There Would Be More Relationships if More Girls Would Shoot Their Shot

There Would Be More Relationships if More Girls Would Shoot Their Shot

If you don't know what "shoot your shot" means, it basically means to "do a thing, or say a thing, or claim a thing possibly outside of your range of abilities, though not explicitly so." In this context, I'm referring to girls being the ones to ask out guys.

Here's a little fact for some girls out there that don't know... Sometimes there are guys that DO like you, but they're too afraid to ask you out because they feel like they'll jeopardize your current relationship or they feel like there is something at stake. Don't get it twisted, I know the feeling goes both ways, but hear me out on this... If you ask a guy out, no matter how he currently feels about you, he will probably say yes.

And to take it from Elite Daily. Even if you get rejected, if nothing else, it's practice.

What are your thoughts on more girls asking out guys instead of the other way around? For more, check out this article that I found from Alexia LaFata at Elite Daily


There Would Be More Relationships if More Girls Would Shoot Their Shot
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Most Helpful Guys

  • coachTanthony
    I think the article is RUBBISH. Girls will never make the first move not now not ever. Maybe just maybe in the year 2215 but even that is a stretch!

    "If you ask a guy out, no matter how he currently feels about you, he will probably say yes".

    YOU SIR have lost your mind! So basically guys will say YES to any woman who approaches them and asks them out? Really? That is not saying much for women who want a real connection with someone is it? Hopefully for women YOU ARE WRONG!
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    • rebornnora

      You have yet to say your reasons why girls will never make the first moves. its fine to disagree but just saying "just cause" would be a very vague reason.

    • Anonymous

      Well to simplify. Don't ask a guy out if you don't think you have a real connection. The point isn't for girls to go out on the streets and ask out every single guy they meet, I think that implication went over your head. And my wording may have been a bit sus, but the point I am making is that if a female thinks that they have something special with a guy, the chance of being friend zoned is drastically lower than if the circumstances were reversed.

      And to bring up rebornnora's point, why don't you think girls will ever make the first moves? I personally feel like that's an ignorant generalization, but I've been taught to respect other people's opinions and would like to know why.

    • @rebornnora @mytakeowner Yes being friend zoned would be drastically less because the woman is showing interest in a guy who would rather SETTLE than reject her. How is that good? That doesn't create more relationships that just creates bad ones. Women are not going to start approaching anytime soon because they simply don't have too. Most women have probably been hit on at least 5000 times before the age of 25. They can sit back and say YAY or NAY.. why would they risk being rejected. Guys risk it because they have too. Its supply and demand.

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  • Pineapple_Boy
    There won't be a huge increase in relationships if more women started asking guys out. However if we go by your logic, we will have a lot of guys settling. -> "If you ask a guy out, no matter how he currently feels about you, he will probably say yes".
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    • Anonymous

      My wording got the wrong message across, that's not exactly what I meant to say. But even so, I agree there would be a lot of guys settling.

Most Helpful Girls

  • BrittBratt2416
    Women for the most part do shoot their shot and are actually making the first move. We do it by flirting and drop huge, obvious hints that we want you to come get us. We like to be discrete about it so we don't come off to strong, and believe it or not, their are men who get completely turned off when chased by a woman. Some men prefer to choose the woman than the woman telling them to choose her.
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    • Shadow44

      Hints mean nothing. One woman's "Hey I'm interested in you", is another's "Hey I'm just being friendly" and is a third's "Hey I'm just leading you on to use you". So if a hint is sent and a guy doesn't take it then he just may have thought it was a friendly thing, or figured your just flirting and sending hints to get something for free out of him.

      What may be huge and obivous to you may not be huge and obvious to others including other women. I've had women tell me a girl was into to me only to have her not be interested. It's no biggie rejection is part of life. Though guys don't just walk around assuming every woman who talks to him is interested in him romantically or sexually. It might just be beneficial to straight up ask a guy out. Some do prefer chasing women instead and some will sppreciate that you asked him out.

    • zagor

      Hinting is OK if it is a situation where you work with them or otherwise see them on a regular basis. But if you are in the same place for maybe ten minutes with someone you may never see again, that doesn't work so well.

  • ChronicThinker
    I saw "shoot their shot" and thought this was about busting a nut.
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  • jasco
    well it would be better but most guys use girls for there own enjoyment so how could they know if that person was just using them
    • Anonymous

      Valid point that I don't currently have an answer to.

  • azzntittiz
    Hey, I just posted a question like this but made a damn typo so it looked like I was saying girls should ask girls out more. I was before totally against it, and now I think I'm going to start asking men out when I can tell he likes me and see how that goes. I have had bad experiences before where I think some men end up feeling emasculated and then it got awkward but they can't all be like that, we'll see.
  • lost_girl2000
    I wish it was that easy... Although most people will say that it IS easy... There is this guy I've been dying to ask on a date, but I don't know anything about his personal life, that is I don't know if he has a girlfriend. I have no problem actually asking him, but what's stopping me is that he might have someone in his life already and I would hate to make him feel awkward. :-(
    • Guess what guys have to deal with all the time?

    • @somewheresomeway I'm not a guy so... I don't really know :-/

    • We have to take risks left and right. It’s expected.

      I’m okay with that role but I wish more women would respect it.

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  • lilaqua
    It’s much more common now. If anything the majority of girls have to ask out the guy, why to be honest doesn’t annoy me much.
    • Johrijk

      Tbh moast guys dont even atept any more i have tried to aproach 3 girls that like showrd intrest. And they all turned me down. Kinda break your heart an soul.

      So its a blessing from above if a girl put a little energy in. Im seeing a gorl now who did this and wete having a great time.

  • 20kyler00
    i wish girls would ask takes so much pressure off of me.
    • I've read that if a girl does the asking if emasculates the guy and he values the relationship less. Not true?

    • 20kyler00

      @yogagirl777 no not at all

  • jacquesvol
    Girls should be clear about limits and intentions from day 1.
  • Browneye57
    The more things change the more they stay the same. And while girls are more outgoing and independent, they still look to their man to be the leader, the alpha, the one can can make decisions, protect her, and be her emotional rock.

    If you can't do this she may approach, but she'll never gain the respect the relationship needs to survive. She'll never view you in the light both of you would like, so it will never be really want you want. It's all just a fail.

    So hit the gym, hard, and make a ton of money. You'll have best choice of what's out there.

    Go for what you want, make your own reality. And quit being wishy-washy and weak, waiting for a girl to approach you.
    • I disagree with some of your wording but I understand the general sentiment of your words

  • LegateLanius
    Hints are stupid. I agree. However, it still won't happen for the most part.
  • ovoxo_
    Girls will never start shooting their shot because that would give the power of selectively choosing and being to men.
  • F7777
    well depends but I think girls in general loves bad boys , they love the one hurts them
  • Catholicgirl22
    Women drop fairly large hints to guys they like.
    • Pejtu

      Give us a few examples

    • In their minds they do. But that’s not how most guys see it.

    • @somewheresomeway

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  • BillieJean1070
    Yes there would be.
  • captainw0ww
    I agree
  • StickStickity13
    It's fine the way it is
  • JellyDonutguy96
    I agree
    enough with the Cavemen doctrine
  • SimpleGuy27
    I agree
  • Anonymous
    I used to ask guys out but then all they’d want is to hook up so I don’t bother anymore. I’ll try again when I’m older and the guys have matured more.
  • Anonymous
    You can see the problem right in the comments.

    Women seem to think dropping hints = asking a guy out.

    They aren't remotely similar. They aren't actually putting themselves out there or risking rejection and humiliation. Women can get away with being lazy and so they will continue to do so.
    • Except it's not really laziness... unless you are going around complaining "why am I single!" Laziness is wanting or needing something but not trying to get it. If a woman doesn't want or need a relationship (either because she is already in one or just doesn't want one) then it's not lazy for her to abstain from asking guys out.

    • Anonymous

      @yogagirl777 If you're throwing out hints you clearly want something. Unless you like to toy with peoples emotions.

  • Anonymous
    I have always asked guy out and got shot down so now i dont try anymore.
  • Anonymous
    I’ve had some bad experiences with women who feign interest but in reality wanting to take advantage of me.

    Examples: showing me attention to make some other guy jealous, looking for a free drink or meal, doing it on a bet from her bitch friends, etc.
  • Anonymous
    Too bad most girls won't approach.
  • Anonymous
    I totally agree , but it doesn’t work for me though , i always get rejected either directly or not
    • KenM9215

      unfortunately thats part of playing the game ya know? like you're going to miss more balls at bat taking swings than you will get hits. thing is if you don't take any swings at all you'll miss 100% of the time.

    • Johrijk

      Nothing new for us guys. We endure this al tge time.