Online Dating Snap Chat Soup Recipe


Online Dating Snap Chat Soup Recipe

Do you ever wonder what the person sounds like or acts like when viewing a dating profile? Frankly people are bored to death of online dating. Every profile almost looks the same. Are they real? Is it a bot? As Chris Smooove....the gaming guru would say ... is this a fake profile? We are all tired of the games and want something exciting and new. An adventure if you will. If you are not getting a lot of messages you might want to try my online dating snap chat soup recipe.

As far as I know this recipe has never been tasted. Be careful and Good Luck!

What is Snapchat? The first time I used Snapchat was when I saw the Ghost appear in a Call of Duty game. Thats right .....there it was on the wall right behind that guy's head I just blew off. As I got closer to the wall I could see the ghost has little black dots much like a bar I immediately head to google. I find out that the ghost on the wall can be scanned with your Snapchat app. Once I downloaded the app I got up real close to the TV and snapped a picture of the ghost. Whammy... it was the Call of Duty Snapchat profile. So now I am following COD for all the latest and greatest on new games. Not bad. I like this ghost thingy.

So.... are you all thinking what I am thinking? Exactly.. why not put your ghost on your profile under the photo lineup? I must say I have not tried this or even know if it's allowed. How cool would it be to set up a profile on Snapchat just for online dating? If someone is interested in you then they can snap your ghost and follow you. You could then put out online dating content videos only to see if anyone is interested. You could even demand them send you a snap vid in response. The possibilities are endless.

Online Dating Snap Chat Soup Recipe

I would much rather watch a short video of someone I am interested in then try and decide based on a profile with blurry pictures. Using Snapchat in conjuction with your online dating profile would be a great way for someone to get to know you personally and what your sense of humor is like. You could do a daily vid on what your interests are or the kind of person you are looking for. I am surprised that the dating sites have not added a feature like this already. I am sure it will be here before you know it. So give it a shot .. and before you do... check your online dating site provider for the rules and regulations of the site. Safety first boys and girls.

If any of you have done this on Tinder or any other site... let us know how it went in the comments below!

Online Dating Snap Chat Soup Recipe
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  • NYCQuestions1976
    Damn. I thought this was actually a Take about soup. I was excited.
  • Anonymous
    I'm into Snapchat these days. I don't have pro pic on. But I snap myself. What I like about Snap that fake can't use it
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