Girls should initiate relationships more often

Girls should initiate relationships more often

Generally girls prefer to wait for guys to make the first move, but i think girls who make the first move are awesome. Guys are getting tired of asking girls out, when they have to constantly put themselves out there they risk rejection. Personally i would love for a guy to show interest in me, however I'm sick of waiting for them to notice me. Its empowering to make the first move!! I've noticed that when i initiated things i got positive reactions. Guys need a break sometimes and they deserve to feel special like girls do when they are asked out. So woman up and get out there!!

(This is my first myTake, sorry if it sucks!)


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  • Personally I think a lot of girls are missing out on being with really great guys just because they guy is to nervous to talk to her.
    Just because the guy lacks confidence when talking to girls spent mean that he lacks confidence in everything he does.

    E. g. I feel perfectly comfortable standing in front of thousands of people playing my trumpet, but still struggle to approach and act natural around girls I would like to date.

    I certainly wish girls would initiate relationships more often.


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