Singles In America: Scoring a Second Date

sherbearee conducted a survey on a diverse group of 5500 singles and compiled results into the sixth annual Singles in America study. The study took a look at factors into scoring a second date, politics, exes, trends, and much more.

Here are my opinions and some stats on what it takes to score a second date.

First Impressions

I'm not really a believer of "love at first sight." I mean I'll look at a person and go "damn he's cute" but I don't feel any "love." (not that I can say I've actually ever been in love anyway)

But that's the mentality most people have going into a first date. Stats say that "59% of men and women do not expect to feel chemistry until the second date." However, most will go on a second date - even if they hadn't felt romantic chemistry the first time - largely because they feel that the person may "grow on them."

Singles In America: Scoring a Second Date

Friendly Debates

Some people expect you to be politically correct, but when you've decided to be in a long-term relationship with someone, it's extremely difficult to filter what you say 100% of the time. Most people prefer to be with those who share similar viewpoints, too.

Talking politics may not have been a good date topic in the past, but now, "a good discussion on any political issue can boost your chances of a second date by 91%." People often do look for intelligence and a social-conscious significant other.

Singles In America: Scoring a Second Date

The majority of people don't care much for sports, or the Kardashians, either. Just don't talk about exes!


I personally don't care whether dinner's at a fancy diner or a local mom and pop restaurant. I usually choose to go dutch, anyway. Food is food, and food is good. Plus, there's always the menu to pick at if the conversation halts.

Though apparently, sushi is a big winner. "Sushi boosts your chances of a second date by 170%, and singles often choose soda/iced tea (29%). I don't think the expensive restaurant is necessary, though I can see why it could be a bonus.

Singles In America: Scoring a Second Date

Time and Day

"Most singles prefer to go on a date in the evening (60%), where only 22% prefer a date in the afternoon. Saturday is also the best day of the week for a date (39%)."

For me, what we're doing that determines the time of day we meet up. For example, lunch and a hike sounds great... but those are afternoon things. Dinner in the evening sounds good. Basic stuff.

Moreover, "50% of men and 36% of women agree that a man should pay on the first date." Although that's the "traditional" method, I think many people are also going dutch these days. Dates get costly. It could also be noted that "both sexes agree that a second date should cost a little more," which makes sense, since first dates are usually a bit more of a conservative test of waters.

Singles In America: Scoring a Second Date

Here's an infographic to sum things up. Although I don't completely agree with it, it's still pretty cute with a bit of truth.

Singles In America: Scoring a Second Date

How do you feel about all this?

If you liked the take, I'll post a similar part 2 :)

Thanks for reading, cheers!

Singles In America: Scoring a Second Date
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  • Jager66
    My only major gripe with this is men paying for everything, makes me feel like I'm out with a prostitute. Knowing that me paying increases my chances of success only reinforces this problem and I just can't force my self to respect someone like this. If they were honest about being prostitutes that would be different, it's all the self deception and entitlement that is so disgusting I think.

    I'm glad some women aren't prostitutes bu then like half of those are rabid Feminists which is much worse. Why must it be so difficult to find a decent woman.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    Lol. Helpful "DATE BOMB" chart.
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  • godfatherfan
    Honestly I think it is all a bunch of hooey...
    I had a couple of women say " I didn't feel that spark" which always seemed just silly to me. However, your either going to feel enough of a pull to want a 2nd date and continue on, or not. Who is to say what that "pull" is or how to label it. The woman I have fallen madly in love with I met on POF. We had our date on 1/1/16.
    We spent most of the date saying or thinking "I feel that way too.." or " I do that also". I would have thought she was just saying that except for the dozen times I was about to say something and she said it first...
    We have just meshed perfectly. Since that first date there has only been 8 days we have not seen each other at all, and we always text or call on the phone regardless. It has been fast, intense and amazing. I have no doubt I will ask her to marry me by the end of the year. but I am a realist and do feel we need to spend time together before we get to that point..
    But my, and her, decision was not based on 1 conversation. It was just how the date went. I have done the whole "keep my opinion to myself" thing at first. But the truth is that I am very opinionated, esp about politics (Die Hard Democrat). So that is just not me. now the woman I have fallen for is more of a republican, but politics is not a deal breaker and it can be fun to have "educated" debates. She is a highly educated woman so she can talk over me anyway... lol..
  • TheGuyFromMiddleEast
    I was really happy when I saw a quantitative version of these things about dates. My engineer brain cannot handle vague or qualitative statements. However, I guess I'm always gonna since, since I'm a Republican :(
    • Sixgun77

      Yeah, here in Maryland pretty much any woman under 40 expects you to be a flaming bleeding heart liberal.

  • ClassicRocker
    Some of this is pretty standard. Everybody knows alcohol is social lube and don't talk about exes. Politics and sushi are interesting. I wonder if sushi is just better because it makes it easier to feed each other?
  • tyber1
    It's bullshit that men paying increases the odds of success. If I wanted to buy a woman's time I'd get a prostitute.
    • Why don't you?

    • tyber1

      @OlderAndWiser first off its illegal and risky from a health standpoint. And on top of that I just don't want to. Money is tight and I'm not desperate.

    • 1. There are women who do this on a referral basis only and they are lower risk for legal or health problems.

      2. Whores are cheaper than dating.

      3. I am not seriously suggesting that this is what you should do. Instead, try to think about the things that women would complain about if they were talking about the dating game. There are two sides to every story.

  • Phoenix98
    I find that this kind of silly to be honest I mean there are a few valid points but overall ehhh.
  • Anonymous
    Not quite, I've paid for the first date, whether it's buying food, drinks, coffee, etc as well as gotten a kiss, make out session, etc and still no 2nd date many of times.
  • Anonymous
    I guess I don't stand a chance since I'm a Republican according to the flow chart.