5 "Dating Acts of Horror" BROS wish they could get away with


Let's jump right into it:

1) Calling a girl a slut when she accepts the hug-kiss on the cheek from a guy friend (even if they've known each other longer than you've known her) in front of him.

TF though? Really? You think that's ok? Oh, and yeah, no the bro is "just insecure" and that's totally fine. *crossing arms* grr... *walks off and punches a wall somewhere*

2) Making him feel guilty when he knocks out an entire medium sized Dominoes pizza on his own

It's just really, really tasty pizza. Maybe she's pissed that you might lose your abs. Maybe she's pissed that she didn't get to eat any. No bro really knows...

3) Letting a girl who's obviously jealous of his girlfriend snapchat him ten second videos of her riding a stuffed animal in her bedroom and then opening them (the videos)

Seems a waste to let such good camera work go to waste...

4) Just generally being able to use the word c*nt at all ever in any argument or even about another female in front of females.

It's because you tell a bro he can't that he then really wants to. Why can't we use the word except among other bros? Doesn't seem right...

5) Re-gifting jewelry

The best for last. Would save a bro SO MUCH money especially if he has a lot of girflriends to don in silver, gold, and rose gold ice.

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  • Ok honestly, I'd only care if a guy ate an entire pizza by himself cause that'd mean I didn't get any.
    Secondly, it is sexual and is meant that way by the other girl. That's why we'd get jealous. Girls know how girls are just as guys say they know how guys are.
    Thirdly, IDGAF, I say cunt all the time cause A. I am one and B. It's just another cuss word to me.
    Lastly, re-gifting jewelry is cheap as in, it isn't coming from the heart. If a "bro" wants to re-gift then it isn't an "oh I saw this and thought of you" it's more like "I'm cheap and lazy so I re-gifted this to you." But they'd never say it if it was a re-gift, they'd lie.
    Lying makes me mad cause all I want is honesty, even if I won't like it.
    So just don't re-gift then we're good to go.


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