Featured Fridays: Texting the Opposite Sex


Featured Fridays: Texting the Opposite Sex

Happy Monday! One of the most common questions we receive on GirlsAskGuys.com involves texting the opposite sex, so today we are challenging YOU to share your advice, experience, or expertise on this subject as a part of this week's Featured Fridays!


Is it better to text or call someone?

Should a guy always text a girl first?

Why does it take her so long to respond to each text?

I introduced you all to the new Featured Fridays series last week, but each Monday we will choose a topic for our weekly contest, and users can enter by creating a myTake centered around that chosen topic. The winning myTake will be featured on the top of GirlsAskGuys.com each Friday, and the GAG user will earn double points for the featured post.

Ready to get started? This week's topic: "Texting the opposite sex"

How To Participate:

Step One: Post a myTake about "texting the opposite sex"

Step Two: Share the link to your myTake in the comments section below this post


1. If you only did Step 1 but not Step 2, your myTake doesn't count and will not be entered in the contest.

2. Moderation guidelines apply to these myTakes as well.

3. If the myTake is not about the weekly topic, it doesn't enter the contest.

4. Any myTakes written before the contest do not count and cannot be entered.

5. You can participate with more than one myTake. You can enter as many as you like!

How Will the Winners Be Selected?

Our admin staff will review all entries and announce the winners each Friday. The criteria will be how relevant, original, and interesting (both visually and content wise) the myTake is! How engaging the myTake is will also be a factor, so everyone be sure to "like" and comment on the myTakes you enjoy the most!

Awards for the Winners!

The top myTakes (one guy and one girl) will be featured for 24 hours at the top of GirlsAskGuys.com

Each winner will earn double myTake Xper Points for their post

So go ahead and start writing! Come up with your most creative and original myTakes about "texting the opposite sex", post the link here, and get the chance to win!

Any questions? We hope you share your insight and experience on texting the opposite sex!

** Update: Congratulations to our winners! Check out their articles below. Thanks so much to everyone who entered! **

The Downsides To Texting by @Zombie-Killa

Featured Fridays: Texting the Opposite Sex

Spicing Up Your Sext Life by @SensualScribe

Featured Fridays: Texting the Opposite Sex

Featured Fridays: Texting the Opposite Sex
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