Why I Think The Statement "I Don't Date A Certain Race" Is Actually Quite Racist, And Why I Think Women Are More Racist Than Men In Dating


I've noticed many people saying this, mostly on the internet but enough times I've heard it in real life as well to realize its nothing uncommon to feel this way about dating and racial preferences.

Now some of you think it is just that: "preferences" And yes I can totally understand that you like certain physical features and characterstics more and thus prefer some races more over others, in addition to the cultural differences. However if you outright exclude a whole race in dating, then that probably means you have some racist stereotypes associated with that race and it is not just about physical appearance. And racist sterotypes are heavily influenced by the media, movies and television.

I very much doubt that it can only be because of physical features since there is so much variation within every race as to how they can look, and most likely you haven't seen that many people of a certain minority to know how they all look like.

I dont know about you but if you have prejudiced thoughts about certain races, thoughts and assumptions that make them less attractive to you, then thats pretty much the same as being racist towards them regardless how you might want to reason out of it.

You are allowed to date anyone you want, but if the underlying reason why you refuse to date some races is about prejudice, then you might as well be honest with yourself and admit you are a bit racist.

Now i mostly see women of various races and ethnicites saying they dont date x or y race. I occassionally see some white guys do the same thing usually expressing a preference towards only white women or excluding black women, but rarely do any minority men have any strong preferences like this, mainly because men are not as influenced by media as women, and dont care about status, we are visual so when we see a physically attractive women we know it, regardless if the media tries to tell us something else is ideal.

In my experience, men are more racist towards men of other races, than women are racist towards women of other races (probably because of competition, and women dont have to compete as much as men since there are more men than women and women usually always have many guys chasing them).

But women are more racist towards men of other races, than men are racist towards women of other races. Quite simple since this means more options for men to go after all types of women, while women already have lots of options and are very hypergamous, so they will discriminate based on percieved status which is influenced a lot by a mans race. So the social conditioning in the west making white people seem like the ideal, heavily affects the desireability of minority men, lowering their value in the eyes of many women and this is what often leads to statements like the one in the title.

This is probably not something you haven't heard before, but i would like to see if some people here have an argument against what i have written that i haven't seen before (so far i haven't seen any argument that can refute what i have written here, but i am open to seeing other opinions)

Why I Think The Statement "I Don't Date A Certain Race" Is Actually Quite Racist, And Why I Think Women Are More Racist Than Men In Dating
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