to commit suicide even more when I told him that he "felt bad". Oh and he kept assuimg I was a bi or lesbian person because of her.

Now sign 3 and this sign was the reason why we broke up for good and I am happy this happen. So I knew a guy from elementary school, we knew each other for a long time. We went to different schools, he went and connected to me on facebook. Once my ex found out about him he never liked him either. He always claims he trying to break us up and etc. But no matter what I even told him he had a girlfriend he still didn't believe that. So in May 2015 my elementary friend message me we had a talk and he ask me if I wanted to hang out (face to face) one day during summer and September. I denied it because of my boyfriend but I still wanted to hang with my friend. I mention this to the ex and I also mention how I wanted to go. Guess what he THREW a big fit and he starting spazzing like crazy and was saying "if you going to do that you don't need a boyfriend" and all that bullshit. I had a enough I snaped. I said to him "shut up" and he freaked out even more LOL. He didn't talk to me for a whole week during that time I was still in love with him but I realize I was done with relationship so I decided to let him break up with me since I knew I couldn't do it. So he did because he "can't trust me". I realize I gave up a good friendship for a asshole like him and I will never ever let someone control my life that way again. I even delete so many guy friends off my facebook because I knew it will cause fights with him and I should had realize I should had got rid of him instead not my guy friends.IF HE HAS A PROBLEM WITH ANYONE IN MY LIFE GOODBYE.

My story of the obsessive controlling boyfriend.

Moral of the story do not let someone come in your life and start controlling you in that way especially if it just a boyfriend or girlfriend cause honey there more where that came from. (Fingers snap).

Tell me your stories about obsessive controlling partners down below XD.


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