How do ladies choose their online guy?

I don't really do online takes but this is just something stupid they crossed my mind.

Let's face it, we pretty much all know that you ladies get hit up like 10,000 times a day by horny, desperately lonely guys online. lol especially if you've got a sexy picture up. I know guys pm you on here or on Instagram or Facebook or whatever social media you're apart of, and these guys almost always have the same strategy. They message, ask for you name and introduce themselves and sooner or later they tell you how pretty you are and ask if your single then they go in for the kill, (aka can I have your number?)

How do ladies choose their online guy.

I'm not gonna lie, I've often use the same technique. But that's only because it's the only technique to get to know a girl you want to date or spend time with. With that being said my question is...

How do you ladies choose?

How do ladies choose their online guy?

Come ooonnnn, there's gotta be a process of elimination.😌 I'm sure some of these guys don't know to talk the talk so they say dumb things that portray them as another horny guy that only wants to sleep with you, I'm sure some of them are probably boring, (that's me.)πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'm sure some of them fucking curse too much like a mutha fucking dumb ass, immature ass, little stupid ass, shit head ass sailor.πŸ™ˆπŸ΅πŸ™Š and please don't tell me you just go for the guy with the biggest muscles or best body or pretties eyes or somthin, that would make you pure shallow, (but I know a lot of you ladies are like soooo wuuuttt!!!)😀 Hahahaha I know some of you out there are like "well I'm not gonna marry the guy geeez! But you never know.

How do ladies choose their online guy?

Anything could happen. He might live across the state and you might get so close he might come visit you.😧 like I said, it's a dumb my take so go easy on me, I didn't put any effort into it. I've just always wondered how do women choose which guy is right for them out of the hundreds of PMs they get a day.

How do ladies choose their online guy?

Thank you for your time πŸ‘‹πŸ½


Most Helpful Girl

  • Honestly I've only spoken to two guys online that I even considered and it was under the pretense that we talked for a really long time and things didn't automatically get sexual and creepy.

    Well, one did later on but the other didn't.

    I picked them because we had real conversations, they had real personalities, interests, and were actually engaging people who I thought were worth getting to know. If a guy tries to start out just "going in for the kill" it says one thing: I saw your pic and don't give a shit about anything else.

    I base it off of the guys that seem genuinely interested in me as a person.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Girls online are superficial as fuck. Only the top tier of the top tier are who they go for. 80% of the girls online go for 20% of the guys online. Your photos better be professional photography quality. Your smile has to be perfect and in most pictures. You have to look like you have money. You have to look like you are very social. You also can't be fat. You have to be fit. You also have to look like you have a sense of humor.

    Even if you have all that again only the 20% of guys online will get picked.

    In real life it's not like that. It's about even in real life.

    • So why don't you join a gym and get a better job, then you wouldn't be complaining...

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    • " @RandomPerson1324 I do go to the gym. I'm trying to get a job. When I do I'll be making good money. I haven't just long graduated. "

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What Girls Said 4

  • Well, first I need to be somewhat attracted to him. I try to be honest with myself that I need to click with a guys appearance. There NEEDS to be some attraction on a physical level for me if I am to commit myself to this guy for a long time, and I realize this is a somewhat shallow reality, but I am honest about it at least and do try to broaden my horizons at chances I do get.

    Next, I really pay attention to how he talks to me and what I think he is after. I don't do the players who seem to only want to flirt, as if they think seducing me is the key to winning my attention. I don't do guys who play the hard-to-get, tiny reply, seemingly disinterested game either. If you like me and I am talking to you, I would really like you to be honest about yourself and just be free with your mind and thoughts.

    I also then try to think about how much we have in common in terms of values. This is pretty huge. Usually I would let someone talk about themselves first, see where they are at before I consider actually meeting them for a date anywhere. The reason is I am a very closed-off and conservative person who unfortunately attracts a lot of free-thinking, hard-core guys because of my appearance and apparel. I am also really turned off by guys that have baggage due to being burned by guys with exes and drama in the past, and I am turned off by a lot of sexual affairs because I am very conservative with my body as well. Not to say that I have a personal problem with more liberal people, all the more power to you, but I can't really understand that lifestyle enough to feel comfortable with it, and I just ain't that needing enough of a relationship to think it's something I need to compromise with.

    Really, it's all about just how much they click with me. I look for someone who is similar to me, because I really like myself and understand myself, and would love to date someone with a similar mindset. It's all a process of eliminating people I think I would be incompatible with on a physical level first, and then a mental and fundamental level once I know he thinks I'm pretty too. And no, just because you are pretty does not mean you win the game. So many cute guys have not made it past the discussion phase.

    • Hahahaha now THATS! A beautiful peocess! Bravo! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ I'm not with that whole "it's just sex" thing either... That's probably why I don't speak to many girls, it's cuz I don't want sex from a girl that sleeps with everyone in my city...πŸ˜–πŸ˜· any girl that's worth having is worth chassing. If she gives me sex so damn easy I can on imaging how easy it would be for her to ditch me and jump on the next guys back like monkey bars

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    • @skeptic007 ok then lol.. Whatever that means

    • @skeptic007

  • Well, since I met my boyfriend online I'm gonna tell you 😌 I don't really have some specific" techniques" since I never saw myself going in long distance relationships or dating someone online.. But oh well, things happen 😁 first of all, guys that start sexual messages with me are a TOTAL turn off.. I won't talk to them a lot and I would try to avoid, I would never even THINK of dating them.. Like ever..πŸ™… So first thing... No sexual messages... Once thats done and I see the guy isn't desperate, thats when I look at the interests... My current boyfriend and I didn't want to go into another LDR since our previous ones failed for some reasons, so we were just online friends... He didn't talk, sexual, he was sweet, funny, caring and our way of thinking was the same.. So he caught my attention and I caught his... He was soooo supportive when I broke up with my ex ( which also was a LDR ) ... Then I asked him what he wants in a women and he did the same.. After months feeling from both sides developed so yeah... To sum, it up
    1-No sexual talks
    2-His personality ( kind, funny, sweet, etc)
    3-How he thinks about things ( my boyfriend is mature for his age, thats something that really caught my attention)
    4-How does he feel about me ( he doesn't need to admit it right away, but it surly can be obvious from the way he talks with you and all)
    5- and the, most important thing is that you must think, of the distance, like for example" IF we got together, would we be able to get through the distance? Would we be able to visit? Etc " and that's another reason that made me agree to get into another LDR after my first one failed

    hope this was helpful 😁

    • It was, I'll come back to you later today because I have questions but it's herb a long night and I can't even keep my eyes open lol I'm typing with my eyes closed right now actually, I'll be bCk later.. Thank you

    • Hahahaha alright πŸ˜‚ have a rest 😊 and you're welcome

  • This seems really simple but it's a quick way to weed out the buttheads. If a guy asks for sexy pictures and you tell him you don't send those, and he asks you again soon after that, just delete him from your life. Porn is free on the net. Don't hit me up. That shows he doesn't respect you, and/ or has drinking and/ or drug issues, or is an idiot. Any guy who has "just ask" on the details part of his profile, no photo of him, or any clues which don't make him creepy. You can usually tell when a guy is lying about his nation of origin too.

    • I mean, I have ( "if you have any more questions just ask" ) on my profile but my pictures are super legit... Does that make me a hazard or a threat? I can easily prove I am who I say for any doubters... I've never asked for naked pictures from anyone because once you've had sex before then naked pictures aren't all that exciting... It's actually not exciting at all to be honest lol...

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    • Well if you view my page I tbink you can see my bio

    • I looked over your bio and it's good:)

  • First it has to be a mutual attraction for both partys. But for me the guy had to have qualities that i was looking for like none smoker and a social drinker. And they had to be looking for an actual relashionship. As long as they had the same interest as me is how i picked them plus if they liked me back.


What Guys Said 4

  • As a man you have to write something totally different in your profile than every other dipshit and not message women.

    Then, when women message you, close.

    • I just message women anyway and never hit on them.. It's not worth it cuz half of them live across the world anyway so owell, I'm not goin on some adventure searching for somebody outside of the states smh

    • The trick is to get them to come to you.

    • @zagor everyone knows that but lol it's hard to stand out from the crowd because they'll assume your just another horny jock

  • I dunno, I get a lot of interest shown on my dating website. Lots of thumbs up and views and winks and favorites from them. Many of them try to initiate chat first as well. I'm not sure what it's like to have trouble on the sites. Maybe you're doing something wrong?

  • If you pique their interest and have good conversations and they seem interested back then it could or could not result in a date. It's a numbers game just like sales. I've had times where I'll talk to girls, get their number, set up a date and then poof never hear from them again or sometimes I quit talking to them if they're just super boring meaning the conversation is super dull and generic and they don't do much to further it.

    • I do the same thing lol deja vu

    • Yeah I've had my fair share of dates that feel like interviews with many awkward silences. Those are the worst haha.

    • Girls are shy and so am I, that's the only reason for the awkward silence... I usually force myself to talk, even if I say Somthin dumb... at least someone's talking lolπŸ˜‹

  • Social media is just that: MEDIA. Media is bullshit. TV media is BS, why would internet be any different?
    However, it is possible to meet others online, but you have to bring your personality more than looks... as a guy.
    Story: I met my wife on a forum site, not a dating site, and not unlike this one. I was active for years interacting with others because I liked to help others, not looking for a date. After a while, I ask her out randomly in PM expecting to get a no, and she said yes.
    case closed.


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